Hey! I'm Charlotte

     A Travel blogger & certified councillor  helping too empower people who also suffer with mental health and live their best life! This is a travel blog, designed to show you the reality of travelling with mental health . It is brutally honest about my experiences of travelling with the added bonuses of having an array of mental health conditions.

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    Charlotte Blackburn


    I had my first panic attack at the age of 5. Terrified my mum was going to die. Though at the time we had no idea this was a panic attack as it was back in 1997. I then didn’t get diagnosed until I was 18 in 2010.

    My blog is honest, sarcastic, funny and contains swearing.

    I help & empower people who suffer from mental health to live their best life!


    Are you feeling stuck, wanting to chase your dreams but feel that you can’t due to low confidence, imposter syndrome, the fear of the unknown or mental health holding you back?

    Once I figured out that I  desperately needed to set out a basic plan for my dreams, work on my mental health not holding me back and get help to do so, I started to see an improvement in my mental health, my confidence grew and I was able to achieve things I never thought possible!

    Now I help people with mental health, by empowering them to live their best life using my ‘YEAH YOU CAN’ academy framework to give you the right tools you need such as

    • A personalised plan 
    • Coping strategies to help you stay on track
    • Confidence and mindset work
    • 1-1 meeting with me once a month
    • The ability to message me 5 days a week


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