5 incredible anxiety crystals you need now!

    5 incredible anxiety crystals you need now!

    Why anxiety crystals?

    Now I’m aware if you’ve never used an anxiety crystal, or any form of crystals for that matter. You might be more inclined to call bullshit when I discuss their healing properties. I would too. If I hadn’t been introduced to them from such a young age and been studying / practicing with them for over 20 years. 

    But I do live with someone who doesn’t practice crystal healing and just thinks my work contributes to my quirkiness. And that is totally ok. 

    However if you are someone who believes, practices and studies all things crystals, then these are 5 anxiety crystals you need to have. You see, crystal work is a lot more spiritual, and requires you to connect with your aura, be in tune with your energies, and work regularly with your crystals. Not just give up after one session. 

    As the more you work with your crystals, the more powerful, charged and in tune to you they become. 

    So how can these Crystals help my mental health?

    As I mentioned, using healing stones and crystals are a more spiritual way of healing. Therefore they work hard to restore your inner peace, and bring more calming qualities to your life. They will NOT solve your anxiety, as if they did, I’d be a millionaire right now, and not still struggling with my mental health for nearly 30 years. 

    But they do protect you from negative energies, help you become more self aware, and allow you to practice tranquility that you may not usually do. 

    Something that is incredibly important to note is that not ALL crystals will work for you. And that’s ok, it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, it just means your energies aren’t compatible. With this in mind it is really important for you to know about what it is you would like to gain from the different stones and go from there.

    You also need to (as much as possible) pick the crystals for yourself, as then you will know which ones you’re drawn to. Don’t get one because a friend says it works for them or you read me saying I like it. It’s your body, your mental health, your mind and so YOUR anxiety crystal.

    Anxiety Crystal Set

    Beaut anxiety crystals set!
    Beaut anxiety crystals set!

    Now I have created the ultimate crystal set to help you with your anxiety, AND it comes with a cute gift bag to keep them all together as well as a beaut affirmation card to help you throughout your day!

    This Includes:



    Black Tourmaline

    And Green Aventurine!

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    So let’s get to it, below is a list of 5 other crystals that are known to help improve mental health.

    Black Tourmaline

    A stunning anxiety crystal from ElfKendalhippies
    A stunning anxiety crystal from ElfKendalhippies

    A beautiful crystal, and one that is a defo when it comes to adding to your collection of anxiety crystals when travelling. It’s as it states in the title a shiny black crystal, and is connected to the root Chakra. 

    Now Black tourmaline has a fair few ways in which it can help your anxiety. It’s most common known use is for it’s stress relief ability. And to help protect you and your home from negative people and energies. 

    How to use:

    If you have a stress inducing job, I would keep Black Tourmaline in your office, and or by your laptop. So that when your stress levels are rising you can work with it either through meditation and simply acknowledging it to help you feel more grounded.

    I have mine on a windowsill by my front door. There it is able to neutralise any negativity that people may try to bring into my space. 

    Black Tourmaline really is a beautiful crystal, and would be a great addition to your office. And super beneficial! Get yours here!


    Amethyst flowers
    Stunning Amethyst Flowers

    Amethyst is admittedly one of my favourite crystals, I have a raw piece by my bed, one on my desk, a bracelet and pendants of this beautiful purple crystal.. I naturally feel drawn to Amethyst, and have done since I was a child. Yet my mum hates it, this is what I mean when I say you have to choose your own crystals. This beaut of a healing crystal is connected with your crown chakra! 

    Amethyst is a very protective crystal and shields you from negative energy, allowing you to maintain peace and harmony throughout your day. It is particularly helpful if you were having a panic attack. As it will help you feel calmer, more grounded and at ease when using it.

    How to use it:

    Meditate with Amethyst each morning. It is a great way to start helping you to feel relaxed, energised and ready for the day. It also helps with nightmares and unsettled sleep. Therefore keeping it by your bed at night will help you to have a more restful sleep. OR wearing it as jewelry can help maintain a peaceful energy around you all day making it a wonderful anxiety crystal.

    The type of Amethyst in the above picture, is in my favourite form. And is the one I keep by my bed! Grab yours here today!

    Blue Lace Agate

    A beautiful way to wear this anxiety crystal by SERENITYproject
    A beautiful way to wear this anxiety crystal by SERENITYproject

    This dreamy and mystical sky blue crystal blue lace, Is one of my favourite calming crystals. This anxiety crystal is used most commonly for its help during stressful communication.

    Be that in work, with friends, family or partner. It can be really tough on our mental health when having to have uncomfortable conversations. It’s no surprise when you realise Blue agate is connected to your throat chakra! 

    Blue lace agate will act as a protective shield during these difficult communications. Giving you the confidence and support and ensuring stress relief when you need it. 

    How to use:

    As it is connected with your throat Chakra I would suggest wearing Blue lace agate as a pendant, keeping it close to its associated chakra. However as I keep repeating, if this does not feel the best for you. Another suggestion is to keep it by your bed, to keep it a peaceful space for you.

    Now I personally love this necklace, and it certainly is close to your throat chakra! And super pretty! Buy yours now!

    Smoky Quartz

    Beautiful Smoky tumble stones from Lillian Lacey
    Beautiful Smoky tumble stones from Lillian Lacey

    This healing crystal is an anxiety crystal I have always naturally felt drawn to. I find this quartz smokey hue incredibly calming. And recently have begun to work with it alot more. Smoky quartz is  connected and helps with the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

    One element that may heighten my anxiety is when I am unable to make a decision. If I feel lost in what I’m doing or unsure of what to do next. Smoky Quartz is great for helping with clarification in such situations. 

    One of my favourite properties of this crystal is that it is a very powerful crystal and at the same time is very gentle to those it works with. It is a protective crystal that helps your anxiety when around negative, unpleasant and difficult people. It works by the quartz absorbing said person’s negative energy so that you can be free of it!

    How to use:

     Hold your smoky quartz in your hand whilst practicing some breathing techniques. This one I find helps me a lot! You may  also find it helpful to guide you during meditation, or in your pocket when you are out and about.

    These beautiful tumble stones are perfect for meditating with, or keeping on your person during the day. Don’t miss out, get yours today!


    How stunning are these from TheHippieCrystalHut a beaut anxiety crystal
    How stunning are these from TheHippieCrystalHut

    I’m going to be honest, this crystal is relatively new to me. And in all honesty I cannot believe I’ve only in recent years encountered it. Renowned for helping with anxiety and depression, this stone is quite the all star of anxiety crystals. In  my opinion. 

    It can be found in a variety of colours, though it’s most common ones are purpley – grey and pink. It’s name comes from the greek for Scale and this is due to its scaly appearance. This babe is connected with your heart chakra.

    Leipdolite is used to bring stress relief, bringing balance to our emotions during anxious times. This crystal should be used when we begin to feel emotionally overwhelmed (which let’s face it can be triggered by the slightest thing). Or when we are being subjected to excessive worrying (now this one is my speciality, I’ve been known to worry about having nothing to worry about….) 

    How to use it:

    Having a leipdolite necklace is a lovely way to harness this crystal’s powerful energies, as then it is close to the heart when it needs soothing. You can also keep it close to your bed, to echo nurturing properties and energy when you are sleeping.

    Now having this beautiful crystal in the shape of a crescent moon, just screams out BUY ME! It is the perfect crystal to have by your bed! Make sure you don’t miss it!

    Rose Quartz 

    Stunning Rose Quartz from Elainewilsontherapy
    Stunning Rose Quartz from Elainewilsontherapy

    This stunning pink rose coloured crystal is more commonly known regarding its ability to guide the person working with it, on matters with the heart, which makes sense as it is also connected with the heart chakra.. However this pink beauty can really support you through difficult and anxious times.. 

    When it comes to your mental health Rose quartz is considered a great  anxiety crystal for when you are experiencing panic attacks. This is because it works to release any negative energy you are coming into contact with and instead replaces them with comforting and caring vibrations.

     This healing crystal is considered and used by most due to it being an emotional healer. Which is incredibly helpful with anxiety as it can bring emotional balance to you.

    How to use:

    To harness the most of your Rose quartz healing properties, one favourable way to work with it is by wearing it as a necklace during emotional periods. I have also found meditating with it on certain emotions to be incredibly helpful and healing. Simply hold it in your hand as you do.

    This stunning piece of Rose Quartz, is a must for me. I love how it looks and love working with it! Want to start working with it yourself? Get yours here!

    Aren’t they just amazing?!

    Working with crystals doesn’t have to be complex. No matter how others may portray it. It’s important for you to grasp the basics, and not over complicate this beautiful healing work. Just because others do.

    Find the crystals that work for you, and use them daily to guide you with different emotions, situations and experiences. Get to know them, and them you. It’s a rapport you need to build. This will ensure you get the best out of your journey and work. 

    As I’ve mentioned throughout this guide crystals have lots of different properties, qualities and energies. This includes anxiety crystals, so please use the ones you feel most connected to.

    Cleansing and charging your Crystals

    This is important! Once you buy your crystals you need to cleanse them, as they will contain the energies of others who have handled them.

    Here are to super simple ways to do this:

    Popping them in a bowl, lighting incense / sage and surrounding then crystal with the smoke. Whilst doing this you can repeat 

    ‘Please be Clean’

    ‘Please be cleansed’

    Or whatever it is that feels best for you.

    This smudge kit by UKHealingCrystals is perfect

    This is absollutley amazing, as you get different types of sage and an Abalone Shell to cleanse your crystals in. This is what I use! Get yours NOW!

    You can also run them under water repeating the same chant. But please research if your crystal is compatible with water. For instance, selenite will disintegrate in water.

    The easiest and most effective way to charge your crystals is by placing them in a bowl during a full moon and allowing them to soak up all of the moon’s energies.

    Like I said, crystal work doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Now energy these absolute beauties!


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