A list of the legendary best Bars in Sheffield: A Local’s Guide

    A list of the legendary best Bars in Sheffield: A Local’s Guide

    Where is Sheffield? 

    Sheffield, the steel city of the North of England. Home to Sean Bean and hendersons relish. Located in South Yorkshire, with the Peak District as it’s back garden and holding the status for the greenest city in Europe it really has a lot to offer. Having lived here all my life I have sometimes taken this beautiful city for granted, with its many parks, diverse arts scene, amazing restaurants and some banging ales and bars. I am pretty lucky to live here. Not only that but as it’s up north if you know the right places you can get a large wine and a pint for just over £5!

    Now when it comes to nightlife Sheffield is pretty diverse for a city of it’s size. We have live music venues, nightclubs, cocktail bars, real ale trails, latin bars, an Irish bar and even a rooftop bar and if that wasn’t enough we have 4 wetherspoons just in the city centre! 

    Which for those that are unfamiliar with wetherspoons, they do super cheap drinks and food all night, including a cocktail menu. All your food comes on blue and white plates and you can expect to pay roughly a tenner for a bottle of wine!

    Therefore here is my tried and tested list of the best bars in Sheffield.

    best bars in sheffield in the centre
    The town centre has some of THE best bars in Sheffield

    Where are the best bars in Sheffield? 

    So for those of you travelling outside of Sheffield I would stick to areas close by to Sheffield city centre. As there’s quite a few places to go and all of them are within walking distance or just a short (cheap) taxi ride. These places all have a huge array of cafes as well for the morning after caffeine 🙂

    West Street for best bars in Sheffield
    Image by Harrison – The best place for the best bars in Sheffield

    As a local I would stick to:

    Abbeydale road area for gin bars, real ales pubs and Abbeydale picture house social.

    London Road is filled with lots of pubs and bars as well as places to get food. 

    West street, has some of the best bars in Sheffield, and is the place to go if you are going ‘out, out’ 

    Kelham island is filled with craft beers, and a rooftop bar as well as the Peddlers Market, a monthly street food market.

    Leopold Square, where they have cocktails bars, more upmarket restaurants and a gorgeous square which in the summer often has salsa sessions taking place.

    Division Street, is a bar-heavy place and also features 2 of the 4 wetherspoons. In the summer there are some gorgeous outdoor seating areas as well!

    Ecclesall Road, This is the place to go for cocktails, and more upmarket bars

    And to be fair I think that’s plenty enough places to keep you going! These are like the main ‘hotspots’ if you like with a mixture of fancy drink places, student bars and local boozers.

    So, what are the best bars in Sheffield?

    The best bars in Sheffield have some great cocktails
    The best bars in Sheffield have some great cocktails

    Now I love a Rooftop bar. And down in Kelham Island there is INC. Renowned for its extensive Gin and cocktail menu this place is lovely. The bar staff are friendly, there’s blankets in case you get cold and the drinks are so good I tend to pick a ‘Bakewell Tart’ Bellini or a ‘Aperol Spritz’ . And with all cocktails less than £8 you can’t really go wrong. This bar is just located on the outskirts of Sheffield City therefore you can sit, relax, enjoy a cocktail and watch the world go by from above. 

    Second on a locals guide to the best bars in Sheffield is  Kuckoo at the bottom of West Street. This place is so much fun, the bar staff dance around the place, and love a good conga line. The cocktails menu goes as such:

    Kuckoo Cocktails

    Bastardised Classics

    Rock ‘N Roll

    Shot to the Heart

    So you can guess what kind of night you will be in for just with that.

    Now just round the corner from  Kuckoo is Cubanas in Leopold Square! Now this place is easily one of the best bars in Sheffield. It has incredible tapas upstairs. A bar and outside seating downstairs where this is the opportunity for salsa dancing! What more could you want? Make sure you check their website to see what is on when you get some live music in your life.

    Now if you like a Strawberry Daiquiri the best I’ve had is in The Monk bar. I absolutely love it here. It is a small cosy corner bar. And is easily one of the best bars in Sheffield. SItuated on eccy road so it is a little more expensive than other cocktail bars. But The staff are so friendly and the drinks menu is HUGE! This is one of the places I like to start my night.

    Now if cocktails aren’t really your thing then you can go round the corner from Monk bar on Sharrow vale road where you can enjoy a decent real ale from either the Porter Brook or The Lescar. These two are more pubs than bars, but I guarantee you will find a friendly local atmosphere, and a banging pint!

    The common room one of the best bars in Sheffield
    image by William Nawarro

    Now if you like to play pool, watch sports, have snacks and a drink then I highly recommend you visit The Common Room. With a room filled with pool tables, Tv’s filled with sports and a banging snacks menu I love this bar. The staff are always friendly and it’s such a fun night to have a few drinks with your friends and play a couple of games of pool. Though be aware you will need to book the pool tables in advance. 

    Now this next bar I absolutely love. Whenever I’m in a new city my partner and I make it our mission to always find one. It was a strategy we came up with for when I’m travelling alone and feeling anxious. It’s a task I can set myself take a picture and send to my best friend and partner. It immediately distracts my mind and makes me feel more calm. And that is finding an Irish bar! Molly Malones situated on West Street in the main bar hub of Sheffield. well and truly deserves to be on  the list for the best bars in Sheffield. With live music every night, Guinness and booths to sit in. It’s such a  good night. Though do be warned it can get very busy!

    Now if you prefer a quieter night, with good food such as chunky sweet potato fries, patatas bravas, meatballs and nachos and that’s just for starters! You need to go to The Red Deer. A traditional pub set in the city centre of Sheffield just off of West Street. And if you’re there at Christmas they do a great mulled cider or wine! So you can cosy up next to the fire. Play a board game and have a lovely night!

    You have to visit these best bars in Sheffield
    You have to visit these best bars in Sheffield

    Just round the corner from The Red Deer, another latin themed bar is Revolucion De Cuba. A lovely cocktail bar where you can have your drinks served in as part of a tea set. They also do Tapas, burrito bowls that you can have before your teapot sharer cocktails! This place is one of my favourite places to go where I can salsa the night away and pretend I’m in a much hotter country!

    Now I can’t do a list of the best bars in Sheffield without mentioning West Street live. This place won’t be for everyone. Painted all in black and it’s drinks menu posted up around the bar with their many offers. West Street live is the best bar in Sheffield to go to for cheap drinks, live music and open until late.

    And no list about the best bars in Sheffield would be complete without mentioning Public. If you didn’t know this place existed you would walk straight on by. I absolutely love the vibe in here, as you walk down the stairs to these refurbished old public toilets I challenge you not to let out an excited squeal as you enter. It really has such a  great speakeasy vibe about it. Though because it is a smaller bar I would book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

    And there you have it

    Now there are so many bars in Sheffield and the choice can be overwhelming. Here in my list of the best bars in Sheffield I have given you 12 of the quirkiest, cheapest, fanciest, local bars there are. With something for everyone! And if after all of that drinking and eating you want to go out into the Peak District here is a list of 4 of my best short walks. A perfect way to see some stunning views and walk of that hangover, especially if you are feeling a little anxious. I know I sometimes do after a night of drinking.

    I really hope you like my home town!

    One of the best bars in sheffield
    Great quote on the side of one of the best bars in Sheffield

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