You must read this, for the best blogging course

    You must read this, for the best blogging course

    You are the only person standing in your way!

    It took me 4 fucking years to FINALLY start a travel blog, with the best blogging course. I first got the idea when I was laid in bed, booking flights to Oman in 2016. I’ve always loved travelling and going on adventures, and I have been able to go to some amazing places, countries I never dreamed I’d visit. I wanted to show people that just because you have mental health doesn’t mean that, it has to stop you achieving your travelling dreams.

    Because FUCK that. And trust me I am aware that this is much easier written than actually put into practice. Hence the start of this blog stating it took me 4 years …

    What took me so long? To finally make that jump? Feeling like I wasn’t going to be good enough, and scared of making that leap. You see I come from a very working class background, where I have been raised to work hard, always be in a secure job i.e.: sickness pay, days off, and holiday pay included with regular money. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t enjoy it because at least you have a job.

    I kept flirting with the idea of being a travel blogger, even came up with my name. When people said they were bloggers, I’d be so jealous and in awe at them being able to do it. Wishing I had their confidence. But constantly having those shitty voices telling me I can’t:

    I’m not a traveller

    I’m not good enough

    People like me don’t do blogs, it’s too different

    Everyone will laugh at you

    January 2020 at Scarborough when I joined the best blogging course
    January 2020 at Scarborough when I joined the best blogging course

    The list was endless. Then at the beginning of 2020, I was so unhappy. I was off work due to a broken ankle, I couldn’t get out of the house without the support of my fiancé and was crying everyday wondering if this was really what my life would be? Just endless years of unhappiness and unfulfillment. When my partner said enough was enough, he couldn’t keep seeing me so miserable. So we began talking about things I’ve always wanted to do, and when I talked about blogging I became so excited, my eyes lit up and I began even discussing what sort of blog I wanted to do. To which he said….

    ‘Hold up’ why haven’t you started it when you already have put so much thought into it?! And for every excuse I had he came back with an opposition, making my excuse be seen for the weak ass thing it was. So that was it. I didn’t have anymore excuses, my imposter syndrome had been put fully in check. I can do this, and I am the only person that is stopping me.

    Ok, Ok,Ok, so what about the best blogging course?!

    Ha !!! A very good question! So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and join the best blogging course, you’ve been pretending you’re going to do for 4 years… So now what?

    Cue huge melt down numero 1!

    Alright Char…. So you’ve given us the background and an empowering speech about finally taking that step. Now what? Honestly?! I didn’t have a fucking clue. I asked friends who had started their own website doing a free blogging course and they said in differing variations:

    ‘O I just went of wordpress and went from there’

    Yeah …. that didn’t work for me, I just couldn’t figure it out. So I thought I know! Twitter, I have loads of professionals on twitter they’ll help me! NOPE! I just got spammed with companies saying:

    ‘Hey take a look at my website, I will set yours up for thousands of pounds ….’

    I didn’t want someone to just swoop in, make me a website then swoop out and me then still have to figure out how to use and expand this brand new website with absolutely no fucking clue. That’s when I came across the wonderful Anita and her course ‘Revitalize Your Travel Blog’

    Revitalize your travel blog Facebook cover.

    I contacted Anita, and we arranged for a phone call the very next day. Only for what to happen?! Imposter syndrome and a huge bout of anxiety to take me down. I spent the entire day in bed, being far too afraid of the outside world. I missed our call. And convinced myself that this was just how my life would be FOREVER!!!!! But do you know what?!

    Anita only went and sent me an email asking if I was OK because I’d missed her call.

    A complete stranger took the time out of her day, after I’d not kept up with my agreement to call, to see if I was OK. And when I explained my mental health do you know what?! She was so incredibly understanding, and rearranged another call, but only if I was well enough.

    So…. Then What?!

    The next day we hopped on a call, and we talked about my wants for a successful blog, my goals on making money online, my barriers, of thinking I could never be one of those bloggers. And she got excited! Anita actually thought that what I was doing was a good idea. She was there to help me achieve my goals and to make sure I had the best start I could. Now I’m going to be honest. I was a little pessimistic as I’d never done any form of course outside of formal education, and had heard some horror stories about online courses. How they were expensive, had rubbish content and unhelpful.

    But I spoke with my partner and after some home truths: ‘What’s the worse that can happen?’ How’s about you stop thinking about ‘What if it doesn’t work’ and start think ‘What if it does work’.’ Once again having no come backs except ‘Well can you stop making such reasonable arguments’. Off I set to sign up, this felt like the right blogging course for me.

    I was soooo scared, I had no idea, what to expect, but I had just taken the first step towards a happier life. So to do the course you need your own website, it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be done. I soon learnt ‘Done is better than perfect’. Which for someone who always worries about getting everything wrong. It really fucking helped me. And stopped my anxiety stopping me.

    A website you say ….

    Cue huge meltdown numero 2!

    Content used as part of the course in Revitalize your Travel Blog

    How on earth do people ever make a website? Where do you even start? Do I just go through WordPress? how do I have my own domain? How do I make it not look shit? Do I need to learn coding? WTF is Search Engine Optimization? How do I get good at it? I didn’t have the slightest idea where to start. I went on Pinterest and read blogs, they didn’t help. I asked friends that didn’t really help. I cried so so much trying to do this. FUCK!!!!

    Maybe I wasn’t on the freedom fast track.

    And that voice (I’ve personified mine as an evil ghost) kept coming back…. you’ll never make it. Why did you think you could? You’re just not good enough. My partner even watched YouTube tutorials and then tried to explain it to me.

    You see I’m dyslexic and dyspraxic, which means my brain is wired slightly different to other peoples. My understanding isn’t that amazing I struggle to hold information and process it, I struggle to regulate my emotions, learning news skills is incredibly difficult.

    Basically a lot of factors which you need to be pretty decent at to make your own website. Then I got an e-mail off Anita saying that she’s super glad to have me on board and if I need any help don’t hesitate to ask.

    So I did.

    And bugger me, she help. She did a step by step guide, recommended the best hosting website, did videos explaining things really clearly.

    So naturally I cried again. It felt like a weight had been lifted, and instead of being judged for not knowing things, Anita just helped me and things started making sense. Like the course hadn’t even started and she helped me. I had a website. ME!!!!

    Charlotte Blackburn owned her own travel website. It wasn’t perfect but it was done.

    So what exactly is Revitalize your travel blog?

    So during this 12 week course, you learn everything there is to know about setting up, or revamping your travel blog. Things I never even knew where a thing, such as


    Google analytics

    Social Media

    Affiliate marketing

    Email Marketing

    How to get an email list

    Gain a Pinterest traffic avalanche

    Each week there is a new module. And each module Anita provides a video for each section, with visual examples, in depth information and pro tips. Anita gives her recommendations and is open and honest throughout. The course is designed to make you successful, looking at positive mindsets, ways to make money and even a blog audit! Anita made this course with the idea in mind, that she wishes she had this available to her when she first started. Another reason why its the best blogging course.

    Nothing is to much of an ask for Anita either. As I had meltdowns 3-50 within the module. Thinking I was stupid, and was unable to process things we were going over. So I would simply send Anita a message and BAM! She would give me an answer, guide me through it and always insist on me asking for any more help should I need it.

    The woman has the patience of a saint, as I know I’m no easy student, and she never once made me feel like I was inconveniencing her. She held my hand through everything. Which with my mental health and disabilities I cannot thank her enough, for never making me feel like I couldn’t do this. Which I know isn’t the same for a lot of blogging courses.

    And now Me (Charlotte), the girl who once got detention for not knowing how to turn a computer on. Has her very own website. Even better she has blog traffic, people tell her it is great, people reach out to her and tell her how much she has helped them.

    Do you know how amazing that feels?


    Why am I telling you all this?

    I wasted 4 years of my life not doing something I always wanted to do. Why? Because of fear. I didn’t want people to judge me. But in reality who the FUCK cares?! people judge you, ask yourself this…

    ‘Are they really your friends / somebody you want in your life?’

    There was a couple of weeks between me signing up to this course and starting it. During that time my dad unfortunately was taken into hospital with suspected pneumonia. Within 5 hours of being admitted, we were told we could lose him. Thankfully he made a full recovery and is now home and getting better.

    During that time I wanted to quit, I wanted to give up. But my family and Anita told me I needed to carry on. Give myself a focus. Throughout that entirely traumatic time, Anita was always checking in on me, offering me support. She was more like a friend than a coach, and I barley knew her.

    If there is something you want to do, just GO AND DO IT. This course honestly is incredible. Don’t be like me and waste 4 years wondering ‘What if’.

    Sign up now. Lets grow this community. And join the best blogging course!

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