The best crystal for anxiety attacks when you’re on a solo trip!

    The best crystal for anxiety attacks when you’re on a solo trip!

    What are anxiety attacks?

    Anxiety attacks are horrendous, and anyone who has experienced this will be able to personally vouch that this statement is true! Anxiety attacks, also referred to as panic attacks are actually where my mental health journey began! You can read more about that here!

    They can manifest themselves in an infinite amount of different ways, and they all change depending on who is experiencing them, what has triggered the panic attack, and whether it’s what I refer to as a ‘biggie’ or a manageable one. Again the size of them is entirely subjective and nobody’s experience should ever be diminished.

    You see I’ve had anxiety attacks since the age of 5, and as I’ve gotten older the more frequent they have become. Meaning I have them on a daily basis. This means through a lot of practice I have learnt to keep them under control (unless it’s a biggie) and it’s very rare if ever you will notice that I am having one. 

    The most common symptoms are:

    A tightness in your chest

    A quickness in breathing

    Clammy hands

    Feeling hotter

    Unable to stand in one spot

    Thoughts racing around in your mind

    They can also include:



    Feeling unsafe

    Worrying beyond control

    Unable to stand 

    Unable to calm down 

    So as you can see they are massively shit! And are not pleasant to experience in any circumstance! Especially not when you are travelling solo and suffer anxiety! Here is a guide to help you when you are travelling and have anxiety! Filled with lots of techniques and coping mechanisms!

    Therefore this is a guide to the best crystal for anxiety attacks, to help you particularly when you are solo travelling. These crystals will enable you to gain control of your emotions and help guide you through your panic.

    Crystals are incredibly helpful during anxiety attacks
    Crystals are incredibly helpful during anxiety attacks

    Why do I need the best crystal for anxiety attacks?

    Now if you’ve never worked with crystals before, I can imagine you are thinking

    ‘Alright then, how the fuck are these crystal tumble stones going to help me having a panic attack?!’

    And that is a totally fair question, as you haven’t’ experienced the healing properties of crystals. Or you have started to, but didn’t realise that crystals can be used for specific and or a variety of different reasons! As some healing crystals and stones have multiple benefits, depending how you use them. 

    It’s important to remember that there is NO WRONG way of practicing crystal healing. It resides entirely on the crystals you are drawn to, ways in which you feel most comfortable using them and storing them. You will find some people in their guides stating that you HAVE to do it this way or that way and if not it’s incorrect. But that is simply not true, it’s all about you. 

    You are using the best crystal for YOUR anxiety attacks, nobody else’s. And so it is only you who can truly guide your experience. The methods in which I suggest you practice them are merely suggestions. If when using them you feel that it isn’t right, again that is OK! 

    This particular  guide I am solely focusing on the best crystals for anxiety attacks! Though if you are interested to learn about crystals and their ability to ease travel anxiety check out my post here!

    Here is my suggestion of the best crystal for anxiety attacks!

    Beaut pack to help with you anxiety attacks!
    Beaut pack to help with you anxiety attacks!

    I have created the perfect crystal set to help you with your panic attacks! It comes in a super cute bag and an affirmation card to help you stay grounded (as much as you can) throughout. As someone who has daily Panic Attacks I know how difficult they can be and this pack has helped me so so much!

    This Includes:


    Black Tourmaline

    Green Aventurine

    And Moonstone!

    And you can grab yours RIGHT HERE!!!


    So I’m breaking out the big guns early! As Sodalite is the main crystal associated with and recommended to help ease panic attacks. It is known as the stone of peace and is used to awaken the third eye chakra!

    This beautiful bluey, white and grey marbled stone is one I use a lot. As I mentioned above it is primarily known for easing an anxiety attack. It also helps promote your self confidence and self expression. Which we know are tough to regulate and do during a panic attack. It also helps to release tension so that once you have begun to recover from your attack, it will help your emotional balance and calm. 

    How to use it: 

    I would recommend having earrings of this beaut blue stone. As this will place the Sodalite closest to your Third eye Chakra. Though don’t worry if you don’t have your ears pierced, you could also wear it as a bracelet. Should this be the way you feel the most connected.

    The best crystal to help with anxiety attacks - Sodalite
    A gorgeous pair of Sodalite earrings from LittlegemJewel the perfect way to help your anxiety attacks!

    These earrings from LittleGemJewel are my favourite! So elegant, incredibly priced and they come in a gorgeous gift box! These are the perfect way to keep Sodalite with you on your solo travels!

    Click Here to get your own pair today!


    AMethyst is possibly my most favourite crystal, I own a fair few pieces of Amethyst in both jewelry and gem form. This stunning lilac crystal  is known for balancing and purifying and is connected with your crown chakra!

    This wonderful healing stone, attracts calm and positive vibes, which let’s be honest is essential when you are solo travelling making it in my opinion the best crystal for anxiety attacks. 

    It aids you to balance extreme emotions should that be, uncertainty, homesickness, fear, etc. Helping with those oh so familiar panic attacks, and reduces the harmful effects of your anxiety.

    How to use it:

    I would recommend an amethyst infused water bottle or simply hold it in your hand and do a breathing technique. This one is one of my favourites! These are simply my suggestions though, and it is for you to find the best way YOU feel connected and protected. Some guides will say you HAVE to do it their way. But this is incorrect, as this is your experience. Only you can decide which is best.

    These amethyst water bottle from LBDiamond are just stunning!

    this stunning Amethyst infused water bottle from TheBohemiandaily is absolutely stunning! And is the perfect travel companion for you when you are on holiday! You will always have your Amethyst with you and it will allow you to keep hydrated through out the day. AND lets face it i’s always better to have a reusable water bottle!

    Grab yours now!

    Rose Quartz

    This beautiful rose coloured crystal is mainly known for its ability to help and guide its user regarding matters of love. However this quartz can really help you through a crisis. And not surprisingly it is connected to the heart chakra.

    Rose quartz is considered the best crystal for anxiety attacks as it draws away the negative energy and replaces them with warm and loving vibrations. This beautiful crystal is known as an emotional healer, and so can provide emotional balance throughout your solo travel.

    How to use:

    To get the most out of your Rose quartz healing properties, it is suggested to wear it as a necklace during emotional periods. Place it under your pillow and simply leave it in your room to keep it a safe space. Again this is entirely up to you lovely. What feels most appropriate and helpful for you. 

    This the best crystal for anxiety attacks from Craftmoor!
    This is a great crystal to help with your anxiety attacks from Craftmoor!

    This pendant from Craftmoor, is the perfect accessory to take with you on your travels! It’s light, beautiful and comes with it’s own necklace. Saving you the hassle of trying to find one! This means you will not only be protected, but you will look so cute too!

    Don’t miss out, gets yours now!

    Blue Lace Agate

    Such a stunning sky blue crystal blue lace, makes me feel more calm simply looking at it! Known for helping you during stress induced communication, there’s no wonder this beauty is connected to your throat chakra.

    When travelling there is always the risk of negative interaction with other travellers. Especially during hot, crowded, airports with unexpected delays. You’ve been to duty free and don’t want to go to another shop, and you can feel the high tension building around you. 

    This is where blue lace agate comes in, as it will act as a protective shield during these unpleasant situations. And also give you the confidence and support you may need should you come into contact with someone who is in a stressful situation.

    How to use:

    As it is connected with your throat Chakra i would suggest wearing Blue lace agate as a pendant, keeping it close to its associated chakra. However as I keep repeating, if this does not feel the best for you. Try having it in your pocket. 

    A stunning piece of jewellery the best crystal for your anxiety attacks from Wabisabijewelleryco
    A stunning piece of jewellery to help with your anxiety attacks from Wabisabijewelleryco

    Now I am IN LOVE with this necklace from Wabisabijeweleryco! It is so beautiful, elegant and it shows just how stunning Blue Lace Agate really is! I honestly just feel a sense of calm overcome me when I look at it! This is will certainly help aid your anxiety attacks when travelling solo!

    You can get yours here today!

    Clear Quartz

    And… last but not least included in my list of the best crystal for anxiety attacks, Clear Quartz! Known as the master healer and aligns with all of your chakras.

    Clear Quartz, is the most versatile and most used of all the crystals, which makes it perfect to take with you on your solo trip! It guides and encourages you to find your most inner peace. Which in all honesty can be difficult to do during a solo trip.

    Whether our plans have changed, we’ve had a stressful transfer, have been partying too hard, and having your anxiety kick your backside ( I have a lot of experience of this one, dancing until 5am to Sean Paul in Ubud, Bali). Clear Quartz will be there to help guide you back. 

    Most importantly this beautiful and gentle crystal should be part of your packing list, as it helps with the physical symptoms of anxiety attacks. Which as I mentioned above can be brutal! 

    How to use: 

    I have found by simply having clear quartz in my pocket or purse, that this has helped me the most. Though you may prefer it as a piece of beautiful jewellery. 

    Stunning clear quartz from TouchstonesEMB
    Stunning clear quartz from TouchstonesEMB

    These stunning Clear Quartz from TouchstonesEMB are beautiful, and the perfect size for you to take with you on your travels! They will fit securely on your person, allowing this master healer to do it’s job as you go about enjoying your holiday!

    Click here to get yours today!

    How to use the best Crystal for anxiety attacks

    Cleansing your best crystal for anxiety attacks
    Cleansing your best crystal for anxiety attacks

    Now as I’m sure you have realised through the entire of this guide, I have given you a variety of different ways to use each crystal during an anxiety attack. I have also done my best to stress that these methods aren’t ‘set in stone’

    You are going to fail at crystal practice if you choose a different method. Nor is the case that your crystals will fail you. I say this because, as a worrier, when I first started learning about and practicing with crystals I took every single recommendation as gospel. 

    This is partly to do with my dyspraxia, partly to do with my mental health and being terrified of getting anything wrong and being ‘in trouble’. Silly I know. And it wasn’t until my wonderful friend and teacher, when I was explaining how one of the books I was reading was suggesting a practice that simply didn’t feel right, and is there a chance I am doing it wrong; she said to me

    ‘Charlotte, who is this crystal for?’ 

    I replied ‘Me’

    And she replied ‘oh, ok I was just checking’. 

    And finally the penny dropped. I’m doing this for me, NOBODY else me. Now unfortunately there are people who will scare manger you with this be all and end all but it simply isn’t true!

    You do what is best for you babe! That’s how you will work the best.

    Cleansing your Crystals

    Now, it is important for you to cleanse your crystals regularly, as this is how they will work best. They need to be cleansed of the energies that they have been protecting you from. 

    There are various ways in which you can cleanse your crystals, here are the most simple and effective ways to cleanse whilst travelling.

    ‘Rinse them under water, asking them to 

    ‘Please be clean’

    ‘Please cleanse’

    Anything that you feels aligns with you


    .Charge them under the full moon – with similar intentions as above

    Cleanse them using sage as you repeat the above intention.

    You’ve got this my lovely, have an incredible adventure, and I know these crystals are going to help you so much xx


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