Do You Have These Best Crystals for Abundance?

    Do You Have These Best Crystals for Abundance?

    WTF is abundance?

    I hear you loud and clear! I know I know this word ‘abundance’ is getting thrown around A LOT lately. But what the fuck is it? What does it mean? Never mind knowing whether you have the best crystals for abundance or not! So why is this the new buzzword? Well, it is because there is a new wave of working that is becoming increasingly more popular, a way for you to manifest your dream reality, focus on you, yourself, and I ( I know it doesn’t properly work but you get what I’m trying to say), a way of healing, a journey of bringing into your life more of what you want and need. Gone are the days when all we did was work for under-appreciative bosses, putting our physical and mental health behind the needs of someone who simply saw us as a replaceable number. And thank fucking goodness for that!

    Yes, I am aware this isn’t true for everybody currently, but I promise I will get you there!

    And this is where I get to my point of what the fuck abundance is.

    In its most basic description, Abundance is when you receive an ‘ample’ or fuck tonne amount of something. Now typically most people will associate this with wealth and money. This is our natural instinct to have financial freedom in whatever way that is to you. However, if you look at it from a more spiritual, manifest involved mindset kinda way then it can mean financial success AND so much more!

    Right, I’m going to be referring to the term manifest a fair amount during this guide. If you are unfamiliar with the term, check out Manifestation Babe. She will point you in the right direction. 

    And so the reason why you need the best crystals for abundance is so that you can bring a fuck tonne more into your life of what you want. Be that energy, happiness, prosperity, freedom and so much more!

    Rate so how does this work?

    So this is where I will be showing you how to work with the best crystals for abundance, get rid of those limiting beliefs, and become the badass you know you are with a life full of abundance.

    Well before we dive straight into something we haven’t before without any prior knowledge or help. First things first we need to work on and shift those limiting beliefs. I know I know this is much easier said than done. As if we could then we would’ve done it by now. But work with me here. I have a super simple way to help you begin your journey.

    Challenge those negative nelly irrational thoughts that you have buzzing around unwelcome in your head. Physicalize them if it’s easier. I have, mine is an evil ghost. I’m aware of just how ‘kooky’ and ‘out there’ these sound but as always trust me. If you want further information about my physicalizing my unwanted thoughts then you can read more about that here!

    Now I don’t mean spend all day have a full-blown argument with yourself but simply ask these questions:

    Are these thoughts true?

    What’s the worst that will happen?

    What’s the best that will happen?

    How can I prove my thoughts wrong?

    For example:

    Your brain is telling me that I will never be successful in having my own business.

    Q1: No they are not, you are just scared to step out of your comfort zone.

    Q2: You fail and get a job you actually enjoy, not one that makes you miserable and makes your mental health take a huge or any form of a nosedive.

    Q3: You become a multi-millionaire, have your dream job, have healthy mental wellbeing, and live your dream life.

    Q4: Take that first step and believe that you can. That’s honestly all it really takes. 

    And here is the HARD TRUTH, if you don’t believe you can, then you are absolute, 100%, without a doubt right. Because the thoughts, energies, and beliefs you put out into the world are going to come back to keep you company.

    I promise you can do this!

    Using Crystals

    The only vibes when working with crystals
    The only vibes when working with crystals

    So as you will have learned by now on your healing crystal journey, crystals contain healing properties within them, harnessing the earth and their own energies to help you with your desired outcomes. There are some powerful crystals that can help you in ways you didn’t even think possible. It’s really such a beautiful and exciting journey to take into the world of crystals. 

    Now, as I stated above, by bringing more abundance into your life, and challenging those limiting beliefs, if you don’t believe in crystal healing and how the best crystals for abundance can enhance your journey when working with them, then you’re right. They will still do their best to work with you, but not nearly as well as if you were working with them. 

    Working with abundance crystals/stones, (or any crystals/stones for that matter) requires some effort on your behalf. You need to cleanse them, ( I will give further info on this at the end of this guide.) Handle them often within your dominant hand, set their intention so they fully understand what you want from them, and also work with them.

    Now there are several ways in which you can work with crystals, and as always it’s totally up to you and what feels right / best for you at that moment. Here are a few of my favorite ways to get you started.

    Through Meditation, either in your hand, on its chakra placement, or by your side.

    Jewelry, I personally like to wear jewelry that corresponds with their specific chakra. Such as a necklace for rose quartz so it is closest to my heart chakra.

    On your person, I like to keep mine in my bra. I know this may sound a bit ‘out there’ but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. If this isn’t an option for you then it can be placed in your pocket, purse, wallet, bag, shoes anywhere really that feels comfortable to you. 

    You can place them under your pillow. I tend to put mine in my pillowcase as I get scared that I’ll lose them otherwise because I fidget so much in my sleep.

    You can have them in your workspace. I keep fluorite on my desk as it enhances focus, concentration and helps calm your anxiety. YOu can put it in the corner of your office, keep it in a drawer close to you, on your windowsill, by your door. Again it is whatever is most comfortable for you. 

    The possibilities are blooming endless! If you would like to learn more about crystals then please visit my guide here!

    Now, FINALLY, I will give you my list of the best crystals for abundance, how I use them and how they can help you attract and build more abundance into your life!

    Best Crystals for Abundance

    So to get you started I have already done all of the heavy work for you and have created you, your very own crystals for abundance pack! Meaning you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet looking for a good and trustworthy crystal shop or seller. That offers free delivery and gives you exactly what you are looking for. You are my priority boo, and I will do what I can to make your life easier. 

    best crystals for abundance
    The best crystals for abundance

    This beautiful crystal pack comes with the three best crystals for abundance, a super cute bag so you can keep them all together, and an affirmation card to help you affirm your abundance deeper into your life and practice.

    Want to check it out and grab your right now, with FREE DELIVERY then click here to get yours!


    I’m aware I’m breaking out the big guns early, but these stunning tumbled stones (they are also available rough or natural though for packs I feel tumbled stones work better) are best known to help attract money into your life. Citrine is a gorgeous orange / white sparkly stone that is beautiful. It was one of the first crystals I worked with and I still do daily. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, meaning it is responsible for confidence and self-esteem.  This badass had to be included in my guide for the best crystals for abundance.

    Citrine is known to help enhance abundance in your life, though this doesn’t mean that it is just subject to help you with your financial goals equate to money. It’s a stunning gentle crystal enabling you to connect to your higher self. Citrine is a ball of energy that can also leave you feeling more active. This is something I would keep in mind when working with it.

    How to work with it:

    This is a great meditation stone, placed on your upper stomach area as it can help connect you to your higher self and guide you through certain situations that may arise. It can also be kept in your purse to help guide and protect you throughout your day and bring that abundance ever flowingly. 

    Tigers Eye

    Now I can’t do a guide about the best crystals for abundance and not include Tigers Eye. This underrated beauty is part of the quartz family and has a lot of different properties and energies. It is very protective and is known to bring luck to you. Tigers eye is a wonderful gold and black colour intertwined and created bands of these colours around itself. Tigers eye is connected with your Root Chakra which is responsible for your feelings of security and stability. This is precisely why it is one of the best crystals for abundance.

    Tigers’ eye is known to keep you focused on your goals and what you want to achieve. Also known as ‘The Business Stone’ it allows you to discover secrets to pursue a successful career and life. Tigers eye is one of the more well-known ‘money crystals’.

    How to use it:

    When meditating, place it onto the bottom of your spine, so it can keep you grounded during your abundance journey. You don’t want to lose sight of what is important. When working with Tiger’s eye during your day, I would place it in your bra or pocket. This way it can keep you protected and focused.

    Green Aventurine

    And last but certainly not least is Green Aventurine. It was a while before I began working with this crystal and I only wish I’d discovered it sooner. It is such a beautiful crystal to work with and will leave you wanting to work with it more. This beautiful green stone is connected to your heart chakra meaning it is responsible for compassion, affection, and love. All super important when working with the best crystals for abundance.

    Green aventurine is known for bringing great fortune into your life. Its main purpose is to ensure you succeed. Whether that is through wealth, financial success, love, confidence, it will bring you what you need in abundance. There are some people who insist on having green aventurine in their pockets when they buy a lottery ticket or go to a casino. 

    How to use it:

    Well as I have already mentioned keeping it in your pocket is a great way to work with it. It will need to be charged and cleansed daily. As you may require a lot from it. I also love to have it as a necklace because it is close to my heart chakra and I can keep it with me all day.

    There you have it

    Best crystals for abundance
    The best crystals for abundance

    This comprehensive guide has now given you all the information you require for the best crystals for abundance. Including how they can help you bring more abundance into your life. The many and ever-expanding different ways in which you can work with them. As well as what the fuck they are. I mean everyone wants more abundance in their life, don’t they? It is simply as I stated at the beginning of this guide that you need to know what you want a ‘fuck tonne’ of. Because it isn’t just money (although that is its most popular reference). 

    Now, before you begin, your ascension into bringing more abundance into your life; I recommend taking some time for yourself to truly think about what it is you would like more in your life. This will then ensure your abundance journey to have a strong start and will take you in the right direction. That and so you can keep focused on your end goal.

    You got this babe! I know it!

    Don’t forget to grab your pack here!

    Cleansing your crystals!

    As promised at the beginning of this guide, here are my super easy, super user-friendly ways to cleanse your crystals.  

    Now I’m very aware that due to the ever-rising popularity of crystal healing naturally, people like to better themselves which is great. However, on their journey to becoming more experienced, people tend to overcomplicate the cleansing process. They’ll give you a huge list of things you need, and if truth be told it’s usually to benefit them. Let me just tell you now, there is NO WRONG way to cleanse your crystals (except selenite, don’t wash that with water as it will disappear!). It’s all about what feels the best for you. 

    Depending on how I am feeling and the crystals I am cleansing, some I will cleanse in a dish ( I have an abalone shell one, though you use whatever you think is nicest), I place them in one at a time and use sage smoke or incense sticks to cleanse them whilst chanting

    ‘Please be clean’ or ‘Please be cleansed’ or ‘thank you for all you will provide me’ 

    This can be out loud, or if you are not feeling confident in your mind. 

    It doesn’t have to be such a big complicated ritual.

    I also cleanse some of my crystals such as my amethyst by running them underwater and then will simply repeat a version of the chants I have mentioned above.

    Another super simple way is by holding the said crystal in your hands (clamped together) . Hold them tight and feel the heat growing in your palms. Then again either out loud or in your mind do a variation of the chants above. 

    I will continue to repeat that it is exactly what you feel most connected to do, and most comfortable doing. This is for you. Nobody else.

    This was one of my biggest mistakes when I began to work with crystals. I thought I had to do it the exact same as everybody else. But you don’t.


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