Here’s Your Three Best Crystals For Confidence

    Here’s Your Three Best Crystals For Confidence

    Who gives a fuck that others think!

    So your most likley wondering how the fuck will the best crystals for confidence help me? I know, I know, gaining confidence is a lot fucking easier said than done. For several reasons:

    One: If you have never had it then how do you know how to gain it? You need help.

    Two: If someone has taken it from you, then they must have spent a fair amount of their time doing so. Therefore it’ll take you even more time to undo all the damage they have caused.

    Three: People are still trying to take it from you and you are having to work super hard to keep it.

    These are just a few reasons. I could take up this entire guide giving you demonstrations but that isn’t really going to help us now is it?! The fact is the energy you surround yourself with is the energy that fuels you. And we don’t need the negativity to do babe!

    Believe it or not I’m SUPER shy. I know when you meet me it doesn’t come across (unless I’ve had a few glasses of wine) but I have such bad social anxiety. And even though I’ve performed all over Europe and have my own performance festival, I still need a drink before a show to calm my nerves. 

    What’s even worse is when I’m in social situations, if there’s an awkward silence my defense mechanism is to make myself the centre of attention. Not because I want to, but because I hate awkward silences, and then I just talk, and talk, and talk. In my head I’m telling myself to shut the fuck up, but it’s to late, my mind is already away with itself.

    I am also the heaviest I have ever been, yet I’m also the most confident. Now this is by no means me saying that confidence has ANYTHING to do with the way in which you look. Because it certainly does fucking not! However I have been in relationships both platonic and romantic where people have done what they can to put me down. Every partner except for Michael has in some way has paraphrased this sentence:

    ‘Looks wise I know I can do better, but you have a banging personality’

    And for years I thought that was a compliment!!! For years I thought that my worth and my confidence equated to what others thought of me. I had no idea truly just how low my confidence was. Thank fuck I’m no longer like that. And so in 2018, midway through a nervous breakdown after coming out of a horrendous relationship, I got myself a credit card and off I popped on my first ever solo trip to Bali. Now here is where I had to sit with the uncomfortableness that was my own company. And spending three weeks alone with myself really made me see how fucking shit I used to talk to myself. And it is from then that I decided the only opinion of me that mattered, was MY OWN!

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Me at the beginning of my confidence journey

    Now I’m not going to bullshit you with some romanticised story of my journey to having confidence and being a badass bitch. Because it wasn’t always easy, infact it was fucking hard, I had to take accountability for those horrendous things I’d put myself through, and the vile things I told myself on a daily basis. Then sit with the uncomfortable guilt of being kind to myself. 

    It took a fair bit of practice, and I sure as hell made a few mistakes from:

    Experimenting with my fashion. FYI copying other people’s fashion sense is not the way to go.

    Going on dates with people who I had no connection with just because I didn’t want to be alone

    Being friends with people because they occasionally made me feel happy (note the word occasionally)

    The list could go on. But I made those mistakes so you don’t have to! 

    Now I know you thinking, alright Charlotte fascinating back story but what the fuck has this got to do with me finding the best crystals for confidence. You see there are plenty of ways to help boost your confidence, from dressing in clothes that make you feel good, doing your hair pretty, dancing around like a twat to your favourite music.

    But these aren’t always things you can or want to do every day. Now through years of practice and qualifications I have found the best ways to help get your confidence boosting. 

    How Can Crystals Boost My Confidence

    Crystals have healing properties within them, harnessing the earths and their own energies to help guide you through life. Now if you don’t believe in healing crystals and how they can give you a confidence boost when working with them, then you’re right. They will still work, but not nearly as well if you were working with them. 

    There are several ways in which you can work with crystals:



    On your person (I like to keep mine in my bra)

    Under your pillow

    In your work space

    And so many other ways. If you would like to learn more about crystals then please visit my guide here!

    Below I will be giving you my list of the best crystals for confidence, how I use them and how they can help you with your confidence and unconditional love for yourself.

    The Best Crystals for Confidence

    Now because I love you and I want to make your experience with the best crystals for confidence as easy and powerful as possible I have actually created a bundle for you! Let me introduce you to my Badass Bitch Crystal Bundle. Not only does it include the best crystals to boost your confidence, you also get an affirmation card, for you to repeat when working with each different crystal. And a breathing techniques bookmark, to help you throughout your day.

    The best crystals for confidence pack!

    So make sure you check it out here! And get yourself becoming the confident badass queen you know you are! 

    Now let’s get to the juicy part. Let me tell you all about these wonderful crystals!


    I’m getting the big guns out early! Carnelian is one of my favourite crystals to work with. And no list of the best crystals for confidence would be complete without it. This fiery red stone is connected to your lower three chakras, which are known as your root chakras. 

    Carnelian is amazing for unleashing your inner badass queen vibes, as it boosts confidence, promotes good life choices (as we all know we can be tempted by the bad ones at times), helps with our creativity and sexual intimacy (though that’s just a lil extra not necessarily connected with confidence).

    How to use it:

    Now my favourite way to work with carnelian is either by popping it in my bath. Don’t judge! When I’m feeling like I’m not my best self, I will run myself a bath, put in some infused bath salts under warm running water, pop in a tumbled stone Carnelian and blast a confident woman playlist. I come out feeling fucking incredible and my confidence is completely reset to high energy!

    Another way I like to work with Carnelian is by keeping it close to me, on my person, safe and secure in my bra! If I’ve got a day being out and about, and my mood is a lil low. Before I leave the house I will place my piece of carnelian in my bra (or pocket if not wearing a bra) and you better believe I am the most confident person you’ve encountered that day! 


    Now this beautiful, gentle and caring crystal is a pleasure to work with. It’s particularly great if you are feeling like you need a softer approach. Moonstone is connected to the solar plexus chakra.

    Moonstone is wonderful at calming your emotions, particularly when that inner critic is on top form. You know what I mean, telling you things about yourself that just aren’t true. Picking a time when you’re not at your strongest (especially when you are hungover), we’ve all been there. Working with Moonstone will fill you with a comforting breath and help you build yourself back up. The perfect stone to include in my guide for the best crystals for confidence.

    How to use:

    When I’m needing a more gentle approach I will begin my day by meditating with Moonstone. This way I am able to start my day with my emotion and energy more stable. When meditating with Moonstone you can place it on your Solar Plexus Chakra or if preferred in your hand. It will also keep you inspired towards your success!

    There are such beautiful Moonstone jewellery out there. If I know I’m going to be out and about and need that constant boost, I will wear a pink Moonstone necklace, so that it is close to my solar plexus chakra. This way it will keep my confidence up and help me feel nourished all day!

    The best Crystals for Confidence Pack!
    The best Crystals for Confidence Pack!

    Red Jasper

    Now last but certainly not least in my guide to the best crystals for confidence is the beast that is Red Jasper. This deep burgundy red crystal is connected to your root chakras and is a crystal I use every single day!

    Red Jasper is a very protective and grounding crystal which is imperative when on your journey to confidence. It works with you to give you unconditional love. Showing you just how incredible you are. How great is that?! Red Jasper may look like an intense crystal to work with but honestly is so wonderful and perfect to help you with your confidence, as it encourages you to chase your passions and see your full potential.

    How to use:

    I keep a piece of Red Jasper in my office, so that I have it protecting me all day, allowing me to show me unconditional and keep myself grounded. I hold it within my hand just to reaffirm my intentions and then I place it at the corner of my desk. Super beautiful and super simple way to work with Red Jasper.

    I also love wearing Red Jasper as a bracelet. This way I can keep it on my person at all times. It enables me to feel more connected and I can hold it in my hands if I am needing that extra boost! This way you will be inviting positive change into your life all through your day!

    And there you have it beauty! Aren’t these just the BEST crystals for confidence?! And there are so many wonderful ways in which you can work with them! It can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed with crystal information, That is why I strive to make it as easy and user friendly as possible! 

    I’m so excited to see you on your confidence journey! Don’t forget to get your crystal package here!

    Love xxx

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