The most stunning Gower Beaches and Where to Stay

    The most stunning Gower Beaches and Where to Stay

    Where is Gower?

    Gower Peninsula is a beautiful beach haven nestled in the South Coast of Wales, UK. It stretches over 19 miles encompassing gorgeous coastline, historic castles, and beautiful villages. And what’s even better is for those who are a little resistant to the more rural beach and county life, you are only half an hour from the city of Swansea. Where there is a town centre, nightlife, Swansea bay and even a university.

    Where you can stay and simply travel to the Gower beaches. Now when looking at some photos don’t be embarrassed if you thought it was somewhere in the med. Because when you see the crystal clear blue waters, the calmness of the ocean as it gently laps the shore, and those golden sandy beaches. It really is a mistake anyone can make. And that’s one of the many reasons that Gower is one of the best hidden secrets of the UK. And why this blog post will tell you all about the best Gower beaches, where to stay and why this beautiful coastline in South Wales is the best place to go on holiday. 

    Such stunning views at Gower Beaches

    Oxwich Bay

    Now this is my favourite of the Gower beaches. As honestly you couldn’t ask for more from a beach. It has crystal clear blue waters, which are so shallow that they are perfect for everyone from nervous swimmers, to families with children and for those like myself who are terrified of big crashing waves. As the sea is so calm it just gently moves along sand. And if that’s not enough to tempt you it is also a haven for paddle boarders and kayakers. As this beach’s calm and shallow sea really allows you to make the most of your water sports equipment. I will definitely be taking my kayak there next time I visit.

    As you arrive at Oxwich bay and turn into the carpark you will be greeted with the most friendliest of people you will ever meet. They are so kind, and for someone such as myself who often gets anxiety in new and unfamiliar places. They will definitely put your mind at ease and tell you of all the wonderful things to do on the beach. Depending on your vehicle parking can cost anything from £4-£10 for the entire day. The car park is HUGE so there are always plenty of spots to park up at. Which again for someone who has travel anxiety I often worry that I won’t be able to get parked!

    Oxwich bay Gower beaches
    that’s me way out on a Gower beach

    Once you park up, get yourself settled and just enjoy your day in Oxwich. Should you forget anything there is a chippy/ convenience store opposite the entrance of the car park. Where after a nice relaxing day of sunbathing and swimming you can get a bottle of wine or a bottle of locally brewed Gold medal cider – Gwynt Y Draig! I can personally vouch for it’s tastiness. As well as there being an ice cream and snack vendor on the beach itself those this does close at 4pm. There is also a restaurant on the beach, though this wasn’t open when I last visited. 

    Bonus tip:

    this beach is dog friendly and also allows campfires so that you can toast some marshmallows on the beach watching the sunset before heading home after a beautiful day at the beach.

    A great picture overlooking Gower Beaches
    A great picture overlooking Gower Beaches

    Three Cliffs Bay

    As soon as you arrive at Three Cliffs you will understand why I have included it in my list of best Gower beaches. This beach is located just up the road from Oxwich. With a beautiful cliff side walk overlooking Gower and it’s beautiful coastline which you can do before or after visiting the beach. This will take you to Pennard Castle which overlooks Cliffs bay. Giving you a stunning view and letting you explore local heritage. Then once you get to Three Cliffs bay, you will be surrounded by a HUGE white sand beach, sand dunes, and a view out to the most gorgeous sea! There is plenty of space for you to lay, relax and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

    When turning off the main road to Three Cliffs bay, there is a little road with a sign pointing down to the beach. Do not go down this road. It is telling you the truth when it says access only. It is a tiny road which leads down to a small housing complex with no parking. Instead park at Three Cliffs bay car park. It will cost £4 for the day and has a shop which sells everything you could need from dog poo bags, to ice cream, take away pizza and locally brewed beer! And you can come and go as you please which we did!

    three cliffs bay - Gower beches
    a beautiful beach in Gower

    Once you’ve got everything and are all set for the beach, head back to the aforementioned little road, walk down and go through where the little housing complex is. There will be signs from there which will lead you to the beach. Though it is pretty straight forward. Something I really want to warn you about though is the walk to and from the beach. For someone at peak fitness they may not find this walk a struggle. For someone such as myself who overheats easily and isn’t the fittest of walkers you will need to get your breath half way up.

    But do what I did and simply enjoy the view. And promise yourself a nice cold glass of prosecco as a reward for getting u this steep bugger!

    It is a steep walk to and from, and if you’re not prepared for it such as myself, you may have a little panic because anxiety sets in and tells you you can’t. As always your mind is lying to you and you can. 

    Just take your time!

    Again this beach is super dog friendly!

    The walk up from Three Cliffs bay

    Rhossili Bay

    If for nothing else Rhossili deserves to be on this list of Gower beaches because of it’s beautiful field of sunflowers. I absolutely love Sunflowers and so getting to see a field of them before hedging to the beach certainly makes me excited and wanting to go more! These sunflowers have been planted by the national trust and it really gives something a little extra to this beach! Stretching over 3 miles Rhossili bay is the perfect place for those who love to have a nice walk along a beach and again it is dog friendly! 

    It tends to be a running theme with Gower beaches that they stretch for miles and gorgeous white sand beaches and that crystal clear, calm sea that you fantasize about whilst at work. Therefore the calm of your surroundings then encompasses you into feeling much calmer and you can feel your anxiety drifting away. To park at Rhossili bay it will cost you £2.50 for 2 hours or £5 for the entire day or free if you’re part of the national trust!. And the beach is clearly signposted from the car park.

    Now again one thing I want to make sure you are aware of is that the walk down and back up from this beautiful beach is STEEP! That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it. 

    Don’t let your mind be a dick and tell you this because if I can, then lovely so can you. Again I just want you to be aware of it. Because I wasn’t and it took me a little by surprise! And this beach is sooooo worth the walk trust me on this one! And when you’re walking up just make sure you have a reward in mind that you will give yourself once you get to the top. As well as feeling proud that you did it!

    Obvs gotta have the necessities


    Made by Handmadecafeindia

    Now even the most seasoned sun babies of us, need to take some shade during the hot summer months! If for nothing more than to give ourselves a break! Avoid sunburn, heatstroke, or just to take a nap! But there’s nothing worse than having to walk to find shade! Here is such a stunning beach brolly you’ll want it as soon as you see it!

    Grab this stunner here!

    Beach Bag!

    By ZoeEdenWeddings

    And when going to the beach there is nothing worse than having to carry multiple bags because your handbag is too small! Here is a beautiful & personalised beach bag! That will look so gorge in the summer!

    Click here to grab this super cute beach bag!

    Beach Blanket

    Created by LinenProvisions – I love this for the beach

    Now a beach blanket is something I’ve only recently discovered! But it has saved me! You see I’m a lil quirky I love the beach but I hate wet sand on me, AND I hate sand on my towel. Don’t ask why, I don’t know but it really freaks me out! Yet a beach blanket it that big that I don’t have to worry about getting sand on it as I can lay in the middle and hang my feet off until they have dried! It’s revolutionary for me!

    Grab yours here!!!

    Other things to do in Gower

    So above are my top 3 Gower beaches. And each of them has earned their right to be on that list. Because my gosh are they gorgeous and each of them has something different to offer. Here are two other things I enjoy doing whilst I’m visiting Gower beaches.

    Gower Pick your own

    This gorgeous place is just down the road from Oxwich, with super friendly and helpful staff. It takes me back to being a kid again. I absolutely loved it here, and it is something fun to do for people of all ages! Even better they keep you updated on their website and Facebook group what they do and don’t have. So you know what to expect when you get there! You definitely should check it out.


    Now we found this beautiful little seaside village completely by accident when we went to look at OysterMouth Castle which is a definite must see. Believe it or not this castle is located in the middle of a park in the middle of this village yet we had no idea it was there until it was right in front of us! It was unfortunately closed when we went to visit. But we still were able to have a look around the outside of it, and look at its beautiful architecture. 

    Afterwards we took a leisurely walk around this beautiful village. Looked out over the port and had some food outside the beautiful Bistrot Pierre overlooking the bay as the sunsets. Can you get anything more perfect?

    Where to stay in Gower?

    Something to keep in mind when you are on holiday, is to keep up your morning routine, as if not this can seriously effect your anxiety and begin to ruin your holiday. Here is my resource on how to do this easily. Here is my guide Here are my top 3 places I recommend to stay when visiting Gower beaches. 

    Oxwich Guest House

    A gorgeous guest house, which sleeps up to four people and you get the entire house to yourself! This place is located right next to Oxwich bay and will take you less than 5 minutes to walk there! It is such a peaceful, gorgeous place with free parking and wifi. It’s open plan and spacious as well as my favourite part the French windows opening onto an outdoor seating area. A perfect place to have your morning brew and get yourself ready for the day. The host Claire is incredibly lovely.

    Click here to check this gorgeous place!

    Gower Village Flat

    This absolute beauty of a flat is located in the beautiful village of Gower! It is within close proximity to all the above beaches by car or public transport. If you are traveling by car then it has free on site parking and even better it is within walking distance to some really beautiful pubs. 

    Click here to see book now!

    Mumbles fishermans cottage

    This cottage is based in the heart of the beautiful village Mumbles mentioned further up in the post. It is full of character, and has views over Oystermouth Castle. Which is absolutely amazing. This is the perfect place for a family to stay as it houses up to 4 people, and is so cosy you will feel right at home!

    Grab your stay here!

    sunrise at one of gower beches
    A stunning sunrise in Gower , Wales
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