The Best Peak District Walks

    Where is the Peak District? The Peak District is a beautiful national park based in Derbyshire in the North of England. Filled with gorgeous picturesque villages such as Castleton, Bakewell and Buxton. Beautiful walks such as Monsal Dale, and Mam Tor and stunning views at the top peaks such as Kinder Scout and Winnats Pass. It is the ultimate place […]

    Holiday Morning Routine: It’s important for your mental health

    Why do you need a morning routine? So real talk here!  I used to really struggle with my mental health. Especially when travelling as I wasn’t able to cope with my mind going constantly in unfamiliar places. Here is my first experience of having to deal with anxiety all by myself away from home.  I only started seriously having a […]

    The Best Gower Beaches and Where to Stay

    Where is Gower? Gower Peninsula is a beautiful beach haven nestled in the South Coast of Wales, UK. It stretches over 19 miles encompassing gorgeous coastline, historic castles, and beautiful villages. And what’s even better is for those who are a little resistant to the more rural beach and county life, you are only half an hour from the city […]

    4 of the best short walks in the Peak District

    Why is walking good for your anxiety As someone who has suffered from mental health since the age of 5, I know from experience the importance when you need to just get away. And so I discovered going for short walks in the Peak District. Now I understand how hard it can be when your anxiety is taking over and […]

    Folly Dolly Falls The Best Guide to the Waterfall

    What is Folly Dolly Falls? I have lived in the North of England my entire life, all 28 years of it! And yet it took me until I was this age to discover some of the beautiful waterfalls that are so close to me. I’ve travelled the world to find waterfalls. Bali Greece Cyprus Oman Just to mention a few. […]

    Peak District VS Lake District: Why Peak District is the best

    What are the Peak and Lake District For those of you outside of England who may not be familiar with the reasons behind Peak District VS the Lake District national parks which has been happening for years and years! Let me explain it to you. You see the Peak District stretches over central and Northern England encompassing lots of  villages […]

    The Best Guide to the Monsal Head Walk

    What is the Monsal Head Walk? The Monsal Head walk is one of the many beautiful walks in the Peak District, UK. It goes all the way from Bakewell to Wye Dale. It is an incredibly easy walk as it used to be an old railway line, which was closed in 1863 to link Manchester to London. It was then opened […]

    Why Padley Gorge Walk is amazing for anxiety

    What is Padley Gorge? Ok so here I am telling you to go for a walk at a place called Padley Gorge. But what on Earth is Padley Gorge?! And why is this girl tryna get me to go on a Padley Gorge walk? As if you’re like me as soon as you hear the word gorge you palms start […]

    The Best Castleton accommodation and Castleton Activities

    Why Castleton? Castleton is a beautiful village in the Peak District national, Derbyshire, UK. Best known for its stunning walks, explorative caves and has a banging pub crawl so you won’t run out of things to do. Not to mention the amount of Castleton accommodation that is based in pubs as B & B’s. Having been to Castleton at least […]

    What to do when you need to just get away

    Why I need to just get away! As you know I really suffer with my mental health, I had my first panic attack at 5 years old and since then I have been diagnosed with high functioning anxiety, depression both complex and acute PTSD and a few other things! Now I as I am classed as high functioning in the […]