The most awe-inspiring of places to walk in Sheffield- Prisoner of War Camp

    Places to Walk in Sheffield Right on the outskirts this part of my steel city this places to walk Lodge Moor Sheffield, is admittedly an area I am not too familiar with. For instance on the drive out there (which thanks to Google maps took us the longest fucking way possible) the houses started to get bigger, with more gates, […]

    You’ve got to do these stunning Langsett Reservoir Walks!

    Langsett Reservoir Walks I’ve got to admit I can’t believe I have lived in South Yorkshire my entire life and I have never done or heard of any of the Langsett Reservoir Walks. I never really knew what it was. Like I’d driven past it numerous times though because it had the Yorkshire Water logo on the signs, I wrongly […]

    Where to go for unbelievable wild Swimming Peak District

    Where is the Peak District The Peak District national park is located in the heart of England, UK. Being born and bred in Sheffield I am very lucky to have grown up with it as my back garden! It is absolutely stunning from its gorgeous villages and towns to the stunning walks you can go on to see beautiful views, […]

    8 inspiring Gifts for Someone with Anxiety under £10

    Why do you need a list of gifts? Now if Like me the above image gives you slight stress and anxiety then this list of gifts for someone with anxiety is for you! We all know buying gifts for people can be difficult, especially if like me you suffer from mental health yourself you want them to be thoughtful, personal, […]

    You need this unbelievable stay at home date idea NOW

    How my date nights began Let me set the scene: The year is 2020, in the UK the season is gradually turning into Spring, there’s talk about some virus taking hold, but here we are told not to panic it’ll all be fine. Until it wasn’t. And overnight we (like the rest of the world) finally shut shop. This was […]

    The most valuable Guide to Sheffield’s Greno Woods

    Sheffield, Sheffield, wherefore art thou Sheffield Sheffield, the STEEL CITY of the North of England. The largest city in South Yorkshire, the greenest city in Europe and a place I am proud to call my home! Having lived in Sheffield my entire life you might consider me somewhat of an expert of the area and the different things that you […]

    The 5 most gorgeous parks in Sheffield

    Where is Sheffield?! Ahh my beloved Sheffield, the hometown of legends such as Sean Bean, The Arctic Monkeys and of course myself! Situated in the North of England, UK in a county called South Yorkshire we are known as the cheaper, friendlier part of the country! Holding the title for the greenest city in Europe due to the fact that […]

    14 incredible indoor activities Sheffield

    The beautiful Sheffield Now where do I begin with the beautiful city that is Sheffield. Based in  South Yorkshire, England this beauty of a place is the greenest city in Europe, home to the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ and has the beautiful Peak District as it’s back garden. Now if you enjoy walking here are some of my best walks out in […]

    The most mouth-watering Cafes in Sheffield: A Locals Guide

    Does thy know where Sheffield is? Sheffield my hometown! Based in the North of England, in a county called South Yorkshire. We gave you ‘The Full Monty’ film, steel (hence its nickname the Steel City) and some cracking real ales. A hot spot for Students, Sheffield has one the highest rates of students staying to live after University in the […]

    A list of the legendary best Bars in Sheffield: A Local’s Guide

    Where is Sheffield?  Sheffield, the steel city of the North of England. Home to Sean Bean and hendersons relish. Located in South Yorkshire, with the Peak District as it’s back garden and holding the status for the greenest city in Europe it really has a lot to offer. Having lived here all my life I have sometimes taken this beautiful […]