The Best Edinburgh 2 day itinerary for anxious travellers

    Why Edinburgh? Edinburgh is situated as part of Scotland’s Central belt, 2 ½ miles from the coast and just over 30 miles from the English border. It is absolutely stunning! Now I am a little biased because Scotland is one of my favourite countries in the world. It’s scenery, the people and lets not forget the whisky. Edinburgh is the […]

    Nervous flyer tips: The best guide how to help you

    What does it mean to be a nervous flyer? As with all forms of mental health there are so many reasons, explanations and causes for our feelings therefore I want to give you some nervous flyer tips. And let’s be honest sometimes there are fuck all reasons for our fear and anxiety but they come a long anyway just because […]

    The best tips for travelling at home.

    Travelling at home There are several reasons for travelling at home. The main reason right now in big flashing neon lights is the majority of the world is in lock down and social distancing. Which means holidays and trips have been cancelled for the foreseeable, most of us can’t go out unless it’s for absolute necessities (here in the UK […]

    Important tips to help with coming home after travelling

    Why does it suck coming home after travelling? So is sucks coming home after travelling because of Post-Holiday blues kicking in particularly when people are coming back off holiday, i.e.  Waiting in the airport to go home Collecting their luggage In the car journey back from the airport Or a couple of days after once (if you’re super organised) have […]

    How to deal with anxiety when travelling

    Why do I get anxiety when travelling Anxiety has its own agenda, and can come at any time, at work, watching TV, going for a walk and even on holiday. Unfortunately it doesn’t get the memo when we are away and all life’s stresses and worries need to be put on hold until we are back. Wouldn’t that be the […]

    How to start a travel blog, without the stress

    You are the only person standing in your way! It took me 4 fucking years to FINALLY start a travel blog, with Revitalize Your Travel Blog. I first got the idea when I was laid in bed, booking flights to Oman in 2016. I’ve always loved travelling and going on adventures, and I have been able to go to some […]

    Pre Travel anxiety and how to deal with it

    What is pre travel anxiety? Pre Travel anxiety is shit, and for those of us who suffer from it, it worms its way into our lives completely uninvited and refuses to fuck off. Now this post isn’t going to miraculously cure you of Pre Travel anxiety. But what it will do is give you advice and help on how to […]

    My Marrakech Itinerary & My mental health bestie

    Pre Holiday Prep My first adult holiday was booked on a whim. One night in October I was bored, and so naturally started aimlessly scrolling through cheap flights on Ryanair, when I came across free flight deals. Well …. You have to have a look don’t you. So off I clicked, when I found Marrakech. Now I’m going to be […]

    Why It’s important for me to Burst my Bubbles

    A lot of people have asked me why I chose ‘Bursting My Bubbles’, as there isn’t any reference in its title about travel or mental health. Which are the two themes of my blog! You see my mind convinced me that if I travelled I would put myself in danger. So I put myself in a ‘bubble’ and yet I […]

    Not to Travel is to risk losing yourself

    The Girl you see above is 17 year old me. On her first ‘proper’ holiday without my parents, meaning it wasn’t a school trip and it wasn’t with someone else’s parents. We were going solo … And what better place to go than Marrakech in Morocco. Why Marrakech? Because Ryanair were doing flights for free and with hand luggage added […]