Do You Have These Best Crystals for Abundance?

    WTF is abundance? I hear you loud and clear! I know I know this word ‘abundance’ is getting thrown around A LOT lately. But what the fuck is it? What does it mean? Never mind knowing whether you have the best crystals for abundance or not! So why is this the new buzzword? Well, it is because there is a […]

    Here’s Your Three Best Crystals For Confidence

    Who gives a fuck that others think! So your most likley wondering how the fuck will the best crystals for confidence help me? I know, I know, gaining confidence is a lot fucking easier said than done. For several reasons: One: If you have never had it then how do you know how to gain it? You need help. Two: […]

    Crystals for self love – you need to have these

    Self Love I know already what you are thinking, why on earth do I need crystals for self love?  How do I even practice self love? Isn’t self love just taking myself on a shopping spree when I’m feeling shit to make myself feel better? Short answers are: Because crystals have healing properties and when you are working on yourself […]