A list of the legendary best Bars in Sheffield: A Local’s Guide

    Where is Sheffield?  Sheffield, the steel city of the North of England. Home to Sean Bean and hendersons relish. Located in South Yorkshire, with the Peak District as it’s back garden and holding the status for the greenest city in Europe it really has a lot to offer. Having lived here all my life I have sometimes taken this beautiful […]

    You need this awesome vacation routine NOW!

    Why do you need a vacation routine? So real talk here!  I used to really struggle with my mental health. Especially when travelling as I wasn’t able to cope with my mind going constantly in unfamiliar places. Here is my first experience of having to deal with anxiety all by myself away from home.  I only started seriously having a […]

    4 incredible short walks in the Peak District

    Why is walking good for your anxiety As someone who has suffered from mental health since the age of 5, I know from experience the importance when you need to just get away. And so I discovered going for short walks in the Peak District. Now I understand how hard it can be when your anxiety is taking over and […]

    Folly Dolly Falls: A valuable Guide you need now!

    What is Folly Dolly Falls? I have lived in the North of England my entire life, all 28 years of it! And yet it took me until I was this age to discover some of the beautiful waterfalls that are so close to me. I’ve travelled the world to find waterfalls. Bali Greece Cyprus Oman Just to mention a few. […]

    Peak District VS Lake District: Which is best?

    What are the Peak and Lake District For those of you outside of England who may not be familiar with the reasons behind Peak District VS the Lake District national parks which have been happening for years and years! Let me explain it to you. You see the Peak District stretches over central and Northern England encompassing lots of villages […]

    The most valuable Guide to the Monsal Head Walk

    What is the Monsal Head Walk? The Monsal Head walk is one of the many beautiful walks in the Peak District, UK. It goes all the way from Bakewell to Wye Dale. It is an incredibly easy walk as it used to be an old railway line, which was closed in 1863 to link Manchester to London. It was then opened […]

    Inspiration for when you need to on an adventure!

    Why I need to go on an adventure! As you know I really suffer with my mental health, I had my first panic attack at 5 years old and since then I have been diagnosed with high functioning anxiety, depression both complex and acute PTSD and a few other things! Now I as I am classed as high functioning in […]

    Nervous flyer tips: A valuable on guide how to help you

    What does it mean to be a nervous flyer? As with all forms of mental health there are so many reasons, explanations and causes for our feelings therefore I want to give you some nervous flyer tips. And let’s be honest sometimes there are fuck all reasons for our fear and anxiety but they come a long anyway just because […]

    Your essential tips for travelling from home.

    Travelling from home There are several reasons for travelling from home. No Money No holiday time left Lockdown…. Nobody to go with The list is endless Now I love travelling, it’s what excites me, the freedom to explore and go wherever I want whenever I want. Two of my most prized possessions are my drivers license and my passport. As […]

    Incredible tips to deal with anxiety when travelling

    Why do I get anxiety when travelling Anxiety has its own agenda, and can come at any time, at work, watching TV, going for a walk and even on holiday. Unfortunately it doesn’t get the memo when we are away and all life’s stresses and worries need to be put on hold until we are back. Wouldn’t that be the […]