These incredible crystals for anxiety will help you when travelling

    These incredible crystals for anxiety will help you when travelling

    Crystals for anxiety and Travelling

    When you are an anxious traveller and preparing for a trip, there are a fair few things we need to remember to pack, such as:



    Boarding passes 


    Travel anxiety kit

    These tend to be up there with the most important things to remember, I have a much more comprehensive packing list here! To help avoid those pre travel anxieties. But something we don’t often consider packing to go on a trip are Crystals! For various reasons, whether you don’t generally use them, you didn’t think they would be ok to travel, or even you didn’t realise that there were crystals for anxiety, in particular your travel anxiety.

    Here I am going to give you all the deets you need, to ensure you have a great and successful experience when travelling and being able to practice crystal healing! As someone who has been working with crystals on and off for 20 years, I will give you honest, helpful advice and also call a few bullshits as I go along! 

    Why do I need Crystals for anxiety when travelling?

    these healing crystals for anxiety will do wonders!
    these healing crystals for anxiety will do wonders!

    Rate my lovelies, so travel anxiety can hit us at ANY time! 

    Whether it’s crowded airports, train stations, fear of flying, car anxiety, being in a new and unusual place and feeling unsafe, delays (we’ve all been there, and our stress levels immediately raise!)  or travelling over water. There are many stress induced situations that make our mental health flare up! 

    It can cause us to feel nauseous, have panic attacks, feel scared just to mention a few symptoms. 

    So how are these healing crystals going to help you on your journey? 

    When we go on holiday our routine tends to go out of the window! We practice very little self care, and then we can start to undo all that hard work we’ve put into working on ourselves and our mental health. Using crystals when travelling helps you maintain your self care practice. As this will encourage you to continue to meditate in the morning and evening (helping you keep a form of a routine). And will also allow you to meditate through any situations that you need guidance with!

    Taking your crystals for anxiety on your holiday will also help you to keep your mood balanced, which again can be affected by lack of routine and being in new and unfamiliar places. Each of the crystals I mention below have different properties to help!

    Crystals help you maintain your energy! Let’s not pretend that travelling isn’t exhausting, the physical travelling itself, the different time zones, new cultures, jet lag and fitting in everything you want to do! It is an incredible experience but it can also be tiring. So these crystals for anxiety will help you rejuvenate and energise your mind and body!

    They will also ground and connect you to Gaia and your surroundings! This will keep you energetically charged with all the good vibes you need to keep you feeling happy and positive throughout your trips! 

    Rate so let’s get to it!

    So here is my list of Crystals for anxiety when you are travelling. This by no means means that you need to go out and purchase every single one of them (unless you want too). Please take this as a list of suggestions of crystals that can help you within your travel life. Once you have read through all of my suggestions, I would recommend purchasing the ones that speak the most to you, your needs, and also the ones you feel drawn to!

    Also just as a general note, bigger and more expensive DOES NOT always mean better! When it comes to choosing your crystals,choose the ones that you are drawn to the most!


    Beautiful Amethyst by ElainWilsonTherapy

    Amethyst is admittedly one of my favourite crystals, I have one by my bed, one on my desk, a bracelet and pendants of it. I naturally feel drawn to Amethyst, and have done since I was a child. Though my mum really doesn’t like it! It honestly doesn’t matter who your influences are when it comes to crystals and their healing properties; it’s completely personal!

    Amethyst is a gorgeous purple coloured stone and is connected with your crown chakra! 

    Why is Amethyst among my choice of crystals for anxiety when you are travelling?

    Amethyst is a very protective crystal and shields you from negative energy, allowing you to maintain peace and harmony throughout your journey. 

    It also helps with nightmares and unsettled sleep. Therefore keeping it by your bed at night will help you to have a more restful sleep when you are in a new bed. As sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can cause havoc for our sleep! 

    How to use it:

    Meditate with Amethyst each morning. It is a great way to start helping you to feel relaxed, energised and ready for the day. Wanting to keep the holiday vibes flowing when you are back home? Continue to Meditate with Amethyst after you’ve returned. 

    Click here to grab your now!


    Gorgeous Moonstone from HartleysCrystals

    Again Moonstone is up there with the most popular crystals for anxiety. Due to it’s gorgeous opalescent appearance with gorgeous different colours shining through! It has also been known to connect with your third eye Chakra.

    Moonstone is particularly helpful for combating homesickness, which in all honesty happens to me when I am solo travelling. The crystal is able to do this by lifting your spirit. It also helps with anxiety when travelling over water and Jet lag, so particularly helpful for those longer journeys.

    How to use it:

    The most effective way to use Moonstone is either by wearing it as a piece of jewellery or carrying it on your person! This will allow the Moonstone to work to its full potential.

    If this sounds perfect for you, click here to get yours!


    malachite crystals for anxiety
    This is just stunning Malachite at LunaCrystalsStore

    This gorgeous green stone just had to be included in my lists of crystals for anxiety! This absolute beauty is dedicated to your heart chakra.

    Malachite is a particularly calming crystal that needs to be cleansed often and it uses a lot of energy. I’ll tell you how to cleanse your crystals further down! This crystal will help with your fear of flying as well as your jet lag. It can also help calm you if you struggle with traffic congestion. 

    How to use it:

    If you would like to meditate with it, simply place it on your chest. You can keep it in your pocket when travelling or wear it as a piece of jewellery. This will allow it to help you best.

    Quick grab yours here!!


    Now if you have researched Malachite before you will see a few people have stated that it will crumble when danger is imminent. Now not only is this fuckig terrifying, regardless of whether you have mental health or not. As you’ll shit yourself whenever you’re out with it ‘just incase’. It’s also NOT true!

    Yes, Malachite can sometimes / occasionally break. But that DOES NOT mean that danger is imminent. It’s because it’s hardness is 3.5 – 4. 

    Black Tourmaline

    These crystals for anxiety are stunning from TempleofstoneUK

    A stunner of a crystal, and one that is a defo when it comes to having crystals for anxiety when travelling. It’s as it states in the title a black crystal, and is connected to the root Chakra. 

    Now Black tourmaline has a fair few ways in which it can help your anxiety when travelling. It’s main healing property being that it will help you in large crowds, such as tourist attractions, airports and train stations. It is a great help for stress relief, and helps you to feel more laid back. It is also great for solo travel, as it helps with your self confidence.

    How to use:

    You can meditate with it, stating what you would like help with, then keep it on your person. 

    Feel like this crystal for anxiety is for you? Click here to get yours today babe!

    Smoky Quartz

    Beautiful Smoky Quartz, TheCrystalarium

    This beaut is another of my favourites, and is one a work with a lot. And is the final one in my list of crystals for anxiety when on holiday! This variety of quartz is translucent with a grey / smoky hue to it. It’s connected and helps with the Solar Plexus Chakra. 

    As with Black tourmaline this healing quartz has a few different protective properties. One being if you are around aggressive travellers, then the quartz will absorb the people’s negative energy so you don’t have to.

    Smoky Quartz helps with clarity as well, therefore if you are feeling a little lost on your travels whether it’s literally and spiritually, and you need some clarity and guidance, it will help.

    How to use:

     Hold your smoky quartz in your hand whilst practicing some breathing techniques. This one I find helps me a lot!

    Click here to get your beaut smoky quartz!

    Cleansing your Crystals

    I use an abalone shell bowl to cleanse my crystals for anxiety
    I use an abalone shell bowl to cleanse my crystals for anxiety

    Now again as crystal healing has become more popular, people tend to over complicate the cleansing process. They’ll give you a huge list of things you need, and if truth be told it’s usually to benefit them. Let me just tell younow, there is NO WRONG way to cleanse your crystals (except selenite, don’t wash that with water as it will disappear!). It’s all about what is best for you. 

    With some of my crystals I will cleanse them in a dish ( I have a shell one, you have whatever you think is nicest), I have them in one at a time and and use sage smoke to cleanse them whilst chanting

    ‘Please be clean’ or ‘Please be cleansed’ or ‘thank you for all you will provide me’ 

    It doesn’t have to be this big complicated ritual.

    I also cleanse some of my crystals such as my amethyst by running them under water and say then same things as above. 

    Again it is exactly what you feel most connected too, and comfortable doing. This is for you. Nobody else.

    This was one of my biggest mistakes when I began to work with crystals. I thought I had to do it the exact same as everybody else.


    Abalone Shell Bowl

    From the wonderful CraftMoor

    Using an abalone shell bowl is my preferred bowl to cleanse my crystals. If you’d be interested in using one click here to get yours!

    There’s my Crystals for anxiety on holiday

    And there you have it my lovelies! My complete guide of crystals that will help you with your anxiety when travelling!

    As I said before you don’t have to buy them all, just the one you think will help. And in terms of keeping them together. To ensure they don’t get lost when you are away, I would pop them in a drawstring bag. 

    Enjoy your new crystals my love! 

    And have a wonderful time travelling!


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