Crystals For Beginners – The 4 most effective crystals for you!

    Crystals For Beginners – The 4 most effective crystals for you!

    Crystals for beginners

    If you’re reading this guide, it’s highly likely that you are a part of the crystals for beginners club and new to the wonderful world of crystals. You are also probably wanting to know the ins and outs of crystal healing, how to use crystals, how to cleanse them (what cleansing is), how to charge them ( this is optional but it will help enhance your crystals healing energy) and which ones you should start with.

    Within this guide of crystals for beginners, you will learn the four crystals that are highly recommended to work with when you first start. But you will also learn the crystals that I HIGHLY recommend you don’t work with when you’re new to this gorgeous world. And of course why! 

    It is my aim to make the world of crystals and working with them as accessible as possible. 

    As someone who suffers from complex mental health, I understand how overwhelming learning something new can be. I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia so make all of my guides user friendly. 

    As during my journey of working with crystals, I was extremely lucky that my mum’s friend (who I met the day I was born) had a degree in crystal studies, and had studied / worked all over the world. Therefore I had my very own ‘personal teacher’ since the age of 8 when I began using crystals to work with.. 

    And so feel it’s only fair that I am able to help you as much as I was helped during my journey.

    But that is enough about my ‘WHY’ let’s get you started with your crystal collection!

    Why only 4?!

    So you’ve probs been doing your research and wondering, well why is Charlotte saying I will only need four crystals to start with. When X, Y and Z have given me a list as long as my arm.

    The answer is simple: 

    I’m not here to take all of your money and sell you a load of things you DON’T need. If I gave you a long list of healing crystals for you to rush out and buy. I’d be doing you a disservice, and I think it’s really shitty in all honesty. If you’d like to learn about other crystals You can do so here!

    If there is only thing that you take away from me today when learning about crystals for beginners PLEASE let it be this: 

    If when choosing or working with a crystal something doesn’t feel right. PLEASE stop. Listen to your intuition. Not every crystal is for everyone. Don’t force yourself to work with / wear / meditate with a crystal just because it’s on this list. What works for me may not necessarily work for you. 

    I love Amethyst. My mum HATES it. My friend loves Citrine, but can’t work with it as it makes her hyperactive. I love Fluorite, another of my friends cannot connect with it at all. I could keep going. But my point is that this isn’t a YOU MUST type of guide. These are purley suggestions, from my practice and experience. But ultimately you are doing this for YOU. Nobody else babe.

    Soooo let’s get to it!

    Now I’m going to start this list with possibly the most popular and most well known crystal. And that is of course:

     Rose Quartz! 

    Rose quartz is crystals for beginners
    Rose Quartz is a beautiful healing crystal

    Most commonly known as the crystal of love, this beauty of a pink coloured crystal, is a dead cert to be included in my list of crystals for beginners. Connected to the heart chakra (pretty obvious I know) Rose Quartz crystal is a great crystal to start with. And is also one of the few crystals that children may work with. 

    This is because it has such a gentle, calm and caring energy within it that it won’t be too overpowering for those who use it. (However if this isn’t the case then as I mentioned above, stop working with it).

    When you mention rose quartz to most people their reaction is 

    ‘Oh so will this crystal help me find the love of my life?’ 

    And while this may be a possibility. Rose has soooo many other possibilities than helping you find a romantic partner. For me most importantly it helps invoke self love. If you struggle with self confidence, self love or don’t really understand how to practice self care. I highly suggest you start working with Rose Quartz. This is a very protective crystal, and will enable you to grow within yourself. 

    How do I use it?

    I would recommend using Rose Quartz within your meditation practice or wear it as a pendant around your neck. To keep it close to your heart chakra!

    Another one stone to include in my crystals for beginners pack is:


    Amethyst great crystals for beginners
    These amethyst flowers are beautiful

    Admittedly Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals, as is actually the first crystal I started my journey with. Connected with the crown Chakra this stunning purple piece is actually mentioned in every single one crystal guides to date! Check here! 

    I know what you’re thinking … Well obvs if it’s one of your favourites then of course your going to include it in each post you write. But I promise you it isn’t favouritism, as that doesn’t benefit you. It’s because of its amazing healing properties. 

    Amethyst, like Rose Quartz, is a very gentle calming crystal. It is particularly good to aid you within your spiritual exploration. It enhances calm and positive vibes, balances your emotions and generally helps you to feel more grounded. 

    How do you use it?

    This crystal can be kept on your person throughout the day. In your bag , pocket, purse. Under your pillow to help with nightmares (though be aware what other crystals are with it, as it can be a bugger). It can also be worked with during meditation to help bring calm back to yourself.

    I’m aware you’re going to be thinking ok so what comes next….

    Clear Quartz

    clear quartz is known as the master healer
    Clear Quartz, the ‘master healer’

    Usually referred to as the ‘master healer’ clear quartz is something I highly recommend to start your journey of crystals for beginners. This incredibly versatile crystal has the ability to open all of your chakras and work with them. Though it is particularly connected to your third eye and crown chakra! 

    Quartz crystal helps protect you from negative energy, enhances your inner peace, clears out any blockages you may be feeling and helps you feel more centred. These are just a few of its qualities! It is incredibly beautiful and when it is hit by sunlight, it creates the most stunning rainbows!

    Again a very gentle and healing crystal, which makes it perfect to begin  your journey with. 

    How do I use it?

    You can use it through meditation, have it physically on you when out and about. In your pocket or bag. It can also be in a communal space such as a living room or dining room. Where it can help protect your energy.

    And finally in my list of crystals for beginners:


    Citrine a great crystals for beginners
    Citrine is just stunning!

    Often suggested to be the crystal of attracting money, this stunning orange / white sparkly stone is beautiful. Connected to the solar plexus chakra this beauty is a great addition to your collection.

    Citrine is known to help enhance abundance in your life, though this doesn’t necessarily equate to money. It’s a stunning gentle crystal enabling you to connect to your higher self. Though this ball of energy can also leave you feeling more active. Therefore be aware of when you work with it.

    How to work with it

    This is a great meditation stone, as it can help connect you to your higher self, and guide you through certain situations that may arise. It can also be kept in your purse to help guide and protect you throughout your day. And help with your self confidence.

    Different shapes of crystals

    When getting lost in a quaint crystal shop filled with all kinds of magical energies and stunning stones. You may notice that the crystals come in all different formations. And this wouldn’t be a very good crystals for beginners guide if I didn’t explain why. 

    Sooooo Here goes!

    I’m going to start with the most common formation, tumblestones. Tumblestones are often smaller in size (though this does not mean they are any less powerful) to other formations of crystals. They are usually round and polished. They are also quite often the cheapest option (not including crystal chips). These I feel are a great way to start your crystal collection.

    As this can be an expensive practice. So by starting with tumblestones you aren’t necessarily forking out loads, only to realise that this isn’t for you. I have lots of tumblestones and I love them to meditate with or keep on my person. 

    Rough (often described as raw, but that just sounds weird to me, a raw crystal… carrot sticks are raw, crystals are rough,but this is just a personal preference.), These can vary in size from the size of your nail, to the size of you and everything in between. Again the shape and or size doesn’t dictate how much ‘better’ it is. Though when first starting out I personally wouldn’t recommend getting one the size of your head, as that will be containing a lot of energy and you may not be ready for it. Rough crystals are simply in the formation that they were discovered in. They may still have different elements on them (one of my favourite pieces of Amethyst does) they will probs be in a weird shape but they are still incredibly beautiful.

    Obelisks, now I’m not going to go into too much detail with these, as I don’t want you to start to sprint before you can crawl. As this is when overwhelm and ‘the fear’ begins to set in. And our self doubt comes out to play. 

    Obelisks are stunning; they are in a tower shape with a point at the top (the easiest way I can describe them). They are suggested to be the closest form of crystal to the human body.

    Choosing your Crystals for beginners

    A Beautiful crystals for beginners pack

    Rate you’ve got the crystals you want, you know how to work with them. But how the fuck do you know which crystals for brginners to get. No bare with me here as this is going to sound VERY wanky. 

    Trust your intuition. 

    I told you! I can feel your eye rolling me hard here! But honestly if you don’t feel a ‘pill’ to any particular crystal, it’s the best and most effective way. Here’s a little guidance to help you.

    You need to hover your dominant hand (the one you write with) of the crystals, close your eyes and pick. 

    It’s honestly that easy!

    This way your ego doesn’t cloud your judgement, of you going for the biggest or shiniest crystal. It’s your higher self leading you to the one that is best suited. More often than not you’ll be surprised by your choice. 

    If you are wanting to try a crystals for beginners pack I highly recommend this one. Included is Amethyst, Rose Quartz and citrine. All crystals are chosen intuitively, you get a gorgeous gift bag to keep them safe and a beautiful affirmation card.

    As well as free postage and packing! Grab yours HERE!

    Crystals to avoid

    Of course what crystals you choose to work with are entirely your choice! But What I want you to be aware of is how powerful some crystals are, and as a beginner these may do more harm than good. Please note I say MAY. Each experience is personal to you, and no two people will have the same.

    However if you choose to work with these crystals and they are calling to you. I would like to invite you to ask why? Why this crystal? What will I gain from it? Particularly because these two crystals Im’ going to mention are ‘trending’, So you will see them popping up a lot more.


    I’m fully aware that I recommend Malachite in another post, but this guide is for you beginner babes. There is no denying that this crystal is fucking stunning. A deep green colour connected to your heart chakra. 

    But it is a very powerful crystal, which if you are unfamiliar with crystals can lead you to become obsessive with and affect family relationships. I am not telling you this to scare you. Simply to make you aware and fully understand. As it has some wonderful properties, and there’s no denying its beauty. 


    Again there is no denying this beauty’s incredible properties. It is a gorgeous mix of purple and grey. And is incredible for mental health, I personally work with it a lot. IT is also connected to your heart chakra.

    However what a lot of people aren’t aware of is that Lepidolite contains lithium within it. And therefore you really need to be aware of this when you are working closely with it. Especially if you are wanting to place it on your body. 

    Cleansing your crystals

    A great crystal cleansing pack
    This is a great cleansing starter pack

    It is important for you to cleanse your crystals regularly, as this is how they will work best. They need to be cleansed of the energies that they have been protecting you from. 

    There are various ways in which you can cleanse your crystals, here are the most simple and effective ways to cleanse whilst travelling.

    ‘Rinse them under water, asking them to 

    ‘Please be clean’

    ‘Please cleanse’

    Anything that you feels aligns with you


    Cleanse them using sage as you repeat the above intention.

    The above pictured cleansing kit, is great especially if you are just starting out. I highly recommend getting this to help you begin your journey.

    Grab yours here!

    Charging your Crystals

    Again this does not have to be as complicated as a lot of people out there may make it seem. It is purley on your preference. How they do it will work for them, but it may leave you feeling stressed, anxious etc, and that’s shit.

    Therefore here are a few super easy ways to charge your crystals

    A bowl of rice – simply film a bowl with rice, put it in moonlight and allow your crystals to charge overnight. 

    Under a full moon – Grab your beauties, and either put them outside under a full moon or on a windowsill

    Bury them – Dig a lil hole in your garden, pop in your crystals, cover them back up and leave overnight / for the day. Just remember where you buried them!

    Handling them – The more you handle and work with your crystals the more they will be charged with your energy and the better they will work with you.

    Like I said!

    Super easy and not as complicated as it may seem at first.

    I hope you enjoyed this guide

    And if you have any questions please let me know!

    Love Charlotte xx

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