Crystals for self love – you need to have these

    Crystals for self love – you need to have these

    Self Love

    I know already what you are thinking, why on earth do I need crystals for self love? 

    How do I even practice self love?

    Isn’t self love just taking myself on a shopping spree when I’m feeling shit to make myself feel better?

    Short answers are:

    Because crystals have healing properties and when you are working on yourself crystals have the ability to enhance your achievements and your work.

    There’s lots of different ways which I will explain below.

    You can but this is more a quick fix, placing a plaster on a big cut hoping it’ll work.

    Now Imma be a lil controversial here (don’t come at me) but I really don’t believe in the whole

    ‘If you don’t love yourself then how the hell you gonna love anybody else’

    As depending on your background, your mental health, your upbringing and so many other factors. It is so easy to love others and put their worth above your own. You are capable of loving others even if you don’t love yourself.

    But saying that it is incredibly important for you to love yourself, and although it can be difficult, and sometimes requires breaking certain behavioural and thought patterns it is so worth it!

    And here is where I got you boo. As I am going to give you some great ways to practice self love, and how to enhance that by using healing stones. So let’s get to it!

    Starting your self love journey

    Me on my self love journey
    Me on my self love journey

    Now I have struggled with self love from a very young age, putting my worth on my appearance, how others viewed me, irrelevant peoples opinions and so much more.

    And I know this is a hard pill to swallow, and one your ego is definitely going to fight against but I want you to start showing love and kindness towards yourself by repeating the following:

    ‘What you think of me is none of my business’

    Tough I know! Because it’s in our instincts (particularly those who suffer with mental health) to want everyone to like us. Which actually when you think of this objectively is kind of ridiculous. Because I know I don’t like everyone, so why on earth should I expect everyone to like me?! 

    It makes no sense really. 

    But there’s varying factors as to why this is happening, our inner child is wanting the love and attention they may not have received growing up, we may have been bullied, had a traumatic experience etc. So many reasons for us to feel the need to be loved by others.

    Whereas we can start our self-love journey by simply repeating this mantra to ourselves (whether it’s out loud, through journaling or in our heads) on a daily basis to help build up our strength. Our brains are very absorbent, and it listens to everything you tell it. So by repeating 

    ‘What you think of me is none of my business’ You are already showing yourself just how important you are!

    And crystals for self love can only enhance this journey.

    Working with Crystals for self love

    Now I understand working with healing crystals can be overwhelming and confusing, as there is just SO much information out there and often it is very contradictory.

    So what I want you to be mindful of when working with crystals to bring yourself unconditional love (or any reason for that matter) you need to do what is best for you! During your practice, if something doesn’t feel right, then don’t force it. Listen to your gut and your intuition. 

    If when working with one of the crystals, you don’t feel it’s right for you, then don’t work with it. Maybe you can come back to it later, or not. But crystal work is completely subjective, so do what you feel comfortable with, not what people tell you you should be comfortable with.

    As always remember to cleanse your crystals when working with them. To release any negative energy they have picked up. And charge your crystals particularly if you are working with them alot! 

    Crystals for self love

    Beautiful Crystals for self love
    Beautiful Crystals for self love

    Rate now I know I’ve been going on and on about self love and working with crystals. Because it’s important to get a lil background before just jumping straight in. But now let’s get to the juicy bit, let’s get to the CRYSTALS!

    Now because I love you, and I only want what is best for you I have already created the ultimate self love crystal set, which comes with an incredibly powerful affirmation card to help you start your journey. 

    Which you can check out here!

    Within this self love pack I have included the following crystals:

    Rose Quartz

    One of the more if not THE most commonly known crystal. Famous for its healing, protective and loving energies. Rose Quartz is directly connected with your heart chakra, with it’s gorgeous pink hue it had to be included in my crystals for self love pack. 

    As this is such a powerful but also gentle crystal it is amazing to help you bring more self love into your life. It will help you heal from emotional wounds and fears as well as give you that boost you need to bring more love to yourself!

    To learn more about Rose quartz and other crystals to work with when you are just beginning have a look here!


    Now this beauty is a beautiful stone to work with. It just had to be included in my crystals for self love. Moonstone is connected with your solar plexus chakra, and is known as the stone of ‘new beginnings’ which this journey of self love is.

    Moonstone is here to help you build your confidence against your inner critic. As we can be awful to ourselves. Moonstone will open your heart to self love and acceptance. 

    You can learn about other ways in which Moonstone can help you HERE!


    Now I’ve got to be honest, Carnelian is one fierce crystal. I absolutely love working with Carnelian particularly when I need to remind myself of the badass bitch I TRULY am! I love it so much I’ve even included it in my Badass Bitch Crystal kit. Carnelian will open and balance your sacral chakra this is for your creativity and sexual energy!

    When working with this fiery red stone, you will have a huge confidence and self esteem boost. Which is exactly what we are wanting to achieve throughout our self love journey. This my Crystals for self love pack wouldn’t be complete without it.

    Ok, so now what do I do with them?

    Now this is a very fair question! And it’s something that again can be confusing for a lot of people as there’s so many different ways out there for you to work with crystals that it is so damn hard to just pick ONE! SO here are my suggestions!


    This is a super easy and simple way to work with crystals. You can do it sat up or lying down, and when you’re meditating either hold your crystal in your dominant hand or place it upon its chakra point when laying down. 

    For this you can use the crystal provided in my Self Love Pack

    In your Bra

    Bare with me I know what you are thinking, why the FUCK am I going to put a crystal in my bra?! And all I will say to you is, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I usually forget it’s even in my bra, and then nearly lose it when I get in my PJ’s.

    I would use tumbled stones for this, as rough crystals might be uncomfortable. And if you don’t wear a bra, pop it in your pocket, or bag!

    Crystal Jewelry 

    Now this can be earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets any way you feel you can wear them, go for it! If working with Rose Quartz I would personally have it as a necklace as then it will be closest to your heart Chakra.! 

    I personally love these necklaces from PixieDustBeads! As the crystals are still in their rough state which I prefer!

    Gorgeous Necklaces from PixieDustBeads
    Gorgeous Necklaces from PixieDustBeads

    Have a Bath

    Again I know what you’re thinking! Well… what the fuck if it gets stuck somewhere… Don’t worry this is practically impossible. I say practically because it’s probably happened to someone at some point. But I have crystal baths weekly and have never had this happen to me.

    Now one thing you need to be aware of is not all crystals are water friendly and some will disintegrate! However the three crystals for self love I include in my set are perfectly fine in water!

    There are other ways to work with crystals but these 4 are my favourite, and I’m aware that the more information thrown at us the more overwhelmed we can become! So give these a try and let me know my lovely!

    Cleansing your Crystals

    Now, it is important for you to cleanse your crystals regularly, as this is how they will work best. They need to be cleansed of the energies that they have been protecting you from. 

    There are various ways in which you can cleanse your crystals, and trust me people do love to over complicate their methods. I personally find these suit me perfectly and work just as well. So here are the most simple and effective ways to cleanse your crystals for self love..

    ‘Rinse them under water, asking them to 

    ‘Please be clean’

    ‘Please cleanse’

    Anything that you feels aligns with you


    .Charge them under the full moon, in a bowl of brown rice, or burying them in soil – with similar intentions as above

    Cleanse them using sage as you repeat the above intention.

    If you are wanting to use sage to cleanse your crystals then I recommend getting yourself one of these starter kits, they are really straight forward, use friendly ( I know how overwhelmed and stressed I get trying new things) and don’t cost the earth! 

    This pack my UKHealing Crystals is what I recommend to everyone no matter how long they have been working with crystals. 

    Great Cleansing kit from UKHealingCrystals
    Great Cleansing kit from UKHealingCrystals

    So what are you waiting for?! Grab yourself these beautiful crystals and get started working with these crystals for self love! 

    I can’t wait to hear how you get on


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