Folly Dolly Falls: A valuable Guide you need now!

    Folly Dolly Falls: A valuable Guide you need now!

    What is Folly Dolly Falls?

    I have lived in the North of England my entire life, all 28 years of it! And yet it took me until I was this age to discover some of the beautiful waterfalls that are so close to me. I’ve travelled the world to find waterfalls.





    Just to mention a few. You see having such severe mental health, I have worked hard on finding out different things, environments, tasks that ease my anxiety. And waterfalls are something that massively help me. I find them so calming, so beautiful and the air always seems so fresh around them. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out about Folly Dolly Falls. A waterfall less than an hour away from where I live! And there isn’t a 10 mile trek to get there!!!! What more could you want?!

    Such a beautiful waterfall!

    Where is Folly Dolly Falls?

    Folly Dolly Falls is located in Meltham, Holmfirth. A beautiful village in Yorkshire and also the filming destination for Last of the Summer Wines. If you have any spare time afterwards then I would highly recommend exploring this beautiful village. It has gorgeous shops, bars and restaurants. And you can explore the filming locations of the Last of the Summer Wines. 

    Now when I was resaearching how to find Folly Dolly Falls, I was told it was roughly an hour and a half trip down the Meltham Greenway (an old railway line) and towards the end you’d reach the Waterfall on your left down some steep and dangerous steps. The Meltham Greenway very similar to the Monsal Head Walk is a wide pathway paved over for an easy smooth walk.

    So before we set off I packed to make sure we had everything we needed (with a puppy and toddler in tow) for a relatively long walk. Typed into Google Maps Folly Dolly Falls, and off we set ready for a walk down an old railway line before having to climb down to the waterfall.

    Getting down to the waterfall

    Now google maps left us with this final direction. On a relatively long road and told us to park up on here. 

    Turn right onto Huddersfield Rd/B6108

    With no single or double yellow lines, we parked behind another car, grabbed everything we needed and set back on ourselves to where we had seen people walk up a pathway through a gate and began our walk along the Meltham Greenway. And it’s beautiful, there’s horses in the farmers fields, it was so gorgeous and green and for a Saturday morning it was so quiet and peaceful! I could honestly feel my anxiety melt away as I enjoyed being out in nature!

    The Bridge at Folly Dolly Falls
    The Bridge at Folly Dolly Falls

    Now we must have been walking for around 10 minutes when we came to a bridge. And to the right of the bridge there was a gap with two paths one through a gate in a field and one down some steps. But this couldn’t be the steps we needed to go to because we’ve been walking all of 10 minutes and it’s on the wrong side. So being ever the Yorkshire woman I am. I shouted to a woman walking through the gate to the field asking if these were the steps to Folly Dolly Falls. And it turns out google maps had taken us right next to the falls and so we only had a short walk! Which to be honest suited us just fine.

    Now the steps, I was warned these steps were incredibly dangerous, unsafe, and that if you are anything but 100% fit and healthy you shouldn’t attempt them! So you can imagine how anxious I was about them.


    It’s this misinformation and comments that put people off discovering these beautiful places. And reinforces those negative connotations that getting outside and going for a walk, run or swim is only for certain people. IT’S NOT. your mind and those people are lying to you. I promise you, you can do this.

    Now don’t get my wrong, those steps are a little step, and when you have a lazy toddler going up who needs lifting your arms will certainly feel like they’ve had a work out. But there’s no more than 20 steps and whilst we were there, people aged from 2-70+ were coming for a visit. So you can do it and trust me it is soooo worth it!

    Folly Dolly Falls!!

    Folly Dolly Falls really is just wonderful

    As you are walking down the steps you can even feel the air get cooler and fresher! I could feel myself getting so excited knowing how close I was to Dolly Falls! And there it is you literally get to the bottom of the steps turn right and it’s there! And it is sooo gorgeous! We had gotten there just after a week of rain, so we could paddle in the river and just sit and enjoy our view. 

    There is only one pathway which is pretty narrow, but if you don’t mind walking in the water, then i would recommend doing this, as you will have more space, and fresh, cold water is so refreshing and works wonders for your mental health! We had such a wonderful time here, and stayed for around 45 minutes. Playing in the water, sitting in the falls, and just fully allowing ourselves to appreciate this beautiful place. It’s totally child and dog friendly too!

    I can’t recommend this Waterfall enough, and it is such a hidden treasure, as since going I’ve spoken to a lot of people, and nobody has heard of it. The ultimate place to go for an easy walk when you just need to get away.

    At the end of the Waterfall at the bottom of the steps there is also a tunnel which we went and explored. It has water running through it and leads you through to another walk. Though we turned back, and decided to go and further explore the Meltham Greenway. 

    Now this walk is lovely, super easy and I kid you not it is so green and enclosed it made me feel like I was walking through Jurassic Park. I half expected a Triceratops to come wandering through the greenery! It was such a beautiful walk, and it’s fascinating to see parts of the old railway, including old stations, turntables and information boards dotted along, so you can really understand the history of this area!

    It really is a wonderful day out! 

    And just proves you don’t have to go across the world to find a beautiful waterfall!

    Where to stay!

    As I mentioned earlier Folly Dolly Falls is located next to the beautiful Yorkshire village of Holmfirth. Filled with cobbled streets, an array of bars, amazing restaurants and a banging chippy! I whole heartedly recommend you spending the night here, as it really is an absolute gem of a place that is very little known by most! Here are my top 3 places!

    The Bunker

    This hidden gem of accommodation is located on a couple of minutes away from Holmfirth’s city centre. Built in the owners garden you are guaranteed to get all the local knowledge you desire. And Diana your amazing host is only got 5* reviews which frankly tells you everything you need to know. Clean, spacious, cosy, and filly with character. I absolutley love stopping here!

    Click here to book your stay!

    Cosy Cottage

    This accommodation is one of my favourites, in the hills overlooking Holmfirth, with a stunning front terrace. This is a HUGE bonus for me as you can have your breakfast outside and BBQ’s on those gorgeous summer nights! And what’s even better? It’s only a 5 minutes walk from the centre of Holmfirth. This place is exactly what it says on the tin, a cosy cottage with sofas to snuggle up on, in a beautiful Yorkshire village AND is DOG FRIENDLY!!!!

    Click here to book this beautiful cottage!

    The writers cottage

    I mean this accommodation is what it says on the tin. A beautiful romantic cottage in Holmfirth. It’s as if your in your own novel, candles on the walls, deep rich coloured walls, portraits hanging through out! It really is spectacular, and is the perfect getaway for a couple or a group! It’s also located in the centre of Holmfirth only 2 minutes walk!

    Book your beautiful getaway here!

    The Walk to Folly Dolly Falls

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