8 inspiring Gifts for Someone with Anxiety under £10

    8 inspiring Gifts for Someone with Anxiety under £10

    Why do you need a list of gifts?

    Now if Like me the above image gives you slight stress and anxiety then this list of gifts for someone with anxiety is for you!

    We all know buying gifts for people can be difficult, especially if like me you suffer from mental health yourself you want them to be thoughtful, personal, relatable and more often than not reasonable. I love buying gifts and as I’m sure most of you will agree I love receiving gifts. I put a lot of thought into my gifts and personally am not the kind of person to go into boots get you a bath bomb or a candle on 3 for 2. 

    This isn’t me throwing shade at people who do in any way shape or form, I’m just not the kind of girl that will use that stuff so wouldn’t buy it for others. But I understand when times are tough getting three presents for the price of 2 is incredible! I mean who doesn’t love a good bargain? I am a bugger for a woopsie / yellow sticket aisle. I get such a buzz when I’ve found a bargain and feel like I’ve won the lottery. Some people may call this sad but I get such a buzz from it! And it always gives us new things to try! 

    Anyways….. I digress. 

    Now shopping can be overwhelming for anyone, unless I have a list with everything I need on it or someone with me I go to shit. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve stood in the middle of an aisle in Morrisons not knowing what they fuck I need, getting incredibly overwhelmed and began to cry because I’m so stressed. And surprisingly the more people I have spoken to about this the more people have said it’s happened to them and they are glad they aren’t the only one. 

    If this is you. Fear not my lovely! It’s perfectly normal and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Just make sure you take care of yourself. I have a designated person I ring to talk me through everything. 

    It can be even more difficult when purchasing online as there’s SO much more choice. It’s like there’s symbols being smashed together in your brain and you just think ahhh fuck it, a bottle of wine it is! This can be particularly true when there is someone in your life who:

    The best list of gifts for someone with anxiety!
    The best list of gifts for someone with anxiety!

    How can these gifts for someone with anxiety help you?

    This gift guide is for anybody, as I want to help as many people as possible! here are some people in particular it can help:

    Does a loved one suffer from anxiety – and you have have never experienced it so want to help but not entirely sure how?

    You know someone is going through a bad patch and want to send them something to let them know your thinking of them

    It’s a special occasion for someone and you want to get them a thoughtful and caring gift

    A loved one has been diagnosed with mental health, and you want to show them you are here to help and support them.

    You just want to get someone a gift ‘just because’.

    The very thought of doing a shop clicking link after link to buy a gift actually terrifies you (as I said above this is nothing to be ashamed of). Then don’t get overwhelmed I can assure you these gifts for someone with anxiety will have something that you will just LOVE!

    And what’s even better ‘all of these gifts are something that can be taken out with you. So you can have them with you wherever you want. And as an extra bonus from myself here you can gain your very own anxiety guide for free instead of £10!

    Incredible gifts for someone with anxiety
    Incredible gifts for someone with anxiety

    The moment you’ve all been waiting for

    Here are 9 products I personally recommend as gifts for someone with anxiety AND all for under a tenner! 

    1: Positive Affirmation Cards

    These affirmation cards are the perfect gift for someone who has anxiety. They come in a cute bag to keep them together, which enables you to keep them with you at all time knowing they won’t get damaged. This ensures that if you are struggling and need some support you can quickly reach into your bag, coat, pocket etc and use the affirmation cards to help and guide you.

    Created by BurtingMyBubbles

    The affirmation cards have been created to encourage positive thinking, grounding, confidence and calmness when travelling. Empowering you to be your best self. AND !!!!!!!! They are only a fiver! I mean come on what more could you possibly want? They are a super cute, helpful and affordable gift for yourself or a loved one.

    Click here to Grab Yours NOW!

    2: Anxiety Monster Coco 

    Coco is a great gift idea for someone who has anxiety. Measuring at only 5cm you can fit Coco in your bag, or pocket, it also has a clip attached so you can put them on your keys, bag,coat zip etc. This gorgeous furry anxiety monster is going to be your new best friend, for times when you aren’t able to reach out. (which when having mental health can happen more than you think). It’s soft fur, big kind eyes and heart warming colours will instantly put you at ease!

    created by Grandcustomcentral

    Coco is perfect for someone with anxiety as their material is there to calm you and they are super squishy to help if you suffer from panic attacks. And the best bit! They also come with a cute poem to help keep you grounded in times of need! And the even bester (I’m aware I may have made that word up) You can get your very own Coco for only £3.99!!!

    Click here to grab your loved one’s new best friend!

    3: Calm Balm 

    I have chosen Calm Balm specifically because particularly at night, I am able to relax more by using scented products. You can use this product at any time of day, it’ll fit in your bag or pocket to keep with you throughout your day. At night is purley my preference. 

    How to use calm balm? When you feel stressed, anxious, panicky etc then simply take out your calm balm, put a little on your finger tips and rub on your

    Made by Goodhealthstudio a cute gift for someone with anxiety



    Under your nostrils 

    Behind your ears

     And your Chest 

    You don’t need a lot of this product, as a lot really does go a long way. The essential oils used within  the balm will instantly begin to calm your mind and allow you to carry on with what you were doing. The price? This beaut comes in at £5.99!

    Click here to grab your Calm Balm

    4: A box of positivity

    Now this little ray of sunshine has to be one of my favourites. I mean who doesn’t want a little box of positivity to arrive on a grey, rainy day when your mind is being a bellend! As let’s face it our minds are incredibly complex things and particularly when you suffer from mental health, it has a certain way of making you feel shit. And so this is why the positivity box has made my list of gifts for someone with anxiety.

    So go on tell me what is in the box? 

    Created by shopmbmdesigns

    A bag of biscuits


    A candle

    Hair scrunchie 

    And a quote postcard.

    The best bits I hear you ask? This absolute beaut is only £6 and can be delivered straight to your loved one, as its size is A6 and will fit through their letterbox!!!! 

    Click here to grab your box of positivity

    5: Aromatherapy Pillow

    Now I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this! As someone who really struggles with their sleep and frequently has insomnia as a bestie, this aromatherapy pillow is where it is at! Not only does it help with your anxieties throughout the night, it also absorbs into your pillow during the day. 


    By Beachandmoon a really helpful gift for someone with anxiety

    It has the cutest design ever of the night sky. Which is a HUGE plus for me. As quite often aromatherapy pillows are not that appealing to look at.But this design is so nice. So there are two blends, Sleep or Love with the option to buy refills as and when you need them. Once your pillow arrives you simply place next to your pillow or on a bedside table and drift off into a calming sleep. 

    Then once you wake up simply pop the aromatherapy pillow on to your own to allow it’s scent to transfer. Simple but so effective And what more? It’s only £8!

    Click me to grab a good night’s sleep

    6: I am enough Keyring

    Now this little beaut is pretty self explanatory. A gorgeous keyring with an important reminder, making it one of the perfect gifts for someone with anxiety. Now I hear you asking why is this such an important message.

    Keyring by EmmasEnvelopes

    Well for those of us who struggle with a mental illness a common feeling we can experience is not feeling good enough. Like we need to do more, we need to help more, we need to push ourselves to the brink because if not people won’t like us, or we feel like we are failing just to name a few. Therefore sometimes just a small reminder that we can have with us wherever we go, is all it takes to brighten our day. 

    And to be gifted that well, it truly means we are. And this little piece of kindness is only £3.25.

    Click here to gift someone this important reminder

    7: Globe Stress ball

    gifts for someone with anxiety
    By TheHappyGiftCompany

    Now this is such a cute gift and perfect for anyone who loves to travel! Stress balls are such a simple object but they are so fucking helpful when you are sturggling with anxiety. When our anxieties are heightened we can feel panicky, our chest may go tight, and we need to do something to keep our hands and mind busy. Therefore a stress ball is perfect. And globe one even more so. As you have something in your hands to squeeze which can help relieve a lot of anxiety and if your mind needs a little extra help, you can look at all the different countries.

    Click here for you globe

    8: Adult colouring books

    As a child I loved colouring! I always wanted to be an artist but I’m more a cut,stick and colour in the lines kind of artist. Though I must admit I draw a banging stickman. Colouring really relaxes me, I find it very cathartic, to watch something transform into a beautiful picture and knowing you’ve done it without any of the stress of drawing. It’s also a great distraction for when you are feeling anxious as you focus your mind purley on what you are creating. 

    gifts for someone with anxiety
    Seller is SixstoreGB

    It’s amazing that there are now a wider range of colouring books for adults, to help your mental health and develop your mindfulness. There are so many varieties now from gorgeous designs, to intricate animal portraits and everything in between. This particular one is a fave and is only £3.50! Which if you ask me is a bargain for the amount of hours of fun you’ll gain.

    Click here to begin your artistic journey

    9: Relief Bracelet

    gifts for someone with anxiety
    Bracelet by Artemisideas a beaut gift for someone with anxiety

    Now last but certainly not least this bracelet is beautiful, just looking at it begins to calm me as the seller has chosen very peaceful colours to combine. As a child I used to study crystals and their benefits, and am a huge believer of their powers. Moonstone is one of my favourites and is used on this bracelet so it is a HUGe thumbs up from me. This bracelet has been created to relieve stress and anxiety and all you have to do is wear it. Pretty straight forward right? The fact it looks so beautiful is an added bonus! The cost for lowered stress and anxiety levels? 

    £6.99 which to me is a bargain! And a super easy, kind and helpful gift. Making it one of the most perfect gifts for someone with anxiety.

    Click me to grab this bracelet 

    How easy was that?!

    And there you have it my lovelies 8 incredibly thoughtful, helpful and beautiful gifts for someone with anxiety. And will cost you less than  a bottle of wine and some choccies! 

    I’ve tried to include a variety of gifts as everyone is different, everyone’s mental health is different and therefore everyone deals with it differently. 

    You see just because a loved one suffers from anxiety doesn’t mean you can’t help them in so many ways. Whether it’s listening to them when they need to talk through their worries, being their go to person when they are struggling or knowing what to do when they don’t. It also doesn’t have to cost you the earth to buy them something to help and let them know you are thinking of them. 

    I hope this helps you boo! 


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