14 incredible indoor activities Sheffield

    14 incredible indoor activities Sheffield

    The beautiful Sheffield

    Now where do I begin with the beautiful city that is Sheffield. Based in  South Yorkshire, England this beauty of a place is the greenest city in Europe, home to the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ and has the beautiful Peak District as it’s back garden. Now if you enjoy walking here are some of my best walks out in the Peak District. Where you will find some hidden gems, swimming spots and beaut places to eat out!

    Now I’m gunna be honest, and if you’ve already been to the North of England you’ll know this already. In Sheffield we statistically get around 131 rainy days a year, which is less than half! So that’s a win!! And means there’s plenty of days where you can get outside and enjoy the  sites my hometown has to offer. But on those occasional rainy days where you just need to get out to help your mental health then here are my top 15 indoor activities, Sheffield. 

    Indoor Climbing

    I love this indoor activities Sheffield

    Now when you’ve got a lot of energy and it’s chucking it down outside it can be hard to think of things to do to expel your energy. Now Sheffield and the Peak District are known for the climbers spots around the UK, and so my first recommendation of best indoor activities Sheffield is indoor climbing. Now there are several places you can go to do this though I suggest either the Climbing works or The Foundry.

    Both of these places are amazing, the staff are so friendly and supportive especially if you’re new to climbing. They offer climbs for a range of abilities for walls climbing and it’s such a  fun day in for yourself, as a couple or the whole family. Though an important note is you need to book in advance!

    Jump Inc

    After a day of climbing you’ve still got loads of energy? Then get yourself over to Jump Inc. Literally a huge space filled with trampolines. What more could you want?! Now when you first think of trampolining most people think it’s just for kids. I am telling you know it is SO MUCH FUN. I’m in my late 20’s and I had a great time. Though I did need a nap afterwards! This really is an activity where you can completely let loose, have fun and it’s so cheap. Just make sure you book in advance!

    Ice Skating

    Great winter indoor activities Sheffield

    How’s about some winter sports inside? So you can play on the ice without freezing too much! Ice Sheffield is a brilliant place to go for some indoor activities in Sheffield. Just across from FLY DSA arena. You can rent skates, there’s equipment to help younger skaters if you don’t have your own, and there’s a café inside! You advised when you can to book in advance and sessions are £7 each with under 4s going free!

    Roller Skating

    Fancy something a little less daring? Sheffield has a great roller skating rink just outside of Sheffield city centre. And is one of my favourite indoor activities Sheffield. It’s so much fun for all the family and is a great thing to do if you’re a little too nervous to go Ice Skating. You need to book in advance and sessions are £8!


    Now who doesn’t love Bowling! It’s fun, you can go with just two of you, go as a family or a large group of friends. There’s usually an arcade and somewhere to eat! It’s cheap and inside! Therefore is one of the ultimate indoor activities Sheffield on a rainy day. There are two great bowling alleys in Sheffield Hollywood Bowl  which is at Centertainment opposite FLY DSA area surrounded by lots of restaurants and next to a HUGE cinema.

    Or Lane 7 based in Sheffield’s city centre this place is more for a rainy evening as it doesn’t open until 4pm. Lane 7 has everything for a boozy, fun night out at a bowling alley. There’s beer pong, ping pong tables and a bar! Both places I recommend booking in advance.

    Bowling is a super fun indoor activity Sheffield
    Bowling is a super fun indoor activity Sheffield

    Laser Tag

    Similar to the location of the bowling alleys! We have Laser Quest in Centertainment which is open 7 days a week morning until 9pm and is the newer of the two places! Or Quasar which is in the city centre, and even does private hires in evenings where you can get a takeaway, take some drinks and make it a social gathering as well! Both places are great and perfect indoor activities Sheffield. 


    Looking for  more cultured indoor activities Sheffield? Then look no further here are my top 3 museums to visit. 

    Weston Park – With ever changing exhibitions showcasing local history, prehistoric animals and lots of activities during half term. This museum has it all. And most importantly it’s FREE!

    Kelham Island Museum – Located just down the road from Weston Park, Kelham Island museum is known for its industrial exhibitions and is also a wedding venue! Under 16’s are free and tickets are £7 per adult. 

    National Emergency ServicesWhat it says on the tin the fascinating museum explores and exhibits all the emergency services throughout history. It’s absolutely fascinating, though tickets must be purchased in advance! Ticket prices range from £4-£8 though under 2s go free.

    And the best bit all of these museums are situated around Sheffield’s city centre!

    Antiques Quarter

    Now this is one of my favourite indoor activities in Sheffield. What better way to spend a rainy day then going round different antique shops finding some beautiful vintage clothing, amazing pieces of furniture and so much more. Also most of them have a café, so you can go and get a coffee, a brew or a slice of cake and look over all the wonderful finds you’ve gotten. My favourite place is Langtons! I absolutely love it there and even got my prom dress from here!

    Afternoon Tea

    One of the best indoor activities Sheffield
    Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem – one of my fave in activities Sheffield

    Now if after all of these activities and culture you’re just wanting to sit down with a brew (or prosecco) have something to eat and relax the day away. Then why not go for afternoon tea! Here in my blog post I have a list of my top 10 cafes where you will find ample opportunities for afternoon tea from a locals guide!


    Now after a lovely afternoon tea, with sandwiches, cakes and maybe even some prosecco, what better way to spend a rainy day then in one of Sheffield’s indoor Shopping centres! Meadowhall is our biggest shopping centre located near junction 33 of the M1. With nearly 300 shops, restaurants and bars there is plenty for you to look around.

    If you are looking somewhere a little smaller as I know if I’m struggling with your mental health a large crowd can be overwhelming. Then I highly recommend Crystal Peaks, another indoor shopping area in Sheffield, and also has its own indoor market where you can grab some bargains!

    Escape Rooms

    Now over the past few years Escape rooms have been popping up all over the world. And Sheffield is no different, it really is great with 8 amazing rooms to try. I’m particularly excited by their Haunted room! Though not only do they have Escape rooms to puzzle your way through, they also have cocktail masterclasses, museum experiences and a place to grab a drink and food. So you have plenty of choices of indoor activities Sheffield to choose from!

    Winter Gardens

    Image by Teng Yuhong

    Situated in the city Centre, Sheffield Winter Gardens is the largest glass house in the UK. Filled with exotic plants (you’ll soon warm up), the millenium galleries and cafes for you to sit down get a coffee and cake or a sandwich. And what’s better still it’s free! The perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day!


    A tried and trusted indoor activity going to the Cinema is the ultimate way to spend a couple of hours out of the rain. It’s warm, you can get food and drink (some places now even sell alcohol) and hopefully watch a good film whilst you’re at it! There are lots of cinemas in Sheffield including Odeon, Vue, The Light and Cineworld. But I personally would recommend the independent cinemas.

    Both are in the city centre the first is The Showroom right next to the Train station. This place shows new films, golden oldies and a lot of independent films. It’s cheap, comfy chairs and quite often you can have the cinema to yourself or with only a handful of people! The next is The Curzon, a newer cinema, hidden away in a backstreet in Sheffield city centre. It even has a rooftop bar! 

    Locksley Distillery

    And FINALLY after all of these wonderful things for indoor activities sheffield, I will finish my list at a local gin distillery. Set in Kelham Island, a place with some of my favorite bars, Locksley is a wonderful gin made here in my hometown! Here you can have a gin tasting session and a guided tour of the distillery itself! Sounds like a perfect afternoon to me!

    So much fun to be had

    And there you have it lovelies! A fun filled, diverse list of indoor activities in Sheffield. From adrenaline filled adventures, to culture vulture days, somewhere to have a nice relaxing afternoon tea and also somewhere to get a proppa Yorkshire gin! I’ve filled this list with something to suit all ages, people and of course states of mental health.

    If you just need to get out but can’t handle a loud busy place, then an independent cinema trip is perfect, or if you’re feeling quite energised and need a loud space to distract your mind then head to the bowling alley. 

    Whatever you choose I hope you have a wonderful time!

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