You’ve got to do these stunning Langsett Reservoir Walks!

    You’ve got to do these stunning Langsett Reservoir Walks!

    Langsett Reservoir Walks

    I’ve got to admit I can’t believe I have lived in South Yorkshire my entire life and I have never done or heard of any of the Langsett Reservoir Walks. I never really knew what it was. Like I’d driven past it numerous times though because it had the Yorkshire Water logo on the signs, I wrongly presumed it was private property. Boy was I wrong! It’s actually a beautiful Reservoir with lots of different walks for all abilities located at the edge of the Peak District.

    Now I know I’m biased but you know it’s going to be a beautiful walk filled with stunning views and everlasting moorlands if it’s located in the Peak District. As I said above there are plenty of walks to do within this national park reservoir, but the route I’m going to focus on is the longer walk which is roughly 6 miles and takes about 2 hours. And I promise you it is a gorgeous way to spend the day getting some fresh air, doing self care and being in nature!

    The reason I am focusing on this route is because it’s the one I took accidentally when trying to do the shorter one! And it was absolutely beautiful, even if the top of it was like an ice skating rink! 

    You can’t beat the Langsett Reservoir Walks

    How to get there

    I would recommend going by car or taxi if you don’t drive. As to get to the Langsett reservoir walks via public transport can be quite difficult given its location. Therefore you need to head to the Langsett Barn car park. Here you will find the entrance to the Langsett reservoir, a cafe and toilet facilities! 

    I would recommend arriving as early as possible due to the popularity of this walk. We arrived before 10am and the car park was already pretty full. We luckily managed to grab the last spot. 

    However if the car park is full as you come out turn left and after 1-2 minutes of driving you will find a layby either side of the road. This is where people park once it starts to get busy, and it’s only a short walk to the beginning of the Langsett reservoir walks. 

    Now I’m aware that a busy car park may put people off, as who wants a busy walk, filled with lots of people, where you can’t enjoy yourself due to avoiding the crowds. Honestly I could not believe how quiet the walk was. Quiet often we found ourselves walking and asking

    ‘How on Earth is the car park so full when we have seen barely anyone?!’

    Yes there were some busy areas but nothing in comparison to what we expected. 

    So on to the walk lovely!

    Now When going on a walk you need to make sure you have the essentials here a few things I feel are essential when going on a long walk in the Peak District – You can thank me later!

    Thermal Knee High Socks

    By Hot Togs GB

    Not only will these beauties keep you nice and toasty, BUT they go up to your knees so they will keep so much of you warm! When your doing a walk that’s more than a mile and on uneven ground you gotta have decent thick socks. As otherwise your feel will begin to hurt and it will ruin the whole of the walk for you. I personally love these from HOTTogsGB AND… they come personalised! How good is that?!

    Click here to get yours now!

    Thermal Mug

    Created by GiftBase

    Whether it’s below freezing or over 20 degrees you are going to need to take a drink with you on this walk! To keep you hydrated and either warm you up or cool you down! I particularly love these mugs from GiftBase as they have such a huge variety and being sarcastic myself, this one just screamed buy me! As what is live without a lil humour and sarcasm?!

    Click here to get yours!

    Now being me, we know I always do something wrong! On my little adventures when I just need to get away. But I own that part of me that forgets something, gets lost or on this occasion goes the wrong way. That doesn’t mean I had to turn back on myself and restart, it just means I started the walk at the place where everybody finished!

    Once you’ve parked up, to start the Langsett Reservoir walks, to head in the opposite direction of the café and toilet facilities. There you will see an entrance, with a gate and a map of the reservoir. Now as you walk through the gate you can either turn right down a gentle sloped path or you can do what we did and go left down a slightly steeper path. You then continue to follow the path. Even though this is meant to be the way you finish the walk, I’m going to be honest I’m glad we did it this way. As we only really had 1 steep ascent whereas if you go the other way there’s a couple (don’t ask me how but it just works that way!) And I was pretty buggered after the summit (it didn’t help how bloody slippy it was) but I definitely preferred finishing my walk on a proppa path and not walking on uneven ground through the forest!

    langsett reservoir walks
    Over looking the moors at the top

    So you’ve turned left, you follow the path round and you will find a gate, go through this and walk down the road with Langsett Reservoir to your right. You then keep going and if your like me your anxiety starts to kick in and you think ahhh fuck which way now dickhead, (like all good Peak District Walks) there’s no bloody signs! But just remember people are coming the opposite way to you so  are going the right way!

    Follow the road round past the reservoir and you’ll see the forest on your right. A little further up there is a gate, go through here and simply follow the path! One thing that make this one of my favourite Langsett Reservoir walks is the diversity of it, you go from walking past the reservoir, through a forest where you can see it peeping through the trees, over the moorlands, down a bloody steep hill, through some more woodlands and back to the start!

    Once you come to the bottom of the woods, you will cross some small streams, past the opposite side of the reservoir to which you’ve just walked past and through a gate. Now if you’re like me you might think oo the walk is nearly done. Actually you’ve got roughly another hour and a bit. 

    Once you’re through the gate just keep walking up, this is the moorlands part of the walk where you will reach the top of the summit. When you get to this point of the walk you roughly have around 45 minutes left. For us it was a little longer, as it was completely frozen over, and covered with snow, so we tentatively made our way up and down. The views at the top are absolutely stunning! You can see right across the district national park. 

    Such a beautiful view from Langsett Reservoir walks

    Coming down you simply follow the path round it’s a little windy  and will eventually come to flat ground and a little gate. Go through the gate and bare left up this slight hill. At the top go right through the woods (we only knew this because we saw people coming from that direction). And alas you have a flat path taking your right past the reservoir in the middle of a beautiful forest. This was probably the busiest part of the Langsett Reservoir walks as it’s accessible and sheltered with lots of benches to stop and watch the world go by.

    Then just keep going until you come to 3 pathways, take the middle one straight ahead and you will find yourself back at the Langsett barn car park. 

    Now you’ve done the beautiful Langsett reservoir walks

    And there you have it. A simple to follow reservoir walk that unless you’re a local you’d never know existed! Langsett reservoir really is a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered.

    And what’s better is getting out into that fresh air will do wonders for your mental health which is the best added bonus!

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do sweet x

    langsett reservoir walks
    The Langsett Reservoir Walks are dog friendly too!

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