The  life-changing Night Self Care Routine that will ease your Mental Health!

    The life-changing Night Self Care Routine that will ease your Mental Health!

    Why do I need a night self care routine? 

    A night self care routine is incredibly important to help improve your mental health. 

    Why? I hear you ask! 

    Well there’s a pattern that will happen:

    Because the less sleep you have, the less energy you have, the slower your brain will function, the more your mood will drop. As your body will be both physically and mentally exhausted, and all you will be able to focus on is how tired you are and that you want to go to sleep. Now some people may have the circumstances where they can nap in the middle of any day should they want too. But for the majority of us. We can’t. 

    Therefore when we can sleep, we need to try and make it the highest quality it can possibly be. 

    This means having little to none tossing and turning as possible , to save us getting fed up because we just can’t drop off. Constantly checking our clock, watch or phone to work out how little sleep we have left. And getting ourselves so worked up we end up crying, having a panic attack, intrusive thoughts and all that fun stuff! 

    Sound familiar? Trust me as someone who has suffered from mental health for 24 years of her life, I completely understand. That and developing insomnia as a bestie at the age of 21!

    Therefore a night self care routine is a habit you need to get into ASAP!

    So how do we even begin to achieve this? Simple a clear evening that we can stick to…. And a lil help from beach and moon!  – These absolute beauts have revolutionised my sleep quality!

    Why is self care so important?

    by toa heftiba
    You need self care! Image by Toa Heftiba

    You’ve heard of the really common saying you can’t pour from an empty glass?

    Now as much as this phrase makes me cringe when I say it (as in my opinion it’s just like the picture of a cat holding onto a branch saying ‘Hang in there’ that everyone had on their office wall in the early 00’s).

    But it’s true! You can’t have a healthy mind and positive mental health if you don’t feel good within yourself. Now this doesn’t mean that you can just run yourself a bath, light some scented candles, wack on a charcoal face mask and all your trouble will disappear. Despite what society portrays to us. 

    Selfcare takes hard work, it takes routine, it takes figuring out what works for you, and ensuring you implement them into your life on a regular if not daily basis! It isn’t all sunshine and roses where you are suddenly healed. But I promise you it is worth it! And just taking little steps will help you tenfold. 

    Such as in my Morning Routine blog. Your routine doesn’t have to be hours long, it can be as short as 15 minutes if you want. Just as long as you do it!

    Let’s get it started

    So when you think of a night self care routine, people often make the mistake of thinking that it starts from the time you get to bed to fall asleep. 

    For example when we were younger we’d have a bedtime, which when it got too, our parents would take us up to bed, read us a story and then we’d be expected to fall asleep (which granted is a lot easier when you are younger). 

    However we need to start implementing our bedtime routine at least half an hour before we plan to go to bed. Why? Because our mind needs to be relaxed, feel calm, a lil sleepy and not have a million thoughts buzzing through our minds stopping us from going to sleep.

    Bye bye phone

    Your evening routine needs to start by turning your phone on to silent. And I don’t mean vibrate I mean silent. This means you will have no last minute distraction to ruin all your hard work and wake you up as you are on the cusp of sleep. Don’t go on any social media and let the last thing you do on your phone be to set your alarms ready for the morning. Then put it facing upside down out of reach of your bedside. I understand you will be thinking why do I need to do all this?

    Because all the apps on your phone have a job to keep you clicking back on to their apps. And every time you get a notification that is exactly what you do. Therefore If there is no sound then there’s nothing calling you to check your phone. You need to turn it upside down so you don’t see the notification light flashing, tempting you to look. And putting it out of reach because if you do wake up it’s so tempting to check your phone to see the time. Yet the bright screen will trick your brain into thinking it is morning and then will start to wake you up!

    Dim the lights

    fairy lights for your night self care routine  by Steve Halama
    fairy lights for your night self care routine by Steve Halama

    Now as you are winding down for the evening if you have bright lights shining then your mind is going to believe that it is time to be awake. Bright lights can also cause headaches at night, so get yourself a lamp or some pretty fairy lights and just relax in a dimmer light. Trust me you’ll thank me later! I have a lamp in my front room and dinosaur fairy lights. This allows me to really start to wind down before bed, finish watching whatever I’m watching and really get into the mindset of getting my mind and body ready for bed. 

    The dimmer lights will also help your stress and anxiety levels. As they induce calm and relaxation into your mood. Which in the end is why we are doing this to help ease our mental health from our night self care routine.

    Hair Care

    Now this is a super easy part of your night self care routine. And it is simply to make sure you braid your hair (if you have long hair) before bed. Why? Because it stops your hair from getting all tangled and knotty for a nightmare of a morning brush. If you just leave it in a bun or ponytail it will pull at your roots throughout the night. 

    Not to mention it is so uncomfy to have your bobble pressing into your head all night. And therefore will break up your sleep due to being uncomfortable. 

    Whereas braiding it will keep it knot free, have nothing pressing into your head and will keep you comfortable throughout your sleep. This was something I learnt to do in 2019 when I had a head injury and the nurses used to wash and braid my hair to keep it in good condition.

    Beach and Moon

    BeachandMoon – To help with your night self care routine

    Ahh the moment you have all been waiting for. The GOOD STUFF. The aforementioned company that has completely turned my night self care routine into an exciting, happy and relaxing time. As in all honesty sleep is something that I have a love hate relationship with.

    I.E. I love it, but it really seems to hate me! 

    When I’m particularly stressed, overwhelmed or going through a tough time I’ve been known to get as little as 20 hours sleep over an entire week. So averaging just over 2 hours a night. 


    Because my sleep routine sucked! I didn’t pay attention to it and I made ) effort with it!

    Then I discovered Beach and Moon, completely by chance whilst writing my blog on gifts for someone with anxiety . I was instantly drawn to the beautiful fabrics that they use for their products, and I don’t know what it was but I just felt drawn to them. My particular favourite is their astronomy fabrics. I find it so peaceful, so relaxing and just what I wanted to include in my selfcare routine. 

    Therefore I tried their aromatherapy lavender eye mask in this beautiful design with the description

    Our new eye masks now have a beautiful oxford pillow finish around the edge, making it all the more luxurious!

    They are all handmade and stuffed with dried lavender and rice. A beautifully scented sleep and relaxation aid. They come in four different fabric choices. Each bag has a lining and outer bag fully stitched to ensure no dried flowers escape.

    Lavender is a great natural remedy for all sorts of ailments, from sleeplessness and anxiety to depression and mood changes.

    And their refillable aromatherapy pillow for sleep and anxiety. In the same beautiful design! Described as:

    A beautifully scented sleep and relaxation aid.

    We made these initially for ourselves but soon realised how helpful they were for winding down at night. I used to spend a fortune on sleep sprays but now no longer need to bother! 

    They come beautifully wrapped, and with a leaflet on how best to make use of their products. And even better together they are only £20, and last for roughly 6 months! I’ve had mine 2 months and they are still going strong, bearing in mind I use them every single night. I reached out to Lesley who created BeachandMoon, explaining my mental health and sleep problems, and she was so kind and helpful! 

    So why are Beach and Moon part of my night self care routine?

    So you’ve sorted your phone, you’ve dimmed your lights, sorted your hair and now you’re in bed. Well these two products will only aid your sleep further. I start by using their aromatherapy pillow. I will place it on my pillow as I get into my pjs, and sort my hair. I will then place it on my chest or on my pillow next to my head as I get settled and read some of my book.

    Once I’m really starting to feel tired, I will turn off my lamp, place my aromatherapy pillow on my bedside table, pop on my audio book and lay down. I will then grab my lavender eye mask and place it over my eyes (which for someone who needs complete darkness to sleep this is amazing) And then I drift off. 

    And this routine is yet to fail me! 

    Bonus tip: If it is a boiling summer night you can place the eye mask in the fridge so that it really cools down your entire body when you apply it. Which can be the highlight of my night self care routine!

    Audio book

    Lastly, having something to listen to at night. I suffer from having a lot of nightmares and sleep paralysis. Therefore to help me when I do wake up, I always listen to an audiobook of a story I am familiar with. I’ve tried loads from Lord of the Rings (but the intense music causes me to have blooming nightmares), Game of Thrones and Sherlock Holmes butI find it best when I listen to Stephen Fry reading me Harry Potter. When I wake up the audio book grounds me, reminds me that I’m home and in bed and calms down my panic! 

    Then I just place my Beach and Moon eye mask back on and soundly drift back off into the land of nod!

    That’s a wrap babe

    And there you have it, my ultimate night time self care routine, to ensure you get the best night’s sleep possible. Which in the long run will help ease and improve your mental health!

    As I’ve mentioned before it can be hard to get into a routine during the evening. Especially if you’ve never had one, but it will be so beneficial for you! Especially with the help of Beach and Moons products. You know me, and you know I strive to be open and honest with you guys. And I can say with my hand on my heart that their products really do work. 

    Now let’s get a great night’s sleep and do amazing things! 

    You got this boo!


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