Crystal Starter Pack


The is the best pack for you to start your crystal journey!


Here is your beautiful crystal starter kit 💖

This stunning set is your perfect introduction to healing crystals. Allowing you to begin your exploration into the magical world of crystals 3 incredible stones and an Affirmation card to help you.

Each crystal is cleansed and charged by myself.

I will choose each of your item intuitively for your pack.

What’s included

. Rose Quartz – A gorgeous pink crystal used to help you on your journey of self love, healing and self care. Gentle and caring it is perfect for your journey.

. Amethyst- Beautiful and gentle purple crystal. Which helps you on your spiritual journey. A protective and calming crystal you will love

. Citrine – Such a sparkly orange and white crystal. Helping you to connect to your higher self and bring Abundance into your life

You will get an affirmation card to help during meditations

And a cute gift bag to keep your crystals safe.

I have over 20 years experience of working with crystals and a qualified crystal healer ☀️


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