Mental Health Care Package


Your new best friend, to help with your mental health!


This gorgeous care package is going to be your new best friend, and travel companion for all of your future trips!

Designed to fit in your hand luggage so you can always have it near by.

This gift is ideal for people who travel on a daily basis, are going on a big trip as a going away gift. As well as special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, valentines day, mothers day. Or if someone is having a difficult time with their mental health and you want them to know you are thinking about them.

The anxiety travel package contains:

A gorgeous yellow fan – To help cool down when feeling anxious – we’ve all been there!

Minty Chewing gum – To occupy your mind – when it’s trying to lie to you

Jelly sweets – Because you deserve a treat!

hand designed Journal and pen – So you can write down your thoughts, experiences and feelings

Soothing Lavender essential oil – To place behind your ears, wrist and chest – smells great

Buds – To make the application easy

Super cute matching Eye mask & ear plugs – To block out loud noises and help you get that important rest!

hand created Breathing Techniques – AND it’s on a bookmark so you can keep it to hand in that new book of yours

Hand created positive affirmation cards – To remind you of the incredible woman you are!


As someone who has suffered since the age of 5, I personally know how difficult mental health can be and am doing everything I can to help your mental health journey


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