Crystals to help your Panic Attacks


These crystals are guaranteed to help you with your panic attacks


Here is your beautiful crystal set to help with your Panic Attacks 💖

This stunning set is perfect to help you on days when you are struggling with your Mental Health. This crystal pack has been designed to help guide you through your Panic attacks. These 4 crystals and affirmation card are guaranteed to get you on your way.

Each crystal is cleansed and charged by myself.

I will choose each of your item intuitively for your pack.

What’s included

. Sodalite – Helps promote self confidence and enables you to release tension

.Moonstone – A soft and gentle crystal to help lift your spirit.

. Green Aventurine – is a calming crystals with nurturing energies

.Black Obsidian – A very protective stone which will repel negative energies

You will get an affirmation card to help during meditations

And a cute gift bag to keep your crystals safe.

I have over 20 years experience of working with crystals and a qualified crystal healer ☀️


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