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    Hi lovely, I’m Charlotte!

    A Travel Blogger and Mental Health Coach

    I started my mental health journey at the age of 5.  When I had my first panic attack terrified my mum was going to die. There was no known trigger and back in 1997 panic attacks weren’t really known about.

    I grew up in a time when mental health wasn’t ok, it was seen as a weakness and something you should be ashamed of.

    Thankfully after some hard work I was able to gather the tools I needed to be in control of my mental health. I have been able to travel the world, SOLO travel and have my own business. All things I  never thought were possible for someone with mental health.

     I NEVER want anyone to be made to feel how I was. Lets do this shit!

    I help women with their mental health with my MIND framework…


    Mindset – 

    Working on your daily routines and blockages to ensure you begin your journey successfully


     Integrity  –

    Looking at what you want to achieve


        Navigation –

    Creating you a personalised plan


              Determination –

    Ensuring your mind doesn’t win when it’s being a dick


    Yeah you can Academy

    6 Sessions

    A 6 month program to help you when your Mental Health is being an arsehole. Making you feel like you can’t live the life you’ve always wanted. Going on a solo trip, start your own business, even a trip to your local pub. Using my MIND framework, we will give you a personalised action plan, release your blockages and keep you accountable to living your dreams.

    What's Included

    Introductory call with me

    Here we will discuss what you want to achieve and create a personalised action plan for you over the period of the course.

    60 minute monthly calls

    On these calls, we will set your goals for the next month, evaluate your past month and keep you accountable on your progress.

    1-1 Whatsapp Access

    You will have unlimited access to me via Whatsapp Monday - Friday 9am-5pm. For any questions you many have.

    Access to my MIND framework

    Here is my unique framework looking at your: MINDSET INTEGROTARY NAVIGATION DETERMINATION

    Professional Resources

    These are to help you keep your Mental Health in check

    Monthly lists

    This will be everything we have discussed in our calls. With target dates, accountability and anything you may need to ensure your successful

    Go Get Them Freebies Babe!


    3 checklists to help with your Pre travel, travel and post travel anxiety. So you always have support

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