A Beautiful Spiritual Morning Routine to start your day right!

    A Beautiful Spiritual Morning Routine to start your day right!

    Spiritual really?!

    Yes I’m talking to you about a spiritual morning routine. When you mention the word spirituality to people, they often think you’re ‘crazy’ away with the fairies, have no sense of ‘real’ life, and are a bit weird. Now disclaimer (don’t you come at me) there is nothing wrong AT ALL with being any of the above! I am most if not all of them. But that’s what you get growing up with a mum who created a fairy garden and bought me a fairy door to place in my bedroom.


    My point is, spirituality is so much more, it’s about connecting with your higher self. Really listening to what your body and mind need, not just doing what you think you should do. But really listening and trusting your intuition. 

    Which if we are honest is something we could all do with a bit more of. 

    And this is what this guide is all about ensuring that you have the best start to your day with my foolproof Spiritual Morning Routine. 

    Why do I need a morning routine?

    Honestly? Having a morning routine saved my mental health. And I promise you that is no lie! I briefly wrote here the importance of a routine when on vacation. Though by practicing my morning routine every single day has changed my life for the better.

    Think about it:

    You’ve just woken up after snoozing your alarm for the 10th time, as you’ve bartered with yourself saying if you don’t do this then you can have 5 minutes extra in bed. Then before you know it, you have 10 minutes to jump out of bed, shove on some clothes, brush your teeth, grab a breakfast biscuit, and your out the door thinking

    ‘I’ll just make a drink when I get to work’

    Sound familiar?

    I know it does because before I became strict with my spiritual morning routine, that was me. 


    And all it did was cause me to start my day feeling rushed, stressed, and already fed up. I had just woken up and already I couldn’t wait for my day to be over. When you think of it like that. It’s actually really kinda sad, isn’t it!

    Something had to give.

    Now for me, it was back in 2020 when I joined the beautiful Anitas’ ‘Revitalise Your Travel Blog’ Course.

    It was during our very first sessions that I learned the importance of mindset, how I start my day, who I pay attention to throughout my day, and so on. And honestly, it took this prompt from Anita to make me really start taking my mental health more seriously.

    Now I’m going to be honest, at first I was like… seriously you’re telling me that if I just make these simple adjustments to my day thenI will start to see an improvement? Yeah alright then….

    But I gave them a try, and I did start to feel better. But then I got back into my old routines, not taking the time and starting my day like the Tasmanian devil. And so I started to experiment with my morning routines. 

    Like any good thing, you need to test it out and see what works for you. 

    And now my lovely I have done all of the hard work, so you don’t have to!

    Introducing you to my spiritual morning routine!

    • If this was a show, this is where the curtains would open and you’d all start clapping and cheering – just a lil side note from my brain!


    Here are the secrets to my magical morning routine:

    Alarm babe

    An important part of your morning rituals is your alarm.

    Rate babe, let’s get this whole alarm, snooze setting fiasco sorted. So there are TWO ways you can go about this: 

    The first is when you set your alarm before bed, and you are getting ready to enter the land of nod. Place your phone completely out of your arm’s reach. I mean across the other side of your room. But do ensure it’s loud enough to wake you.

    This way when it goes off in the morning, you won’t have the option to just quickly tap the snooze button and roll back over. You have to physically get out of bed and go and turn it off. By which point your brain will have already started to wake up and you can begin your morning rituals.

    The second (and my preferred method) is to set your alarm half an hour earlier than you actually NEED to get up. Now bear with me here. Say you need to be out of the house by 8:30. Your morning ritual is an hour, so the latest you can get up is 7:30. Set your alarm for 7!

    Why the fuck would I do that? I hear you ask. And that’s so you can snooze for half an hour, feeling like you’ve had a cheeky lie-in, but actually, you are up on time!


    I understand it’s the 21st century and phones are just a part of life, and we can get anything and everything at the touch of a button. But as soon as we go on our phones and absentmindedly ‘pop’ on to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and all those other social media sites. We immediately start our day comparing ourselves to others. 

    We see our friends over in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, etc, and how they’ve already had a full day of success whilst we are taking out our bed hair and going to make our morning brew. 

    Or that one friend who only needs 30 seconds of fucking sleep and is out every morning before the sun rises running half a marathon to start their day. 

    The possibilities are endless. 

    But what at first might just seem like idle scrolling, puts our brains into comparison mode. Then our mind starts to be a dickhead and makes completely irrational comparisons with theirs and your achievements. And before you know it you’ve already started your day feeling like a failure.

    And that isn’t what we are aiming to achieve with our spiritual morning routine. So first at least the first half an hour of your day just don’t go on your bloody phone!

    Start your day nourishing yourself!

    The best part of my spiritual morning routine

    This has become one of the FAVOURITE parts of my day. Making myself a super quick, super yummy, nourishing breakfast. 

    It can be anything ( I tend to do a lot of things on toast) from:

    Feta and tomatoes on toast

    Honey on toast

    Scrambled eggs and feta

    Yogurt and fruit

    The options are endless and fucking delicious. Good breakfast doesn’t have to take 20 minutes to make. And this way you are starting with a full tummy, saving money instead of grabbing something on the go, and giving yourself time to settle with your feelings and contemplate the day. Which to me is a true spiritual morning routine.

    Now we also need to hydrate babe 

    Now, this is so simple but such an important part of your spiritual morning routine. 

    While you have been asleep you’ve gone several hours without anything to drink. Which is the longest time you go.

    So when your body wakes up it is going to need rehydrating. Now in all honesty I’m not keen on normal ‘water’ yeah yeah say what you want but I’m not. 

    So every morning I have a glass of flavored water, whether it’s shop-bought or homemade lemon water. I immediately feel more awake, alert, and genuinely better!

    Journal Boo

    A beautiful part of your spiritual morning routine

    Now when I was first introduced to journaling I thought it was a load of bollocks. I mean how can this seriously help me. I felt like a teenage girl starting ‘Dear Diary’ entries. 

    Now it is one of my favorite things to do as part of my spiritual morning routine. And it doesn’t have to be anything complicated. I simply started with these super simple prompts:

    3 things I like about myself are

    3 things I am grateful for are

    1 thing I want to achieve today is

    These will take less than 15 minutes to do and honestly will have you starting your day on such a positive note it will immediately lift your mood.

    Meditation all the way babe

    This has become such an important part of my spiritual morning routine. I started off with just a couple of minutes a day meditating. As when you aren’t used to it, your mind can wander, you can get distracted, and can struggle to fully lose yourself in the meditation.

    I personally use Bloom App, it’s super affordable, has different length meditations, as well as suggests ones that will help you best depending on how you are feeling! I know meditation isn’t for everyone but honestly, I love starting my day with some very much-needed ‘me’ time.

    Fresh Air

    Holiday morning routine
    I love my spiritual morning routine

    Now this part of my spiritual morning routine, I do live on social media so you can even join me! I’m aware people always say get outside if you are struggling with your mental health. And having suffered from mental health since the age of 5 (which you can read more about here) I know how hard it is to physically and mentally take yourself outside and go for a walk even just to the local shops.

    Do you know what I do?

    I get a chair and I sit in my front garden with a cup of tea and I just enjoy the silence. I go live so you can all join me and we can have a chin wag. Or if it’s pissing it down (as I have got myself a portable shelter yet) then I sit by an open window. 

    And that’s it, a super simple, gentle way to get some fresh air into your body.

    Are you Ready for Your Spiritual Morning Routine?

    I cannot wait for you to get started with your spiritual morning, and please let me know how you get on or how you do it differently!

    Speak Soon Gorge 


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