The most valuable Guide to Sheffield’s Greno Woods

    Sheffield, Sheffield, wherefore art thou Sheffield Sheffield, the STEEL CITY of the North of England. The largest city in South Yorkshire, the greenest city in Europe and a place I am proud to call my home! Having lived in Sheffield my entire life you might consider me somewhat of an expert of the area and the different things that you […]

    The 5 most gorgeous parks in Sheffield

    Where is Sheffield?! Ahh my beloved Sheffield, the hometown of legends such as Sean Bean, The Arctic Monkeys and of course myself! Situated in the North of England, UK in a county called South Yorkshire we are known as the cheaper, friendlier part of the country! Holding the title for the greenest city in Europe due to the fact that […]

    Peak District VS Lake District: Which is best?

    What are the Peak and Lake District For those of you outside of England who may not be familiar with the reasons behind Peak District VS the Lake District national parks which has been happening for years and years! Let me explain it to you. You see the Peak District stretches over central and Northern England encompassing lots of  villages […]

    Why the inspiring Padley Gorge Walk is amazing for anxiety

    What is Padley Gorge? Ok so here I am telling you to go for a walk at a place called Padley Gorge. But what on Earth is Padley Gorge?! And why is this girl tryna get me to go on a Padley Gorge walk? As if you’re like me as soon as you hear the word gorge you palms start […]

    The most unforgettable Castleton accommodation and Castleton Activities

    Why Castleton? Castleton is a beautiful village in the Peak District national, Derbyshire, UK. Best known for its stunning walks, explorative caves and has a banging pub crawl so you won’t run out of things to do. Not to mention the amount of Castleton accommodation that is based in pubs as B & B’s. Having been to Castleton at least […]

    Inspiration for when you need to on an adventure!

    Why I need to go on an adventure! As you know I really suffer with my mental health, I had my first panic attack at 5 years old and since then I have been diagnosed with high functioning anxiety, depression both complex and acute PTSD and a few other things! Now I as I am classed as high functioning in […]

    The incredible Edinburgh 2 day itinerary for anxious travellers

    Why Edinburgh? Edinburgh is situated as part of Scotland’s Central belt, 2 ½ miles from the coast and just over 30 miles from the English border. It is absolutely stunning! Now I am a little biased because Scotland is one of my favourite countries in the world. It’s scenery, the people and lets not forget the whisky. Edinburgh is the […]

    Valuable tips to help with coming home after travelling

    Why does it suck coming home after travelling? So is sucks coming home after travelling because of Post-Holiday blues kicking in particularly when people are coming back off holiday, i.e.  Waiting in the airport to go home Collecting their luggage In the car journey back from the airport Or a couple of days after once (if you’re super organised) have […]