Do You Have These Best Crystals for Abundance?

    WTF is abundance? I hear you loud and clear! I know I know this word ‘abundance’ is getting thrown around A LOT lately. But what the fuck is it? What does it mean? Never mind knowing whether you have the best crystals for abundance or not! So why is this the new buzzword? Well, it is because there is a […]

    Here’s Your Three Best Crystals For Confidence

    Who gives a fuck that others think! So your most likley wondering how the fuck will the best crystals for confidence help me? I know, I know, gaining confidence is a lot fucking easier said than done. For several reasons: One: If you have never had it then how do you know how to gain it? You need help. Two: […]

    Crystals For Beginners – The 4 most effective crystals for you!

    Crystals for beginners If you’re reading this guide, it’s highly likely that you are a part of the crystals for beginners club and new to the wonderful world of crystals. You are also probably wanting to know the ins and outs of crystal healing, how to use crystals, how to cleanse them (what cleansing is), how to charge them ( […]

    5 incredible anxiety crystals you need now!

    Why anxiety crystals? Now I’m aware if you’ve never used an anxiety crystal, or any form of crystals for that matter. You might be more inclined to call bullshit when I discuss their healing properties. I would too. If I hadn’t been introduced to them from such a young age and been studying / practicing with them for over 20 […]

    The best crystal for anxiety attacks when you’re on a solo trip!

    What are anxiety attacks? Anxiety attacks are horrendous, and anyone who has experienced this will be able to personally vouch that this statement is true! Anxiety attacks, also referred to as panic attacks are actually where my mental health journey began! You can read more about that here! They can manifest themselves in an infinite amount of different ways, and […]

    These incredible crystals for anxiety will help you when travelling

    Crystals for anxiety and Travelling When you are an anxious traveller and preparing for a trip, there are a fair few things we need to remember to pack, such as: Clothes Toiletries Boarding passes  Passport Travel anxiety kit These tend to be up there with the most important things to remember, I have a much more comprehensive packing list here! […]