The most mouth-watering Cafes in Sheffield: A Locals Guide

    The most mouth-watering Cafes in Sheffield: A Locals Guide

    Does thy know where Sheffield is?

    Sheffield my hometown! Based in the North of England, in a county called South Yorkshire. We gave you ‘The Full Monty’ film, steel (hence its nickname the Steel City) and some cracking real ales. A hot spot for Students, Sheffield has one the highest rates of students staying to live after University in the UK! We are also next to the Peak district where there are some beautiful walks to get you out in nature. We are Northern, friendly, a strong accent and compared to cities further south pretty damn cheap. We have a mixture of locals, hipsters, students, arty folk, music folk and everything in between and our cafes certainly reflect this, as there is something for everyone! 

    Therefore I have compiled a list of the best cafes in Sheffield, so that when you visit you will know exactly where to get a banging brew or a fancy coffee. 

    best cafes in sheffield

    Ok then give me the Best Cafes in Sheffield

    So instead of waffling on about stuff you’re really not interested in, I’m going to cut straight to the case and give you a locals list of the best cafes in Sheffield. I’m going to start with a relatively local cafe around 10 minutes drive out of the city centre, just down the road from Graves park (the biggest park in Sheffield). 

    Zoë’s Kitchen

    Now I’m a little biased because I also used to work at the café in my early 20’s. But it is SO good! It’s a proppa hidden gem and one you wouldn’t expect to be featured in the best cafes in Sheffield due to it not being in a bustling area. If you’re wanting a proppa large English breakfast with a brew for £7 then Zoes Kitchen is the place to go! With good portion sizes, a variety of drinks, friendly staff and cheap prices you really can’t ask for much more. They also do jacket potatoes, sandwiches and other light bites should you not want anything too filling. And once you’ve eaten you can go have a wander round Graves Park. Give me a shout if you do and I’ll come say hi! Zoë’s café is open Tuesday to Saturday, but make sure you get there early as especially towards the end of the week it can get super busy.

    A pot of tea in the best cafes in Sheffield
    Image by Eranjan

    Treehouse Café

    Now next on my list as one of the best cafes in Sheffield because it really is the best. If like me you love board games you will absolutely LOVE this place. The Treehouse café was the first board games café in Sheffield. Located just off London road next to Sheffield city centre this place is a must go! They have a library of games and it is only £5 pp for a 4 hour gaming session.

    I highly recommend booking a table in advance as this place gets very busy. With a full hots and cold drinks menu, food and a licensed bar this place has all you could ever need. And it is super kid friendly with under 5’s playing for free and a kids menu! When there I recommend the Sheffield pork scratchings bowl at £3 or if you’re wanting something more substantial a Wateralls Huntsman pie! What more could you want a games café open until 10pm at night with a bar and yummy food! It’s a no brainer for me!

    Tabby Teas

    Now if you’re wanting a more quirky atmosphere with your coffee with a feline friend as a companion then Tabby Teas is where you need to be heading. Just round the corner from Treehouse you’ll still be next to the centre of town. Quirkily decorated and homing 11 resident cats this place will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. As not only is it a great place to sit, relax have a coffee and cake.

    They also rehome cats and work closely with local animal shelters to ensure the safe treating of all animals. These guys are pretty great. I love sitting down tucking into a slice of cheesecake and just letting the world pass me by. Again I would book a table in advance to avoid disappointment, because you don’t want to be turned away from kitty cuddles now do you! 


    Now this was a café I had driven past for years, always ‘meaning’ to go on. And finally when I did I wondered why it ever took me so long! And this is why it deserves to be in the guide for the best cafes in Sheffield. If you are a coffee buff then Bragazzis is the place to go. This Italian café is a Sheffield legend serving some of the best coffee in town. Situated on Abbeydale road this café / deli is towards the city side of Abbeydale located between various shops and restaurants. With a red sign and gold lettering its quirky appearance only adds to its charm.

    They also specialise is anti-pasti and fresh pasta. Which is always a win in my book. Whilst out in Sheffield this is somewhere you just have to try. As well as being open 7 days a week it’s the perfect place to spend a lazy Sunday morning watching the world go by with a cracking coffee and some anti-pasti. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

    Café #9

    best cafes in sheffield
    The best toastie in one of the best cafes in Sheffield

    Located in a more upmarket part of Sheffield Cafe#9 is a classic Sheffield café located on Nether edge Road. Surrounded my trendy shops, grocers, pubs and charity shops Cafe#9 certainly holds its own. Deserving to be in this guide for the best cafes in Sheffield because, even when the Nether Edge market is on (a quarterly local food, drinks and craft market), this place is still filled with regulars.

    Here you can get Sheffield roasted coffee beans and the best cheese toasties! As well as being open Monday -Sunday 9-5pm. Therefore it’s guaranteed to be open during one of your days off. This café will automatically make you feel relaxed, with its cosy atmosphere, friendly staff and the occasional live music. It’s the ultimate chill café in Sheffield.


    If you’re looking for a more ‘hipster’ coffee shop then Tamper Coffee is the place for you. With a menu filled with ‘eggs & avo’ ‘salt beef benedict’ and ‘kiwi burger’ this place certainly stays true to its owners Kiwi roots. The café is so popular it actually has 3 city centre locations though my preferred place is at sellers wheel. I always book a table here as especially on a Friday-Sunday this place can get really busy.

    All three of this cafe’s addresses are on their website. Now although I am not in any way shape or form ‘hip’ I do really love this place. It’s timeless decor, its yummy food and it always has such a cosy café atmosphere, that makes you want to snuggle up on a winter’s day. They also have their own shop where you can buy your own takeaway cups, fresh coffee presses and fresh coffee. So you can have a taste of Tamper at home!

    Steam Yard

    Now this next café is the place to be if you have a sweet tooth. As OMG do they have an amazing selection, from donuts to cronuts, brownies to cinnamon rolls and everything in between. I could not recommend Steam Yard enough located just off division street, which I have mentioned in my article Best bars in Sheffield this coffee shop is located bang in the city centre of Sheffield.

    As you walk in to order your drinks and are faced with all the yummy treats on the counter, and the hardest part is having to choose the ones you want. Luckily the staff are very patient and understanding if like me it takes a while for you to make a choice (anxiety is a bugger for needing to make decisions). For me it’s usually anything filled with chocolate where I can sit outside in their courtyard and have some me time.

    Full English from one of the best cafes in Sheffield
    Image by Andy Wang One of the best cafes in Sheffield

    The Moor Café

    Now this place is absolutely amazing. You don’t go to The Moor Café for fancy coffees, and dainty sandwiches that’ll leave you hungry an hour after you’ve eaten them. But the reason it is one of the best cafes in Sheffield is because, you go to the moor café for proppa, home cooked, hearty food that’ll leave you needing to unbutton the top of your trousers after you’ve finished.

    The staff who work there are so friendly and will do anything they can to help you. The fact that this centrally located city centre café has so many regulars says everything if you ask me. This is the place to go for cheap, good food that is available 7 days a week. You will regret it if on your visit to Sheffield you don’t stop by here!

    Cocoa Wonderland

    This next place is a chocolate lovers dream! Based on Ecclesall road Cocoa Wonderland. Voted one of the best cafes in Sheffield, so fully deserves to be in my guide to the best cafes in Sheffield. When you go in you can see why. As you walk in you are greeted with the most beautiful array of handmade chocolates that you can get put into gift boxes for presents or for yourself to take home and enjoy!

    Such good chocolate in the Sheffield Café!

    After you have indulged here you can go through to the back where they have a café, which serves luxury hot chocolates, speciality teas, coffee and cakes! It’s honestly heaven! And what makes it even better I hear you ask?! You can have afternoon tea there!!!! I honestly love this palace, it’s like chocolates own version of the willy wonka factory, but so much better. You don’t need to book a table for their café, but you do for afternoon tea. Cocoa Wonderland has it’s chocolate café on Monday, serves drinks Tuesday – Saturday and is closed Sunday.

    The Grind Café

    Now this last little gem is based in Kelham Island, now I’m going to be honest when I think of café laces, Kelham Island isn’t the place that springs straight to my mind. But The Grind Café is an absolute babe of a café. Located in the ever growing trendy Kelham Island this place is open 7 days a week, with great coffee, breakfast and lunch options it really is a must place to go.

    It has super yummy dishes available at reasonable prices and has a super comfy atmosphere to get you settled for your time there. As let’s face it, it’s all about the comfort when going for a brew ain’t it! And the best thing Monday- Friday it’s open from 8am. So perfect for you to nip in on your way to work or if you’ve got an early train / bus home! 

    The Best Cafes in Sheffield

    Image by Josh Boot

    And there you have it! Here is a list of 10 of the best cafes in Sheffield: a locals guide. As someone who has lived in Sheffield for 28 years I have been to loads of cafes, the good, the bad, and the downright nasty! But we do have some wonderful hidden gems within our steel city. Make sure you check out these wonderful independent cafes and let me know what you think. 

    Why Cafes can help your anxiety

    Now I know what you’re thinking anxiety and caffeine don’t always make the best of pairs. It personally has never been something that has effected mine but I know it effects others. For me if I’m anxious and I need to get outside, but the weather is rubbish (as it is known to be regularly in the UK) then there really is nothing better than spending a day in a café, with friends, having a good natter, putting the world to rights and distracting your mind or alone with a good book getting lost in someone else words as you get transported somewhere else. It really is magical.

    You got this boo

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