The 10 most incredible Things to do in Skegness!

    The 10 most incredible Things to do in Skegness!

    Where and What is Skegness?

    Skegness aka Skegvegas (you’ll understand why the nickname when you visit) is the ultimate arcade, fairground, beach, shopping filled British holiday. Located on the Lincolnshire coast of the United Kingdom this little seaside town is filled with British holiday makers. And is the best place to go if you want to see where a lot of British people go for a day / weekend or week away.

    Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that Skegness is the most beautiful place to visit in the UK, filled with quaint little alleys, secluded beaches and all of the IG worthy places. Because it’s not. But it is a good fucking laugh. Whether you are going with friends, family, taking the kids or just taking some time away for a solo trip I promise you, you’ll never have a dull moment. 

    It has everything you could possibly want, and is incredible for people watching, as so many different people from all walks of life go here. It’s kind of like a right of passage. You aren’t really a true brit until you’ve experienced skeg. Honestly, there really are so many things to do in Skegness, and I promise not all of it is booze fuelled. So let’s get to it!

    things to do in Skegness
    One of my fave things to do in Skegness. Photo by Jen May Fletcher

    Here are the best 10 things to do in Skegness!

    Now within this list of things to do in Skegness I am going to make it as varied as possible, because we are all different and all have different tastes. I know I know I’m pointing out the obvious. But something I want to iterate from the get go is that, Skeg particularly in summer can get very busy.

    Now for someone who has complex mental Health I am aware that busy places can often trigger different elements of mental health, whether it’s anxiety, claustrophobia, PTSD and all that fun stuff. Therefore I wanted to make you aware of this, and will include my favourite places to sit and relax when I need a time out!

    Rate cocker let’s get to it!

    1. Skegness Beach

    Now it really would be pointless to write a blog post about a coastal village and not mention the beach. Now let me tell you Skegness beach is absolutely HUGE! And I mean humongous. It stretches for miles, you can actually walk from the centre of Skegness to Ingoldmells (another small village which kind of goes hand in hand with a holiday to Skeg). It has beautiful golden sands that will allow you to for a short period feel like you’re somewhere tropical! 

    Now the area of the Beach in Skegness that’s opposite the Arcades and pleasure beach is understandably pretty busy. It has a few fairground rides actually on the beach, and is close b to the many shops, pubs, takeaways etc that you may want to visit to grab your daily supplies. 

    However if you are wanting a slightly quieter beach experience then I recommend walking the opposite direction to Ingoldmells maybe for 5 minutes or so and you will have the ENTIRE beach to yourself. It’s absolutely amazing, so calm, peaceful and the best place to be if you want to simply lay and relax. 

    I love Skegness Beach! Photo by Jen May Fletcher

    Your Very Own Beach Bar!

    Now if you really want to make the most of your day at the beach then I Highly recommend this portable beach bar! I mean really what more could you want? It stores your snacks, glasses, and drinks! This will save you have to go to and from the shops. And its a gift you can keep using again and again, as well as having everyone else on the beach jealous of you!

    From JulieCrafting

    Grab yours here!

    2. Skegness pier

    Now I have been to Skegness at least a dozen times. And it was only until my most recent visit that I actually had a walk along the pier. My family made their way to the arcades and I just wanted a lil ‘me time’ so off I went. I took my travel care package with me and off I trotted. 

    How I have never had this on my list of things to do in Skegness I don’t know but it was lovely. There’s a gorgeous rooftop bar as soon as you walk up the steps onto the Pier, with comfy seating, bright colours and even has a DJ playing music there sometimes. It is the ultimate place to just sit, relax, listen to music, have a drink and watch the ocean.

    things to do in skegness
    The roof top bar on Skegness Pier

    3. The Pleasure Beach

    When writing a list of things to do in Skegness you HAVE to include the pleasure beach. Right on the beachfront, so you can go on all of the rides you wish, and have a beaut view of the ocean whilst you’re at it. Or if you are like me pretending you’re somewhere calm and serene, not shitting yourself on the mousetrap!

    There’s rides for all ages at the pleasure beach! It’s free to enter and then you have to go and either buy a wrist band or tokens for each ride. This really is a fun way to spend your afternoon! 

    4. Skegness Vintage Funfair 

    Now I didn’t expect something like this to be on a list of things to do in Skegness did you?! This is possibly the most IG worthy place in the whole of Skegness. Again free to enter and then you simply buy tokens to pay for the rides with. There is everything from a carousel, an american style big wheel (picture the one from Greece), a red and white striped helter skelter and so much more. It really is amazing. And is possibly one of my favourite things to do in Skegness! 

    Skegness Vintage Funfair

    5. Natureland Seal Sanctuary

    Located towards the far side of Skegness, this cute lil seal sanctuary is the ultimate way to spend a morning or afternoon. It’s not a huge place so you can leisurely stroll around and not feel too rushed to get everything done. I love seals, I am yet to meet someone who doesn’t to be fair, and so I love just sitting and watching the naturland seals play and relax, as they are nursed back to health to then be re-released. 

    They also have a butterfly house, some really funny goats and a cafe where you can grab some lunch! The seal sanctuary Skegness really is a nice, gentle way to spend part of your day.

    6. Embassy swimming pool

    If like me you love the beach because it really relaxes, hate seawater, but also love to swim?! (I’m weird I know) then the Embassy swimming pool is the place for YOU! Located just by the clock tower, before the pleasure beach this outdoor pool is so nice and relaxing.

    And is the perfect way to spend a day in the sun, in the water. It has a café to grab food and drinks, though it has set times to go in, as it is also a place for swimming lessons, training etc. So make sure you check them out before you visit. 

    7. Skegness Aquarium 

    I mean I had to include this on things to do in Skegness because who doesn’t love an aquarium?! I find watching the fish swim so relaxing. Like if I’m feeling a lil anxious / stressed like I need to just get away then going to an Aquarium really soothes and rejuvenates me. ANDDDDD you can even book to dive with sharks at the aquarium! How amazing and exciting is that?! Definitely one for all us adrenaline people! You really can spend an entire day here, looking at the different exhibits, diving, having some lunch. It’s perfect for a sunny and typically rainy British summer day!

    8. Fantasy Island

    Now this theme park, although it is included in my things to do in Skegness guide, is actually located in Ingoldmells. It’s super easy to get too, a 10 minute drive from Skegvegas or you can hop on an open top bus, and listen to cheesy pop music as you go!


    They all have different names, so we always try to guess which one we are going to get. 

    Fantasy Island is the biggest of all the theme parks in the area, it’s free to enter and you either buy a band to gain access to the rides, or a card which you simply top up each visit. This card lasts up to two years as well! So you have it for any future visits (as let’s face it once you’ve been, you are going to return) and it is also attached to Ingoldmells market where you can literally find ANYTHING! 

    things to do in Skegness
    So much to do for families

    9. ARCADES

    Now no trip to Skegness is complete without going to the arcades. It’s like an unwritten law. You just HAVE to go. Our favourite arcade to visit is called Lings and is situated opposite Skegness Pier. We go here because they have better prizes and they also have a bingo hall and my mum LOVES bingo. You can easily lose so many hours of your life in the arcades (not to mention SOOO much money).

    My advice: give yourself a set budget when going in, as it’s so easy to change ‘just one more note’ into 2ps so that you can get that toy you are never going to look at again once you get home, because you are so close and have committed yourself to get it. 

    Super Cute Money Pouch

    Now the ultimate accessory for when your in Skegvegas is a Money pouch! They can be kept close to you at all times, and have plenty of space for all your 2ps! These ones are so cute and come in a variety of colours so you can get one for each of the family! I absolutely love mine!

    Created by RockTheKazbahDesign

    Get yours now!

    10. Mini Golf 

    Who doesn’t love mini golf?! It’s the epitome of British seaside fun! And the Jolly Roger mini golf does not disappoint. It is right in the centre of Skegness, adjacent to the Jolly Roger statue! I absolutely love going here, though my competitiveness doesn’t as I often lose! 

    I could not write the best things to do in Skegness post and not include mini golf. 

    The 10 best things to do in Skegness!

    And there you have it, lovelies! My 10 best things to do in Skegness! There is so much more that I could include, as there really is so much choice! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. 

    Like I said it’s not the most beautiful of seaside towns, but it certainly has a lot of soul and fun! 

    Let me know how you get on!

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