Travel Anxiety? This kit will be so valuable for you!

    Travel Anxiety? This kit will be so valuable for you!

    Travel Anxiety

    Now we all know how much travel anxiety sucks. Or any kind of anxiety for that matter. Like you can be having a perfectly nice day in the most beautiful place in the world, sitting eating yummy food, drinking the best glass of wine you’ve ever EVER had. 

    And BOOM

    Your mind starts being a dick to you for absolutley no fucking reson. And it reminds you of that one time 10 years ago when a complete stranger said something awful to you. And decides to replay the whole scenario in HD for you. Just so you can revisit those horrible feelings all over again. 


    Because it can. Because unfortunately our brain just likes to do this, and sometimes we are strong enough to be like: 

    Fuck you brain, your being a dick, and I have worked hard to know that not everything I think is true. 

    Other times, we get the pit in our stomachs, the tightness in the chest, the short, quick breathing and then the sweating. (These are just some of my symptoms, I totally understand if yours are different). And suddenly what started off as just a 1 second thought passing through has actually caused us to feel so shit, that we can no longer appreciate our surroundings, yummy food or incredible wine.

    And what makes this even more ‘fun’ (We know how sarcastic I am by now) is this is just one example of the 1000’s of different ways our mind / anxiety / irrational thoughts like to fuck with us. 

    There’s the overcrowding in public places, because unless you go to the tourist hot spots at the break of day, then yes there are going to be crowds. But unfortunately our brain starts to smash symbols really loudly in our heads, with a siren yelling DANGER DANGER, YOU ARE IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE. And so our travel anxiety convinces us that we didn’t really want to go and see Niagara Falls <insert beautiful place here>, what we really want is to go somewhere quiet and hide for the rest of the day.

    OR when we get on a flight, or even preparing to get on a flight (That’s when the pre-travel anxiety kicks in) And we start to unknowingly clench our teeth, pick at any dried skin on our faces or hands and hold our breath as it zooms into motion, we fill ourselves air bound and replay all them scary plane movies in our head on repeat until we touch ground safely again ( and if your on a ryanair flight, for some unknown reason applaud)

    Like I said, there are unlimited scenarios our minds can invent to give us travel anxiety.

    Ok, Ok, we get it, so what exactly is this travel anxiety care package?

    Travel care package

    Well my lovely, I’m so glad you asked!

    You see, this travel anxiety care package is going to be your new travel bestie. Yes you heard me, it is going to replace your anxiety as your travel bestie, and be a much needed, highly appreciated replacement. And what makes it the best travel companion ever?!

    You won’t have to worry about fighting with it, after one too many porn star martinis, it packing it’s stuff and going on without you. Whilst you take yourself off to the nearest bar thinking, why the fuck did I even come travelling with them …

    This little beauty has been designed to fit perfectly in your hand luggage, with aesthetically pleasing and mood boosting colours, it has had extensive research gone into it, as well as including something to help each sense and was created by myself and my mum.

    Myself who has dealt with experiencing mental health since my first panic attack at the age of 5. And my mum who has experienced travel anxiety of all kinds (and I  mean every mode of transport) for over 10 years. And as I am a trained mindset and mental health coach we have both the professional and personal experience required to create the perfect travel must have for you.

    Why have we created this I hear you ask?! 

    Because we know first hand how difficult travel anxiety can be, and we wouldn’t wish anyone to ever experience it. But if like us you do, then we want to do everything within our power to be able to support, and help you.

    And so after a year of planning, creating and trailing our travel anxiety care package we know it is at it’s best. As we have not only drawn upon our own experiences but others too! This travelling kit is something you can use during any situation, whether you’re out walking, on a bus, in a car / taxi or flying off into the sunset. You see after years of dealing with travel anxiety, we began to think of ways in which we can help ourselves instead of blindly accepting it as just 

    ‘One of those things’

    So what is actually included in the travel anxiety kit?!

    So because I want you to understand why each different product is included and it’s benefits here ima break it all down for you. Because honestly all I have ever wanted to do is help and support you!

    A beautiful yellow fan 

    The cutest way to help your travel anxiety

    Now whether you like to admit it, the more anxious / nervous we get the more we sweat. It’s perfectly natural and we cannot help it. Now adding a hotter climate, crowded places and us worrying not only about our original worry but also the fact that we are sweating when we don’t want to, into the mix. We are now THE chief ambassador of sweaty town. 

    Trust me, I know, I’ve been there. 

    This is why you will always have our ray of sunshine fan, to keep you cool and reduce your anxiety levels when travelling. It’s a super quick, simple and effective way and will also make you look super cute for all the IG photos.

    Minty Fresh Chewing gum

    Now bare with me on this one. Just stop what you are doing and pay attention to the tightness of your jaw and the position of your teeth. Clenched right?! And I bet you didn’t even notice. Now there is ABSOLUTELY no judgement here babe. I am well practiced in the art of teeth clenching and grinding, my dentist hates me for it. But it’s something I do totally subconsciously. But by making myself aware of my body in anxiety heightened situations, I am able to reflect on where I am storing this anxious tension. 

    Therefore by having this packet of chewing gum to hand, in your travel anxiety kit you can give your mouth something to chew on instead of itself. It will make your mouth feel refreshed, which will lessen your anxious dry mouth. ANDDDDDD it will also give you something to focus on instead of the scenario your mind is trying to give you.

    Fruity Jelly Sweets

    Similar to the minty chewing gum above, these sweets will enable you to relax your jaw, occupy your mouth (giving your teeth a break) and will give you that kick of sugar you will need to boost your energy. As let’s be honest, having anxiety is exhausting, and I mean it makes us feel knackered! So having a yummy sugar treat to hand is always helpful.

    Also Life Hack, I have super sensitive ears, during takeoff and landing I will suck on said sweets to help with the pain. 

    A super cute matching notebook and pen

    You gotta journal that travel anxiety away

    Now this is a must have, in any travel package, as these can really help your mental health and work through any blockages you may have. I first discovered the importance of having a notebook and pen during my first ever solo trip to Bali in 2018. Having never solo traveled before, or been to that side of the world before. My mental health – specifically my travel anxiety has having a fucking field day.

    And so I began to journal. Nothing deep, or insightful. Just when I was sitting in a restaurant, in my hotel or on the beach ndI was starting to feel the anxiety trying to ruin my day I would write. It started off as me just writing about what I had done that day, where and what I had eaten. What was my favourite thing about that day, what I was most looking forward to etc. And so it became a little travel diary for me.

    And what’s even better, it then serves as an amazing memory for you to look back on in years to come! This has massively helped my mental health, and I now journal Every.Single. Day.

    Nice Relaxing Lavender essential oil 

    I mean it’s in the name ESSENTIAL oil. I couldn’t live without my lavender oil. It has helped me so so much, from feeling anxious when travelling, to struggling to sleep and so much more. There was no way it wouldn’t be included in the travel anxiety package.
    And it comes in a 10ml bottle so that you can take it in your hand luggage on flights.

    Now Lavender is renowned for its relaxing and calming qualities, it works fast, is subtle and I personally love the smell of it.

    Easy application buds

    Now the last thing you need when you’re starting to feel anxious, is pissing around trying to use your lavender oil. Therefore we include 4 buds wrapped in ribbon, for you to place in the nozzle of your lavender bottle, tip it upside down and then you can subtly, and easily apply your essential oil.

    Now the best places to apply your oil to effectively ease your travel anxiety is, round your nose, behind your ears, on your chest and on your wrists.

    A silk pink eye mask 

    To help you when your travel anxiety stops you from sleeping

    Now I feel the first question is

    Why wouldn’t you need an eye mask when travelling?

    As they are so handy! But the reason they help with your travel anxiety is when you are travelling (particularly on those incredibly cheap red eye flights that we all love to hate), and wanting to get some shut eye, you get yourself all comfy, cover yourself with a blanket or your scarf and try to fall asleep. 

    And just as you’re on the brink, your mind begins to be a dick, your good old travel anxiety wants to come and play and make you super self conscious. When there is absolutely no reason to be, about falling asleep in front of people. 

    Or maybe you just wanna block out the person sitting next to you. 

    This is where your eye mask comes in, it’s super cute, super comfy and will allow you to get some much needed rest.

    SUPER cute ear plugs

    Now to be fair these kind of go hand in hand with your eye mask to help with your travel anxiety. BUTTTTT they are also incredibly helpful for when you are out and about in crowded places. As there’s nothing worse than feeling so overwhelmed by all the different noises surrounding you that you are unable to enjoy the beautiful place that you are. Therefore reach into your bag grab your ear plugs, pop them in and off you go. 

    Your mind isn’t bombarded with so many sounds it feels like it’s going to explode. And you can then enjoy the peaceful and beautiful scenery surrounding you.

    Beautiful Breathing Techniques 

    Taking the time and giving yourself space to do some breathing exercises, is massively underrated and under appreciated. But once you try them you’ll wish you started them years ago, as they are simple, incredibly important and so bloody helpful. I’m aware that when you are in a state of panic trying to rack your brain and remember any kind of information, let alone a useful one, is practically impossible. 

    So included is a super effective, user friendly breathing technique that doesn’t require a lot of brain space to do. And it is printed on a beaut of a bookmark so that you can always have it to hand.

    Gorge affirmation cards

    Travel anxiety affirmation cards

    And last but certainly not least you will have 5 affirmation cards, all designed to help ease your untrue, negative, travel anxiety fuelled thoughts. Just like journaling, practice my affirmations every damn day. Without fail! I have them up in my front room, surrounding my scratch map, I stand in super woman pose and I shout them at the top of my voice.

    Now I appreciate that you probs don’t want to do that in public because people will stare in confusion, which certainly won’t help you when you’re already feeling anxious. So instead when your travel anxiety starts to rear its ugly head, take out your affirmation cards and repeat what they say, 3 times to yourself. This will refocus your energy, your focus and get you back enjoying your travel in no time!

    What are you waiting for? Get your Travel Anxiety kit today!

    I mean there really isn’t anything more you could possibly need to help support, guide and help you when travelling is there?! And even better it fits completely in your hand luggage, and can be taken on flights if like me you are a nervous flyer, or on road trips if like my mum you are a really nervous passenger, honestly you can take it anywhere you can imagine! 

    So much love, thought, care and time has gone into this product, as it is truly something I believe in. And I know it is something that really is needed to help YOU!

    I just know you are going to love it! 

    Let me know how you get on.


    Travel anxiety care package


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