You need this awesome vacation routine NOW!

    You need this awesome vacation routine NOW!

    Why do you need a vacation routine?

    So real talk here! 

    I used to really struggle with my mental health. Especially when travelling as I wasn’t able to cope with my mind going constantly in unfamiliar places. Here is my first experience of having to deal with anxiety all by myself away from home. 

    I only started seriously having a morning routine in March. I never thought I had the time for them, I felt they were a lil bit wanky and just not something that would fit into my daily life, or something that I would benefit from. I used to set my alarm half an hour before I actually needed to get up, as then I could snooze it and feel like I’ve had a lie in. I would then shove some clothes on, brush my hair and teeth, and run out of the door to work. Once I was at work I would sit, have a coffee, turn on my computer, set up my room and scroll through social media. All before I actually needed to start work. 

    It was a quick fix in the morning which actually meant I had very little to no time for myself. I didn’t give myself a chance to come round, eat, I’d have been awake over an hour before I had a drink, I didn’t check in with myself  or just allow myself to start the day and set myself up for a wonderful day.

    I was on the go from the moment I got out of bed. And honestly I was getting close to burning out, I was stuck in a rut, my mental health was suffering, and I just didn’t feel happy. Then I met the wonderful Anita Hendrika She not only became my blogging coach and helped me set up this amazing website she showed me the importance of having a morning routine. 

    So instead of waking up a matter of minutes before I need to be out of the house. I would set my alarm earlier. Get up , make myself a brew NOT look at social media straight away ( I cannot stress the importance of this one) and give myself time to set myself up for an amazing day.

    And it honestly works so well. I find myself feeling so much more positive about everything. My mind feels clearer, I feel more in control of my life, what I want, my future and my happiness. It such an important part of my self care and daily routine.

    such a beautiful vacation routine
    such a beautiful vacation routine

    Ok we get it morning routines are good now what ….?

    So there I was ready to take on the world. My confidence was growing, my happiness was spreading, I was becoming the person I wanted to be and I didn’t give a shit about all those negative nellies out there. My mental health was becoming the best it had been in years. 

    Then I started to go on vacation. Again amazing who doesn’t love going away, exploring new places, trying new foods and seeing the world in all its beauty. But then my anxiety levels started to creep up. I began to feel scared, unsettled and like something wasn’t right. I was really getting frustrated with myself. As with those of us who suffer from mental health, the smallest and most (seemingly) insignificant thing can set it off. And it can hit us like a tonne of bricks. And I spent a good few days just sitting with this unknown travel anxiety and thinking:

    What the fuck has caused this?

    Like come on now Char, your on holiday, your doing lots of exploring and seeing beautiful things. 

    What the fuck is wrong?

    Answer: I was totally out of my routine. 

    holiday morning routine
    My favourite type of holiday morning routine

    Since I’d been gallivanting in the van, going and visiting all these beautiful places and taking mini trips away I’d completely lost my morning routine. And it was really affecting me. All this positive mentality I’d been working on for months and months, making myself the person I want to be, focusing on the things I want to focus on had gone completely out of the window.

    Why a vacation routine is important

    You see, I’d be waking up and doing what I used to do. Get up, race out the door and go explore, thinking about myself, drink and food later. And so when I was in between trips I vowed to give myself a vacation morning routine. Now here is my morning routine when I’m at home:

    • Go downstairs make a brew and sit outside (weather permitting) with absolutely NO phones
    • Journal
    • Meditate
    • Do my morning affirmations
    • Listen to uplifting music and have a dance

    Now I know what you’re thinking… Come on now girl that’s a hefty morning routine. But honestly as with anything if it’s worth it, you’ll make time for it. And for my mental health a holiday morning routine is certainly worth it. Just because it’s vacation season doesn’t mean you stop looking after yourself, it just means you need to adapt to your environment and make sure you give yourself some free time first thing when you wake up to set yourself up for the day. And build that holiday morning routine.

    OK, OK…. So how do I make a vacation routine?

    Honestly it’s super simple, You just have to focus on what it is you need that morning. As if you’re on holiday chances are you’ve had a vino the night before so maybe feeling a lil delicate. And if you’re anything like me doing a hefty morning routine is the last thing you want to be doing. 

    If there is only one thing you take from this post, please let it be to 

    NOT scroll through social media endlessly as soon as you wake up. As not only does it waste a hella lot of time. It also immediately puts your brain into comparison mode. Looking at everything everyone is doing you don’t give yourself enough time to appreciate all the amazing things you have and are doing. 

    Therefore straight away you’ve got a part of your vacation routine. And it really is simple. If it helps do what I do. I’ve turned off all notifications to social media off of my phone. Therefore I only go on them when I want to, not when the notifications tell me too. I also put my phone on silent before I go to sleep to ensure I’m not disturbed and get a good night’s sleep. Which will work wonders for your next morning. 

    The best way to start your vacation routine!
    The best way to start your vacation routine!

    Then start looking at something else you do in the morning. For instance I love making a brew and sitting outside just enjoying the view. Whether that’s on a balcony, in a courtyard or on your front door step. If you have space in your accommodation to just sit outside for as little as five minutes enjoy your drink and soak up your surroundings. What better way to start your day? I feel relaxed just thinking about it.

    Can’t sit outside? It happens I’ve had plenty of accommodation that has no outside space. Therefore I will then journal. I’ll get my brew, sit facing an open window to feel the fresh air and I will journal. Here are my prompts:

    What’s one thing I’ll let go of?

    Three things I am grateful for

    What are five things I will focus my energy on.

    This allows me to practice my gratitude, let go of any negativity and set a clear intention for the day. 

    And I know you’re on holiday so you want to get out and make the most of your destination. But this literally will take you less than 30 minutes. Do it before breakfast if you can and I guarantee you will feel prepared for the day ahead with a positive mind set.

    This will really help your vacation morning routine
    This will really help your vacation morning routine

    Here is the ultimate Travel Self Care Package to help your mental health when you are travelling. It provides everything you could possible need, including a super cute pink journal and matching pen. It’s designed to fit in your hand luggage and so you will always have it around you when you need that extra bit of support!

    Click here to get your Travel Bestie

    Meditation: Now this is something that is completely new to me. I have only recently started to mediate. As I just thought it’s not for me. And now I absolutely love it! Now if you’re new to meditation it can be hard to practice for 30 minutes a day. Especially when you’re on vacation. As you want to get out there and see what is new to discover. And eat all the yummy food!

    I love meditating as part of my vacation routine
    I love meditating as part of my vacation routine

    Therefore I do Morning Meditation with Adriene. This guided meditation lasts 7 minutes. That’s it. She guides you through setting an intention and having an amazing day. You can do it whilst you’re waiting for your tea bag to brew or your coffee to filter! 

    My morning affirmations! I fucking love doing my affirmations. Honestly they are amazing. IT is literally just a couple of minutes each morning where you just tell yourself how amazing you are and how you are going to achieve everything you want to achieve. Now admittedly this can be a lil difficult to fit into your vacation routine as I have mine a post it notes in my front room. And when you’re travelling that’s not always possible. Therefore I have made the background of my phone a positive affirmation vision board. So whenever I am on my phone I see things such as

    ‘Today is the fucking luckiest day of my life’

    ‘I control my goals and destiny’

    A great way for a positive morning

    And just having those there as a constant reminder really helps me. There is also these super cute Affirmation Cards , that fit easily in your pocket, handbag, phone case etc, and you can grab them throughout the day, to remind you what a boss you are!

    And finally dancing and listening to uplifting music. Now this is a really simple one to fit into your vacation routine. You can do it whilst you’re getting dressed to go out and explore. Just go on to Spotify or YouTube. Put on some absolute bangers (I’m particularly loving early 00’s girl bands at the moment. And just sing your absolute heart out, dance about and put on a boss outfit. You’ll feel great afterwards I promise.

    You’ve got this

    I know to do every single one of these things can seem overwhelming when you’re on holiday. But if you just try and fit one or two of them into your holiday morning routine. I promise you your mental health will thank you for it. 

    Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you stop looking after yourself. 

    I believe in you boo

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