Where to go for unbelievable wild Swimming Peak District

    Where to go for unbelievable wild Swimming Peak District

    Where is the Peak District

    The Peak District national park is located in the heart of England, UK. Being born and bred in Sheffield I am very lucky to have grown up with it as my back garden! It is absolutely stunning from its gorgeous villages and towns to the stunning walks you can go on to see beautiful views, some of the best places to go rock climbing in the UK and to go wild Swimming Peak District, not to mention the wildlife!

    When people think of England as a travel destination they usually think of London, a short city break before moving on. They don’t really consider the North and all we have to offer, from cheapness, less crowds, stunning scenery and generally more welcoming / polite. Your gaze won’t be avoided on public transport or in a pub up north. Especially not in the Peak District. 

    And if an extended time in nature isn’t really your bag, then you have a variety of large cities to stay in and do day trips! These include Derby, Sheffield and Manchester. So you’ve got plenty of opportunities.

    Why you need to start wild swimming Peak District
    Why you need to start wild swimming Peak District

    Rules of wild swimming Peak District

    1: Generally you can swim anywhere, if you find a body of water and it looks inviting hop on in. I never have but occasionally you may get the odd grump that will have a moan at you. Just smile, waves and let them be on their way. The only time you shouldn’t go swimming is if there are signs stating it’s a designated fishing area. 

    2: ALWAYS make sure you tell someone where you are going.  Know this sounds over precautious to the seasoned wild swimmers, but water is unpredictable. If it’s the sea ( I’m aware this doesn’t count for wild swimming Peak District but), the current may be strong which is extremely dangerous. If it’s a new body of water you are unfamiliar with you have NO idea what could be underneath, such as plants to get tangled in etc.

    Like I said these are unlikely incidents to take place but it is better to be safe than sorry. I know my mental health will be at ease knowing I’ve passed this on 🙂

    3: Know your limits. If you’re a weak swimmer going for a solo swim in a river that looks stunning in the photos but has a strong current. Your probs not making the best decision are you lovely. People on Instagram, TikTok etc make this shit look so glamorous and easy. But the reality is, they have most likely been doing this for a long time and know their stuff.  

    It’s important to follow these rules when wild swimming in the Peak District

    4: Be careful of your pets. If you get into trouble when wild swimming can you get yourself to safety? If the answer is no, do not take your pets (as well as the obvious don’t fucking do it). I’m sorry if I sound hard but babe I want to make sure you are safe, and not putting yourself and your beaut pets at risk. I know it looks good for the gram but you have to think of both your safeties.

    5: Have something to keep you warm after. Now this is coming from experience, one new year’s day a few years back, I decided to go swimming during a trip to Scotland, because that’s what everyone does init? On I got my pretty swimming costume, and off my tits froze off! OMG! Even the sand was so cold it felt like my feet were being stabbed! Whether it’s winter, summer (as let’s face it the good old British summer can be just as bad as winter!) , spring or autumn make sure you have a blanket to wrap yourself in, a warm drink and warm clothes! 

    Created by whysopersonalUK

    And just as a little pick me up for those long summer nights you obviously can’t forget the important stuff! This is one of my must haves when out with a group of friends and spending the day in the sun, it just sticks in the ground and is plastic so won’t break!!!

    Click here to grab your must have!

    Rate so where can I go wild swimming Peak District?

    Right my lovelies there are countless places you can go find a nice spot and have a swim! But here are my top 3 favourite spots!

    The Calver bridge –  River Derwent

    So this was one of the first places I ever went wild swimming. It doesn’t have a car park as such more of a layby with enough space for a couple of cars. Once you have parked up, head down the left side of the bridge and set up camp for the day. There’s plenty of spots, and the further down you do there are even benches. If you’re planning on staying awhile, you can set up a beautiful picnic area! There’s lots of little pool areas within the river where you can dip your toes or have a proppa swim, and for those who are more adventurous, the water is actually deep enough for you to jump off the bridge! Those who live in the house by the bridge will often come out and have a good natter too!

    Interested in going for a walk after? Here it is featured in one of my posts!

    Chatsworth House – River Derwent

    wild swimming Peak District
    A gorgeous place to go wild swimming Peak District

    Now if you’ve never been to Chatsworth house you are missing out! You can spend so many hours here! But first let’s talk about why it is on my go to wild swimming Peak District. As you approach this beautiful scene, the stunning grand Chatsworth house, deer, sheep and cows surrounding your driveway and the river Derwent lazily flowing through. Sounds idyllic doesn’t it. Especially on a stunning British sunny day. Grab yourself a blanket, a picnic and you are set. This is where I spent many days during my childhood, splashing in the river, swimming on the rope swings without a care in the world. It’s beautiful. 

    And once you’ve done a spot of wild swimming you can then go into Chatsworth house itself, explore the gardens, get lost in the maze and have time to take those all important photos!

    Created by Cotswoldedgehampers

    And if you’re wanting to go the whole hog and have the ultimate English picnic experience you gotta get yourself a wicker picnic basket! Already ready packed with everything you could possibly need during your picnic! This really is absolutely beautiful! 

    Click here to grab yours now

    Slippery Stones – River Derwent

    Now I promise you not all places to go wild swimming Peak District are in different spots in the Derwent valley. Though some of my fave spots just so happen to be! Now the Slippery Stones arguably one of the Peaks most popular wild swimming spots. Now although the spot deep enough to swim isn’t that huge and can get over crowded the views you are surrounded with are totally worth it!

    Just be mindful in the height of summer once it gets a lil cooler in the evening the midges are an absolute pain in the arse!

    And there you have it

    There you are babes, three top places to go wild swimming Peak District. All with their own amazing reasons to go! And if you’re interested in going on a more adventurous walk and swim combined then you have to check Padley Gorge out!

    wild swimming peak district
    Padley Gorge!
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