The unforgettable Worsbrough Reservoir: A Local hidden gem

    The unforgettable Worsbrough Reservoir: A Local hidden gem

    Where is Worsbrough Reservoir?

    So there’s a long and a short answer to the question of where is Worsbrough Reservoir

    Long Answer:

    Now I’m going to be honest, I found Worsbrough Reservoir completely by accident. Me and my partner were going for a walk down the Trans Pennine Trail when we came across a couple and simply asked:

    Hey what’s along here? 

    And they replied:

    There’s a reservoir not too far down why not check that out.

    A beautiful waterfall in Worsbrough Resevoir

    BRILLIANT, I love me some water, it instantly relaxes me and I feel so much more calm and at peace with the world when I’m  by it. Now we begin the Trans Pennine Trail at Dodworth we turn left as if walking back to Sheffield and just see what we come across. We were walking for a good 45 minutes when we began to think…. Perhaps they were lying about how close it was, as we were still seeing no signs. 

    A good three miles later we come across a junction.

    There’s a farm on our left and a hill to our right with a few benches. Me being a lil grumpy because my thighs were chafing something chronic (I didn’t now expect to do a walk this long and was totally unprepared) just asked someone:

    Excuse me, is Worsbrough Reservoir down there?

    They said yes and after a sigh of relief off we toddled. 

    Short Answer:

    Come off the M1 at Junction 36 (Barnsley South) and follow the signs for Worsbrough Reservoir from there.

    OR pop into your satnav   S70 5RD

    Either way is much easier than going on an unexpected 6 mile round walk completely unprepared and having your thighs bleed they’ve chaffed so much!

    What’s at Worsbrough Reservoir?

    IN worsbrough reservoir there are so manly place to stand and look out to the water

    Well I don’t mean to point out the obvious but there’s a stunning reservoir for you to walk round which is dog friendly.  The walk itself is flat but having done this in both the Summer and Winter it can get very muddy with deep puddles. Just ready for your unexpecting feet to plonk into and end up all soggy. The whole walk itself takes roughly 40 minutes, and is honestly just beautiful! It’s so quiet and peaceful and unlike other reservoirs such as Langsett it really is just a nice short easy walk with no unexpected extensions. 

    You go through woods, see little trails along the way , over cute bridges and closer to the mill is a beautiful water cascade. Which instantly puts a smile on my face. Not only that the water is so still. And I mean STILL. I’ve never known a reservoir like it. It’s just stunning, and when I’m feeling anxious really helps calm me down.

    OK is that it?

    No babe! So once you arrive at Worsbrough Reservoir there’s a carpark (which is pay and display) walk to the far corner and this is where the walk begins. There’s a beautiful Café called The Millers Tearoom which does incredible hot chocolates, I personally recommended the orange hot choc! Perfect for you to enjoy on your walk round the Reservoir.

    There’s also the Mill Shop which sells products that are actually made on site in the MILL!!! I absolutely love this! 

    There’s the Worsbrough Mill Museum for you to have a look round, this is definitely on my to do list next time in there. 

    And also for those of you who like to fish there’s Worsbrough reservoir fishing, with plenty of spots where you can set up camp and have a nice relaxing day by the water. With this in mind, please keep your dog on a lead, especially if it has a tendency to go wandering, as we don’t want the people fishing disturbed. 

    And there you have it my love

    A beautiful hidden gem of a walk in South Yorkshire that you would only know if you’re a local. It’s accessible, it is not too long and has certainly helped my mental health when I’ve visited. It’s just stunning. As well as you being able to make a full day of it with everything there is there to visit!

    YOU got this babe!

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